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Innocent Man Framed For Murder by LVMPD Detectives and Las Vegas Prosecutors Freed After 22 Years in Prison

Demarlo Berry Released From Prison Innocence ProjectLast week, Demarlo Berry was released from a Nevada prison after serving 22 years for a murder he didn’t commit. He had been sentenced to life without parole in prison for a 1994 robbery at a Las Vegas Carl’s Jr. and the murder of Charles Burkes, the manager.

Based on media reports of his release, you would think that the Clark County District Attorney’s Office had supported and even played a significant role in his exoneration. That’s far from the truth, though.

Via the Las Vegas Review Journal:

For years, Berry’s legal team has asserted that incredible trial testimony, as well as a written confession from another man in 2013, proves their client was wrongly convicted.

A Clark County judge on Wednesday signed the order of dismissal that secures the release. The Clark County district attorney’s office had agreed to dismiss the case Tuesday, following a monthslong (sic) investigation by members of the office’s newly formed conviction review unit.

Prosecutors for years had fought Berry’s claims of innocence with assertions of his guilt, but on Thursday they hailed the case as the first release resulting from the review unit established in October.

“They’ve finally done what we think they should have done all along,” (lawyer Craig) Coburn said.

For years, Coburn along with the Rocky Mountain Innocence Project had been fighting to prove he had been falsely convicted. However, Las Vegas prosecutors had fought just as hard against his release. That includes even after the real killer confessed all the way back in 2013.

Steven Jackson, who has been in prison in California for a separate murder since 1996, had voluntarily confessed and in the process provided details only the person who had committed the crime could possibly know. In addition, a woman provided an independent statement that Jackson had confessed to her shortly after the murder occurred.

In fact, the reality is that district attorneys, along with police officers from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, manufactured witness testimony against Berry to ensure his conviction. As can be heard in the audio file embedded below (at approx. 6:30), that witness later recanted his claim that Berry had made a jailhouse confession.

In the process, Richard Iden also stated that detectives from the LVMPD coached him on what to say and provided him with details of the crime to bolster his testimony. As reward for that false testimony, Iden was given a favorable plea deal. He was also paid off with free plane tickets home to Ohio to visit his family, a free hotel room during the trial, and cash “per diem” payments.

Of course, while District Attorney Steve Wolfson is busy patting himself on the back for “causing the release of Demarlo Berry from prison after 22 years,” there’s been no mention whatsoever of any sort of accountability for the prosecutors and detectives who illegally manufactured evidence in order to put him there. Nor is there any mention of why it took four years after the real killer had admitted his own guilt before they finally decided to stop fighting that release.

And BTW, Nevada is one of eighteen states in the country that don’t provide any sort of compensation to people who have been exonerated after false convictions. So, unlike the guy the prosecutors paid off to provide false testimony at his trial, Berry will get nothing from the State of Nevada for the decades he was wrongfully imprisoned.

The System Has Failed Our Family in Fruita, Colorado

The post below was submitted via the CopBlock.org Submissions page.

“D” states:

The police where I live have a long history of corruption against the people of this town! It is like something out of a Hollywood movie!!

The Fruita (Colorado) police were after my son for a long time, trying to catch him with drugs. But every time they stopped him they couldn’t find any, even when using drug dogs! So they were mad about it and got three drug addicts to go along with their plans. One of them, Mike, has a lot of experience in this. He had to move from California after a car bomb went off because he was exposed as an informant. He’s a liar and insane! If he cant get drugs, he threatens people by telling them that he will call the police and have them arrested. Also, he makes up phony charges and the police here go along with it.

In my son’s case, they were more than happy to help Mike. They called my son to come over to their trailer to ask him about some money they owed him. When he got there, he was at bottom of the steps talking with the people inside. Then this crazy man Mike came running out with a can of mace and sprayed my son. So my son got in his car and left. We know this because there were about ten people right across from where the so-called crime took place.

banner-submitAfter he left, Mike called the police on my son. The next thing we know Half of the Fruita Police Department are here taking him into custody on the charges that he burglarized them. In reality, he never actually made it past the bottom steps when he was there! The next day, my son called us on the phone from jail and said, “just give them what they want.” Of course, we said we would not, but the cop that wanted my son spent the night at the station waiting for my son to make calls so he could file more charges. They came up with a bunch bribing a witness, threatening the people at Mike’s house, and several others, as well.

In the meantime, a few days went by and Mike had a bad night. He called the D.A. stating my son’s friends are harassing him. However, my son has no friends were we live. Regardless of that, the D.A. tacked on even more charges. Meanwhile, my son’s girlfriend lives few trailers down from where Mike lives. The fat lady that lives with him walked down to my where my son’s girlfriend lives and said she would like to talk with her. (We have proof that there were at least 4 to 5 people standing there when this lady walked up.)

A few days prior to this Mike was calling her wanting to meet with her, too. When she went to the trailer all three drug addicts were there. They thought she had drugs and could get more. So when she asked what really happened the day my son got arrested they couldn’t wait to start telling her. At the beginning, she is on tape stating she is recording them and they all agreed they had no problem with that. They talked about how the police had sat on their couch and were laughing about the phony charges they had filed. Also about how the police were coaching them on what to do and say.

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In spite of that, the D.A. told my son if he didn’t accept the plea that he is going to start arresting us!! I thought he just was using scare tactics and payed no more attention to it. However, it wasn’t long after that the Fruita police showed up at the house of my son’s girlfriend with phony charges that she tried to bribe the addicts. The D.A. also somehow has gotten my wife and me listed on the case against my son’s girlfriend as co-defendants.

How can this be? We had nothing to do with it. We weren’t even there. In state of Colorado there’s some dumb law that, if we’re co-defendants, we can be tried for the crime. I couldn’t believe this. The public defender did nothing to stop the D.A. at all. Plus, Mike and the other addicts are still texting people and threatening people that they will be next if they don’t do as he wants and get him drugs.

Now my wife and me are sitting day to day waiting any time for the police to show up and arrest us. I am 61 my wife is 59. How could the D.A. get so much pleasure out of putting two old people in prison for 2 to 10 years for something no-one did. We are helpless to do any thing, as we have no money for an attorney. So all the proof we have is useless! I never thought I’d see the day that the system would be used against me. And how could people entrusted to help people do to us what they’re doing?

– D

Did Ex-Cop/Lawyer Help Frame Former Alabama Football Player for Murder?

This is a repost of an article originally published on the South East Alabama Cop Block website, which discusses some of the improprieties and possible misconduct by members of the Barbour County “justice” system. This involves the case of Will Dickerson, a former University of Alabama football player, who has been accused of murdering a man named Willie Pugh during a robbery.

Included in those who are alleged to have acted inappropriately and possibly even engaged in an outright framing of Dickerson, are the District attorney prosecuting the case, Ben Reeves, as well as Jeff Compton, a former cop now practicing as a defense attorney, who previously represented Dickerson. It was received via the Cop Block Submissions page.

Full story at Rickeystokesnews.com here, here and updated here.

willWill Dickerson (pictured left), former University of Alabama football player and personal friend of this author, has been in the Barbour County jail awaiting trial for murder since January of 2012. However, new information has come to light that may indicate his previous attorney Jeff Compton (pictured below), who is a former police officer, conspired with other unnamed police and government officials to hide evidence from Dickerson that would have long ago cleared him of all charges.

In the above linked article, Rickeystokesnews.com reporter, Jon Carroll, states “In confidence, members of the court system and law enforcement who feel justice is not being served have confirmed this and been willing to share multiple examples of the evidence.” indicating a large cover up. This alleged conspiracy also represents an obvious unwillingness on the part of court officials and police to uphold their oaths and bring the alleged conspirators to justice in any official capacity. Possibly indicating yet another case of the government showing preferential treatment to it’s own.

Dickerson’s trial is scheduled for February 2nd of this year. South East Alabama Cop Block will be present at the trial as much as possible in order to report any events allowed by the court for public dissemination.

UPDATE: According to Jon Carroll on Rickeystokesnews.com, the trial has been moved up to April and will be held in Russell County. After numerous complaints against Barbour County District Attorney Ben Reeves he has been summoned to the State Attorney General’s office. Mr. Carroll also quotes a “A long term law enforcement official we trust deeply” as saying:

“the district attorney is being pressured by Barbour county’s largest narcotics network to not identify the actual individuals who robbed and murdered Willie Pugh. Blood DNA of those individuals who actually murdered Pugh are in his possession. The State of Alabama has tested this evidence and confirmed it is not Pugh or Dickersons.” 

Mr. Carroll also posted this video:

This knowledge, if true, proves that local police and other officials who have taken oaths as public servants are either complicit in the cover up or at the very least are failing to arrest Mr. Reeves and Mr. Compton even though they KNOW they are breaking the law.

Remember, bad cops are bad. “Good” cops who look the other way or fail to enforce the law on their co-workers are WORSE!

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