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RCMP Officer Lies About Needing Permission to Film Police; Admits Police Parking Illegally is Wrong

A Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer claims that it is illegal to film him in public after being questioned about parking on a sidewalk.

The following video was shared with Nevada Cop Block by Donald Smith, who frequently films the police as he travels within Canada, via the NVCopBlock.org Submissions Page.

In the video, which was taken in  Victoria, British Columbia and uploaded to Youtube, Smith can be seen questioning an (unidentified) officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police about why he is parking his motorcycle on the sidewalk even though he would ticket citizens for doing the same thing.

Initially, the officer responds by explaining that he’s not breaking the law because police are exempt from that law. However, those exemptions are generally based on the idea that police can disregard such laws while responding to emergencies or, at the very least, while performing official police functions. Although the exact circumstances leading up to the conversation on the video weren’t given, the officer makes it pretty clear in his response that neither of those things are the case.

After some discussion of whether the officer should be giving tickets to people for parking infractions while he himself is illegally parked, the officer soon attempts to shift the subject by lying about the legality of filming in public. According to this officer, recording in public requires the permission of the person being filmed.

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Although it’s not terribly uncommon for cops not to know the laws they are supposed to enforce or for them to try and enforce laws even though they don’t actually understand them, the fact that this officer claims that it became illegal to film him in public without permission on January 1st (implying that a new law was passed) is pretty indicative that he is intentionally lying. Shortly after, the officer uses that horrible threat that police for some reason think bothers people filming them that he will also film Smith (without having asked his permission first).

(For the record, no such law was passed and it is completely legal to film anyone, including the police, in public view – even in Canada.)

Then the discussion returns to whether he should be parking his motorcycle on a sidewalk. While continuing to maintain he is exempt from such rules and clarifying that police officers can even park cars on the sidewalk if they feel like it, the officer then readily admits that such a double standard is wrong. Quite surprisingly, he then actually promises not to park on the sidewalk next time.

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Fort Lauderdale Police Issued Parking Tickets to Car With Dead Man Inside it for Four Days

For four days, Jacob Morpeau’s dead body sat inside an SUV on a Fort Lauderdale street and during that time parking enforcement officers continuously added parking tickets to the windshield of his car. Two of the tickets were written within three minutes of each other and one of the “meter maids” cited the car for two expired meters, because the vehicle’s front end was extended slightly into the space in front of it.

The Revenue Generation fest may have continued indefinitely if a woman, who happened to walk past, hadn’t become curious about the stack of tickets attached to the SUV. That curiosity led Carolyn White to actually look inside the car, something that apparently had never occurred to any of the parking enforcement officers in all that time. That’s when she saw Morpeau slumped over in the driver’s seat.

Via the Sun-Sentinel:

The Isuzu was parked on the north side of Southeast Sixth Street, west of Federal Highway near the Savor Cinema, according to copies of the tickets the city provided.

Two of the tickets were written within three minutes, and just six hours before White saw Morpeau’s body inside the SUV. The same parking officer cited the Isuzu for two expired meters, perhaps because the SUV’s front end was in part of the next parking space.

White said about seeing the tickets and looking into the car, “I was being nosy. I never let the meter man catch me. I never got a parking ticket and I wanted to know why somebody else got caught. And that’s what made me look inside.”

fl-lauderdale-dead-man-parking-ticketsShe said she saw a walker in the back seat of the Isuzu and was curious about why someone who needed it would leave it behind. And, she said, she wonders why a parking officer didn’t see what she saw.

“I can understand why the meter person probably didn’t see him from the driver’s side,” said White, who had been parked nearby, waiting for a friend who had business at the courthouse.

“He was underneath the steering wheel, his head was in the middle of the seat, between the two seats,” White said. “But you could see him on the passenger’s side. That’s how I seen him, from the sidewalk.”

After White’s discovery, she said her screams in the middle of Sixth Street drew Kevin McGoey, owner of Kevin’s Bail Bonds, from his business’ green cottage that is across Sixth Street from where the Isuzu was parked. His staff called 911, he said.

“It was sad,” McGoey said. “The guy was probably sitting there all weekend.”

The City of Fort Lauderdale was considerate enough to dismiss the parking tickets after Mr. Morpeau’s inability to properly feed the meters was established.


DHS Officer Tries to Intimidate Man Open Carrying/Filming and Threatens his Nine Year Old Son

The video and content within this post were shared with the CopBlock Network by Joshua Elliott, via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page.

Within the post, Joshua can be seen walking around near the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) headquarters in Indianapolis, IN. Initially, he is filming their vehicles that are parked in a no parking zone and one that is also on a sidewalk. Soon after, he starts walking past the front of the building. At that point, one of the DHS officers standing nearby stops him and begins demanding his ID.

Joshua asks if he is being detained and what crime he has committed to justify that detention. In addition, Joshua asks for the officer’s name and badge number, which the officer refuses to give him. The unidentified officer states that the sidewalk Joshua is on is actually federal property and that he is not allowed to have a firearm (Joshua is open carrying at the time) on federal property. After some back and forth about whether the sidewalk is federal property and where it is stated that firearms are prohibited, Joshua leaves the area.

Not long after, Joshua returns, having put his firearm away in his car. At that time, Joshua asks for the name and badge numbers of the three DHS officers present and also asks to speak to their supervisor. All three refuse to identify themselves (one eventually does) and Joshua is told that a supervisor is on the way. However, later he is told the supervisor is busy and cannot come outside right now.

In the meantime, Joshua points out that the sign (which can’t actually be read without stepping onto federal property) actually says you cannot enter the building with a firearm, not that you can’t walk on the sidewalk with one. The DHS officer who originally stopped Joshua continues acting hostile and demanding ID from him while stating that he doesn’t have to identify himself unless Joshua does first. In spite of being told that citizens are not required to ID themselves unless they are lawfully detained and that DHS policy requires the officers to do so when asked, they continue to refuse to identify themselves.

Once again, the original officer who approached Joshua continues acting hostile, insisting he stop filming and provide his ID. Eventually, that officer threatens Joshua’s nine year old son, who is also filming with a cell phone. After confronting the officer about threatening a young child, Joshua asks the other officers what they think of the behavior of that officer. Both of those Good Cops pretend that they didn’t see it happen even though they were standing within a few feet at the time.

Joshua then decides to leave, which is not the worst idea when you and your children are being threatened by angry thugs who have been known to resort to violence.

Date Of Incident: July 5, 2016
Department Involved: Department of Homeland Security (Indianapolis, IN)
Officers Involved: Refused to Identify Themselves
Phone Number: (317) 233-4280
Address: Indiana Department of Homeland Security
Indiana Government Center South
302 W. Washington St., Room E208
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

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Sorry this video is broken up into parts. It’s my first video shot on a knock off GoPro.In the first half of this, I was walking on a public sidewalk open carrying my .40 handgun when I was stopped and harassed by a DHS police officer. I guess I’m a glutton for punishment as, after securing the firearm in my vehicle, I went back to attempt to get the officers’ names and badge numbers. That’s when the bald idiot threatened my nine year old son.

I filed a complaint against this officer, for which I had limited info to do so. However, nothing has arisen out of it. So enjoy the video and I’m sure there will be many more to come.

– Joshua Elliott

Maricopa County Officials Refuse to ID Themselves Claim Citizens Must ID

The videos and commentary below were submitted anonymously by Youtube user  “Tattooed Sundevil,” via the CopBlock.org Submissions page. They show and describe a series of encounters he had with members of the Maricopa County Protective Services (who appear to be the equivalent of court marshals and are employed by the county).

There are some interesting statements made by the county employees during conversations on the videos. In the third video (as is mentioned in the description below), the officers tell the man recording that they don’t know if public officials are required to ID themselves, but that he is obligated to tell police his identity anytime he talks to them “because they need to know who they’re talking to.” Then in the fourth video, the sergeant who follows him outside states that he’s never thought of himself as a public official, in spite of the fact that he works for the county and obviously has some sort of policing powers, even if they aren’t quite on the same level as regular police officers.

Date of Incident: November 5, 2015
Department Involved: Maricopa County Protective Services
Phone Number: (602) 506-3700

I witnessed a Maricopa County Protective Services vehicle parked illegally outside of one of the county buildings. I began taking pictures of the vehicle, at which point a Maricopa County Official (shown in the video as the driver), approached me and asked what I was doing. When I asked if it was his vehicle, he stated it was not. He then proceeded to tell me that they often park there so they can run in and out in a timely manner.

I accepted this answer and decided to wait for whoever was the driver of this vehicle to appear. After waiting for an addition 30 minutes or so with no driver in sight, I called the non-emergency number for the county and was told that someone would be down to move it soon.

After I waited around for another 10 minutes or so, the same individual I made contact with came down and asked me if I was satisfied now that I had called the county. I stated I was, at which point he began to raise his voice. At that time, I took out my phone to record. I asked him for his name and badge number and he stated he did not have a name and did not have to give me anything.

The videos embedded below are a set of four. The first is immediately after I called. The second is when I went to get a public records request form and was told that I am supposed to identify myself whenever a LEO asks me to, regardless of whether or not I have committed a crime. (The conversation in question occurs around the 9:30-10:20 mark). The final video shows the same sergeant I had been talking to earlier asking me why I am being so extreme with my complaint. I tell him it is not extreme to hold public officials to the same standards they hold private citizens.

– Tattooed Sundevil

Las Vegas Marshals Block Handicap Space; Make It Very Clear They Don’t Care About Disabled

LV Deputy Marshal Marcus DiazThis video and the description included in this post were submitted by members of Nevada Cop Block, who regularly attend Food Not Bombs Las Vegas Picnics to counteract and document the harassment that people participating in the twice weekly events often face from the employees of the Deputy City Marshals of Las Vegas and other Law Enforcement Departments, such as the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Las Vegas Police have a long history of targeting homeless people, as well as those who attempt to aid them through non-government methods, such as Mutual Aid. In fact, in 2006 Las Vegas was one of the first cities in the country to make it illegal to share food with hungry people and several members of Food Not Bombs Las Vegas were either cited or arrested, as a result.

Las Vegas Deputy Marshal Marcus DiazThe ban on sharing food with hungry people was overturned fairly quickly, in large part because the law stated that people could not share food in public with “someone who appeared to qualify for government assistance” (I.E. people that look like they might actually need food). However, harassment toward homeless and impoverished people within the Las Vegas area continued in different ways and is still a very common occurrence today, both inside and outside of the local public parks.

As you can see in the video above, the Las Vegas Deputy City Marshals don’t even bother to hide their arrogance, hypocrisy, and disdain for the citizens of Las Vegas. Make sure you don’t forget to contact those within the Las Vegas City Government to let them know what you think of these marshals parking illegally blocking the handicapped parking space in a public park and then saying that that’s just “how it goes” if a disabled person comes along and needs to park.


During a weekly Food Not Bombs picnic, Marshals working for the City of Las Vegas were observed being too lazy to spend an extra five seconds parking in an actual parking space at Huntridge Circle Park in Downtown Las Vegas. So, instead they double parked the wrong direction blocking access to the handicapped parking space in the process, even though there were six other spaces open at the time. (Something they would give anyone else a very expensive ticket for and that is a very legitimate issue in terms of the handicapped access area.)

When it was pointed out that they were not only parked illegally but were blocking the handicapped parking space, Deputy Marshal Marcus Diaz (driving vehicle number 3908) said, “I know, thanks.”

Later, Deputy Marshal Diaz stated, “that’s how it goes,” when asked what handicapped people were supposed to do if they came to the park and the space designated for them to park was blocked.

Vegas Deputy Marshal Marcus DiazThe other Las Vegas Marshal claimed he was there responding to a call about us being in danger and needed to park blocking the handicapped space in case he had to come rushing to our rescue. The fact that he never contacted us or said anything to us prior to us confronting him about their illegal and immoral parking proves that was a (bad) lie.

He also tried to claim that they weren’t obstructing the handicapped parking area, which as you can see in the video is an even worse lie.


Date of Incident:July 27, 2015 – Approximately 12:42 PM
Location of Incident: “Huntridge Circle Park in Downtown Las Vegas
Department Involved: City of Las Vegas Deputy Marshals’ Office
Officers Involved: Deputy Marshal Marcus Diaz and one unidentified Deputy Marshal, who was driving vehicle #3885 at the time.

Contact Info:

Las-Vegas-Marshals-Illegally-Park-and-Block-Handicapped-Space-at-Circle-ParkDeputy City Marshals

Website: http://old.lasvegasnevada.gov//information/4170.htm
Address: 3300 Stewart Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89101
Phone: (702) 229-6444, option 1
Fax: (702) 386-7070

City of Las Vegas Government

Website: http://www.lasvegasnevada.gov
City Hall Address: 495 S. Main St., Las Vegas, NV 89101
Phone: (702) 229-6011
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/CityOfLasVegas
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/cityoflasvegas
Instagram: http://www.lasvegasnevada.gov/images/instagram.png
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/KCLVChannel2

City Manager Betsy Fretwell

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/betsy.fretwell
Twitter: https://twitter.com/betsyfretwell

Councilman Bob Coffin (Ward 3 Councilman, where Circle Park is located)

Email: Contact Councilman Bob Coffin
Phone: (702) 229-6405
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/bob.coffin.9
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Coffin4Council


Deputy Marshal Marcus Diaz: “That’s how it goes.”

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Full, unedited raw video by four different members of Nevada Cop Block.

Double Standards of Illegal Parking, Courtesy of the SCMPD

Cruiser-1-thOn the night of December 28, 2014, I went to downtown Savannah with some friends to walk around looking at some of the historical sites. At 12:28 am, I noticed a police cruiser parked next to a fire hydrant (photo attached to this post). I decided to take some photos of the spot, before attempting to find the officer in a nearby bar/store.

I couldn’t find the officer anywhere, so we just continued walking around. As soon as we walked around the corner, I saw two more police cruisers parked against yellow curbs, one was across the street from the other. I took photos of these as well, before again seeing no LEOs in the area.

We continued walking around, and I finally saw a few officers in City Market, near the Wild Wing Cafe. I approached the officers and notified them about the vehicles there were illegally parked. They asked me to describe the vehicles, and I told them that all three were “Crown Victorias, white, with decals covering much of the vehicles”. The officers began laughing, and I asked them why. They said that they thought I was joking. I told them that it was no joke because if John Q. Public had parked like that, he would have been the victim of vehicular theft and subsequent robbery. The officers said that they were allowed to park like that because, “We are cops.”

I asked for their business cards and/or names and badge numbers, which they refused to give to me, instead asking me to identify myself. I simply said, “My name is John Doe”. When asked if I was correct in assuming that they were required to provide me that information on the basis that they are on-duty public officials, in a public area, performing public duties. They said, “If you don’t have to identify yourself, then neither do we.” Because I didn’t want to give reason for them to detain me, I simply said, “Ok”, and walked away.

About an hour and thirty minutes later, I found a fourth police cruiser that was parked in a crosswalk and blocking a handicap access ramp. I took pictures of this vehicle as well.

The next day, I contacted the SCMPD and provided them with all four cruiser numbers, asking for the identity of the officers using them at the time of the photos. When they asked what the information was pertaining to, I told them that it was for an independent news article about the double standards of police. This was when the operator simply hung up on me.