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False Imprisonment: Its Increasing Frequency and the Huge Cost It Imposes on Society

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Police Abuses on the Rise

It’s no secret that police brutality and misconduct has been on the rise recently with cases in the news like Eric Garner who was suffocated in a choke hold by police and killed for illegally selling cigarettes. Similarly, a 12-year-old boy Tamir Rice was shot and killed after playing with a toy gun in the park. The level of uneasiness between police officers and citizens has hit an all-time high and we see this unrest play out in society. Police brutality is not the only form of police misconduct- false arrest of citizens can be an excruciating experience that sends innocent people to prison for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

For example, Chicago’s taxpayers have had to pay over $120 million for the racial torture committed by one police commander, Jon Burge. Part of the disconnect between officers and citizens is the unfairness in power and how that power is used. To add on to this, police are offered different treatment when it comes to false arrests or misconduct. Although Burge oversaw the torture of over 118 black men – which would typically lead to decades in prison – he was released in three-and-a-half years and sent to a halfway house. All the men he tortured remain behind bars.

Police officers were granted a Qualified Immunity Doctrine by the Supreme Court which essentially states that police officers are innocent of harm towards their suspects in most cases due to their risky and honorable line of work. The best intentions are seen to be associated with most police officers, but has that been the case recently?

Typically, false arrest from police officers falls into the police misconduct category, which can also encompass police brutality and wrongful death. According to the University of Michigan Law School’s National Registry of Exonerations report, 75% of homicide exonerations involved police misconduct. One widely publicized example of a wrongful arrest was James Bain, who was convicted of kidnapping and rape at the age of 18. He served 35 years for a vicious crime he did not commit. Although DNA evidence was tested and presented prior, he was refused further DNA testing from the courts until his fifth try in 2006. Although misidentification from eyewitnesses account for 75% of all convictions that are overturned by DNA evidence, Bain was wrongfully arrested and incarcerated by police.

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How Does False Imprisonment Affect the Public?

Some people may think that the police arrest people who they think are guilty of a crime, and if they are wrongfully arrested, they are quickly released and go about their happy lives. That is far from the truth in most cases where the arrest was outright wrong and unlawful. Many people who are falsely arrested fight back and sue the police officer who wronged them and because of this, the public is responsible for paying that fee.

Amount of Money City Taxpayers Have Paid for Police Misconduct:

  • Chicago: $521 million from 2004-2014
  • Cleveland: $8.2 million between 2004-2014
  • Denver: $12 million since 2011
  • Dallas: $6.6 million between 2011-2014
  • Los Angeles: $101 million between 2002-2011

For example, Robert Graham was arrested for disorderly conduct by a police officer who was stuck in traffic behind him. Due to the gridlock traffic in New York City, Graham was also stuck in traffic and unable to move. The police officers wrongfully arrested Graham due to the circumstances of the situation. Graham’s wrongfully arrested cases was one of the ones that contributed to New York taxpayers paying $18 million to pay back people who were wrongfully arrested by officers.

According to Jon Norinsberg, a false imprisonment attorney, New York city police may only legally arrest citizens if:

  1. The police have an arrest warrant.
  2. The police have probable cause that you committed a crime.
  3. You are interfering with a police investigation or arrest.
  4. The police believe you are a criminal attempting to flee a crime scene.

Why are Police Officers Getting Away with False Imprisonment?

The number of innocent people behind bars is the highest number it has ever been historically, so it is only natural to question the source – the police. Why has it become okay to so quickly convict people and rarely face punishment as a police officer for wrongfully arresting someone? The issue gets stickier when videos of police officers using excessive force and even killing citizens when they appeared to pose no threat. Are there consequences for that? Rarely.

Unfortunately, false arrests happen and can be scary to argue your case in front of a judge – especially because police are most often shielded by the Qualified Immunity Doctrine exercised by the Supreme Court. This is a protective order that is designed to protect police officers from facing punishments from their mistakes or unlawful actions. In theory, this Qualified Immunity Doctrine was originally designed to shield officers who are properly bringing justice to criminals and who handle situations appropriately – if someone is upset for getting arrested if they deserve it, well this doctrine will protect the police from this potential complaint or lawsuit. Since videos have been released of police officers using unnecessary excessive force on unarmed people, citizens are growing scared that officers are abusing this immunity from the Supreme Court to get away with their unjust behavior. This is where a disconnect lies between police officers and citizens.

Where is the Accountability From the Police?

Why is it that as a society we only started paying attention to police misconduct and false arrests when Netflix featured programs like Making a Murderer?

Police officers are designed to keep our communities safe. While most cops are heroes and upstanding citizens who work hard to protect our safety, those who entered the police force to unlawfully assert power over others and take advantage of their badge are getting more press in recent news. Although it’s an unfortunate circumstance, it is important to stay educated on what is happening in society to better educate yourself and to hopefully make a positive change.

Video Shows Three NYPD Officers Hitting Man in the Face After He’s Pinned on the Ground

Bystander video posted to Youtube on Tuesday of a man being arrested by three NYPD officers shows them repeatedly punching him in the face as he is held down on his stomach on the ground. Alexis Jasmin, who recorded the cellphone video while riding on the bus, also had posted the video to Facebook on the morning of New Year’s Eve, the day that it happened.

Apparently, the man being beat in the video, Heriberto Nunez, wasn’t happy that the officers had given him a ticket and cursed at the cops, while sitting in his car. The unnamed cops, who were already in their own van preparing to leave, then jumped out and began arresting him. It’s of course not illegal to curse at the police, which means their assault upon and arrest of the man was completely unlawful.

Within her Facebook post (embedded below), Jasmin described the attack:

This man was already in his car and the police were in the van getting ready to pull off. Granted the man did stick his head out the window and say a few choice words. But please tell me why the cops got out the van, snatched him out of his car and proceeded to do this to him . Please explain to me why the officer kept bashing his face like that . This is exactly why i hate the police . His hands were already tied and he kept hitting the man in the face until bloody. RIDICULOUS!!

For their part, New York Police Department sources say that Nunez “lashed out” at the officers after receiving the ticket (which, once again, isn’t illegal) and claim that he was resisting their unlawful arrest, even though the video clearly shows him pinned to the ground by the three officers, with his hands already behind his back, being hit in the face for over 40 seconds, prior to them lifting him up and throwing him against their van.

According to the New York Daily News, Nunez was subsequently charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and obstructing governmental administration. He’s since been released without bail.

Meanwhile, none of the cops involved have been disciplined, although the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau is currently conducting an “investigation” prior to making that situation official.


Paradise California Cop Sentenced to Just 180 Days for Murdering Driver Will Only Serve Half That

A California cop who has already gotten a huge Policeman’s Discount by only being charged with manslaughter for what was clearly a murder (see the dash camera video embedded below) will be released after serving just half of the already ridiculous 180 day sentence he received. That means that Paradise Police Officer Patrick Feaster will serve just 90 days once “good behavior” is factored into his case.

Via KRCRtv.com, the local ABC affiliate:

Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea confirmed Monday that Feaster is entitled to earn “half-time” credit, meaning Feaster could be released from custody after serving 90 days of his 180-day jail term.

Should the former officer break jail rules or incur some sort of discipline, some of that time could be taken away as part of a disciplinary process, Honea said.

“We’re going to do everything in accordance with the law,” the sheriff said.

Feaster was sentenced Friday in Butte County Superior Court in Oroville to 180 days in jail and three years of probation following his felony conviction of involuntary manslaughter in October.

A jury found Feaster guilty of involuntary manslaughter stemming from the shooting of 26-year-old Andrew Thomas in the early morning hours of Nov. 26, 2015, in Paradise. Feaster shot Thomas in the neck as approached an overturned vehicle that Thomas had been trying to climb out of.

As has been written about several times here on the CopBlock Network by Ademo, in November Feaster was caught on video shooting a DUI suspect in the neck after he was involved in a rollover accident. Initially, Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey announced that he would not be filing any charges against Feaster, based on the obviously false claim that it was an accidental discharge. However, Officer Feaster was eventually fired and then charged with involuntary manslaughter once the man he shot, Andrew Thomas, died.

Prior to the trial, it was also revealed that Feaster had failed to even tell the other officers on the scene that he shot Thomas. Audio that was released after the original video includes them telling Thomas he hadn’t been shot, then asking him if he had been shot at the bar he was spotted leaving prior to the accident after he told them that it was Feaster who had shot him. At least eleven minutes passed before Officer Feaster finally decided to tell the other cops that he had shot Thomas (see the video with audio added embedded below).

Meanwhile, once the DA finally and reluctantly charged Feaster with manslaughter, the favorable treatment continued without interruption. Feaster was released on his own recognizance without any bail requirement. That continued even after he and his brother were arrested on a drunk and disorderly charge while he was awaiting trial and still on bail.

During the trial in which Feaster was only facing a maximum sentence of five years anyway, most of the focus was on how much the man who had cold-bloodedly committed murder had suffered as a result. During the sentencing trial after his conviction, the defense attorneys and Feaster’s family spoke about how his life had been ruined and he had lost his career as a police officer. They maintained that that was punishment enough, in spite of the fact that Officer Feaster had literally taken someone’s life and the only “justification” offered for that action was “the way Thomas tried to get out of the car” somehow being a threat to him, even though it clearly wasn’t based on the video.

Of course, it shouldn’t be shocking that a district attorney who had to be forced kicking and screaming to file any charges (and filed the least serious ones they could get away with) had no problem helping the Good Cops at the Paradise Police Department protect one of their Few Bad Apples.

Video of Shooting:

Full Video with Body Camera Audio Added:

Update: Mike BlueHair of FTP PDX Arrested During Protests Against Portland Police Contract

Technically, this is a prequel, rather than an update, since he was arrested prior to the protests I wrote about here at the CopBlock Network last night.

The video begins with a voice over during footage of the protests in which Mike states that a third of the people who follow his Youtube channel want to see him get arrested and this will make them happy because he was finally arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct.

In the portion of the video that actually shows the arrest, Mike is heard responding to an unheard statement by asking, “I’m under arrest?” He’s then told to step down from a wall he is standing on, presumably to get a better view for filming the protest, by a group of riot cops. After he discusses wanting to have the SD card from his camera placed into evidence, Mike then asks why he is being arrested. One of the police officers replies, “for being in the street” and then asks, “how many warnings did you have to come out of the street?” At that point, Mike states, “I’d like to invoke my right to remain silent; I’d like to speak to a lawyer, please.”

The video then returns to a voice over in which Mike states that he gives the officers who arrested him credit for being professional and treating him with dignity and respect. However, he also states that he wishes the police would have treated the protesters at City Hall with the same respect and that he is “livid” over the way things were handled by police there.

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Mike BlueHair films the police in and around Portland as part of “Film The Police Portland,” also referred to as “FTP PDX.” In addition, he has traveled to various other parts of the country to film the police. He has a very active Youtube channel, which he has uploaded thousands of videos to.

In fact, it could very easily be questioned whether the police should be ordering him to leave the street (the stated basis for his arrest), based on his years of work as an independent journalist documenting protests and other activities, if he was simply observing and not actively participating at the time. (I happen to know has a press pass, because I made one for him.)

Mike has been featured many times over the years in posts on CopBlock.org. Below are links to posts in which Mike has been involved in or mentioned within.

“Lieutenant Cop” Arrests Buffalo NY Man for Contempt of Cop

The video and description within this post were shared with the CopBlock Network by Miles Miller Thompson, via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page.

Thompson describes in the post what happened prior to the video showing a man identified in the description as “Jimmy P” being arrested by officers from the Buffalo Police Department. In addition, describes the demeanor and behavior of the Buffalo police officers who arrested Jimmy after telling a bunch of adults they had to go home, presumably because the cops had decided it was past their bed time. That demeanor is also pretty evident in the video itself.

During the time they are arresting Jimmy, the sergeant states, “you’re acting very disorderly tonight.” That is, of course, cop speak for “you said something to us that we didn’t like, so we’re going to use one of our throw away charges to teach you a lesson by arresting you even though you didn’t commit any actual crime.”

All of the officers involved also refused to identify themselves, although you can see the name tag of the female officer, L. McGrath, during the video. One of the other officers, none of whom are wearing name tags states that his name is “Lieutenant Cop.”

Date of Incident: September 9, 2016
Officers Involved: Officer L. McGrath, “Lieutenant Cop”
Department Involved: Buffalo Police Department
Department Phone No.: (716) 851-4444
Internal Affairs Phone No.: (716) 851-4557

The young man in the video with the glasses and long blonde hair was at Jim Steak-Out after returning from a club. As he got finished conducting business, he was standing in the gated storefront area. There was also a crowed in front of the restaurant that had food.

A Buffalo police sergeant yelled to the crowd that they had to get out of here and that it was time to go. This was at 3:16am.

The crowd standing on the street initially paid the officer no attention. So, he repeated himself and started to yell louder. At that point, everyone started to walk away. In the process of walking away, the young man with the blonde hair and glasses yelled back saying, “we are eating our, food leave us alone.” After that, he continued to say other things.

As the young man was walking down the street, the cop made a u-turn without turning on his emergency signals. He then grabbed the young man and put him in handcuffs without telling him what he was being arrested for. The young man also stated that he did not consent to any searches or seizures.

I need help to spread de-escalation training to officers around the United States. Because in this particular incident it did not have to go as far as they took it.

– Miles Miller Thompson

New York Cop Who Pulled Gun On, Then Assaulted Men Filming Is “The Hero You Deserve”

About a week ago, Asa J blogged about a New York cop who pulled a gun on three men in their late teens after they filmed him make an arrest. Shortly after that he also came back and assaulted then violated and wrongfully arrested one of those men.

He subsequently was placed on modified duty and stripped of his gun and badge while other officers pretend to investigate the incident. (The original video is embedded below.)

A few days later the Gothamist uncovered (by way of Cop Watch activist Steve Cruz and Instagram) some other “fun facts” about Officer Risel Martinez. Apparently he likes to do a bit of dress up while videotaping himself working out and boasting about what a hero he is and how much you “deserve” him.

He also likes to shoot video while driving around town, which is both against the law and a violation of NYPD policy. It’s also something cops routinely stop and extort people that don’t have Magic Suits under their Batman uniforms for. I highly doubt that Ofc. Martinez is an exception in that respect.

It’s hard to say I’m surprised (because I’m not) that this Hero turns out to not just be a violent bully, but also an egotistical hypocrite and a big delusional weirdo.


Video: Someone Who Appears To Be That Gun-Waving Cop Says He’s “The Hero You Deserve”

The cop caught on video threatening and attacking bystanders who filmed him in Harlem last week likes playing dress-up. That’s what Cop Watch activist Steve Cruz says he discovered when Officer Risel Martinez followed his Instagram account, and Cruz started poring over his. Cruz says Martinez deleted his account soon thereafter, but not before Cruz had mined many weird and whimsical, if not by-the-book videos from it. The one that is perhaps the most topically relevant to the incident last Thursday, during which Martinez punched a 19-year-old who was filming him and pulled a gun on another bystander filming, is of a man who seems to be Martinez lifting weights dressed as Batman, or “Yatman.”

In another video, Martinez appears to be goofing around dressed as Thor, or “Yor,” in a cell.

Here he is as Bane:

And keeping his hair nice:

Cruz said the follow notification came early in the morning as he was blasting out videos bystanders shot of the Thursday incident, and that he was shocked to realize that the man on the other end was the officer pointing a gun in the video.

“I looked at [Martinez’s profile] real fast, then started downloading all the videos, boom boom boom, got out of it, backed out of it, then privatized my page, ” Cruz said.

Martinez was stripped of his gun and badge on Saturday as video of his handling of the Harlem incident circulated online. It began, according to police, when officers had stopped a driver and dirt-bike riders started circling them. The NYPD says the officers chased the bikers, and witnesses said that they caught up to one rider at a building on 134th Street and Eighth Avenue and arrested him. The man was compliant, witnesses said, but Martinez punched him repeatedly anyway, then when a bystander started to film him and a partner struggling with the man on the floor, Martinez pulled his gun and pointed it at the peanut gallery, yelling “Back up!” Another video shows Martinez storming over to 19-year-old Jahnico Harvey, who is filming outside the front door of the building, and punching him in the face. Harvey was arrested and charged with menacing and disorderly conduct.

Footage of the incident released so far provides an incomplete accounting of everything that happened leading up to and following the gun-pulling and punching.

Martinez’s Instagram videos put a human face on last week’s violence, but unfortunately for him, cops aren’t supposed to post photos in uniform, and like the rest of us, are banned from using their phones while driving.

Cruz said that Martinez appears “way tweaked” in the Harlem video, as well as in his personal posts, and questioned his mental state. He said he hopes that releasing videos of the embattled cop will help police leaders decide to fire him.

“[Cop Watch Patrol Unit] hopes that Bill Bratton comes to his senses and lets this officer go, because he’s a ticking time bomb,” Cruz said.

He said the group is holding some videos in reserve in case the department tries to claim Martinez is a decent cop.

Martinez joined the department in 2012, according to city payroll records. For anyone who wants to go further down this rabbit hole, here’s a greatest hits reel of sorts compiled by Cruz, including one of Martinez holding a knife to the neck of a Christmas elf doll.

We’ve reached out to the NYPD to see if there is any separate action being taken around Martinez’s goofing off. We’ll update if we hear back. We couldn’t reach Martinez.

[h/t Keegan Stephan]

Man Beaten by Allegan County Michigan Jail Guards Settles Lawsuit For $300,000

Deputy Jacob Kapanui and other unnamed jail guards at the Allegan County Jail brutally beat Aaron Henderson after he was arrested for disorderly conduct. Now the taxpayers in Michigan will be paying Henderson $300,000 to settle the lawsuit he brought against them as a result.

As should be expected, neither Deputy Kapanui, nor any of the Good Cops who stood by while he repeatedly kneed Henderson in the head, will be charged with any crime despite the settlement.

Via WoodTV.com:

In the lawsuit, Henderson said on Feb. 20, 2015, an Allegan County deputy kneed him in the head, causing him to hit a wall and break several facial bones. He said he didn’t get medical care for hours.

Henderson was seeking damages in excess of $75,000.


No Charges Allegan County Aaron HendersonThe Berrien County Sheriff Office (sic), which was in charge of the investigation, said Deputy Jacob Kapanui gave a “knee strike to the head area” while trying to remove Henderson’s clothes.

According to the case report, Kapanui used his knee to keep Henderson’s head on the bench because Henderson was moving it wildly and banging it into the wall.

While the county admitted Kapanui used a restraint that wasn’t taught by the sheriff’s department, the county prosecutor refused to file aggravated assault charges against Kapanui.  Prosecutor Fred Anderson told 24 Hour News 8 his office was unable to prove intent beyond a reasonable doubt in this case.

When you watch that video, you can pretty clearly see that Kapanui and the other deputies are obviously concerned about Henderson hurting himself and those knees to the head that broke bones in his face are love taps meant to prevent him from banging his own head into the wall.

Police Brutality by Guards at the Madison County Detention Center in Richmond, Kentucky

This video and the following post was sent in by John William Hanson III, via the CopBlock.org submissions page.

Date of Incident: February 24, 2013
Officers Involved: Officer Adkins, Deputy Josh Napier, Deputy Brian Staggs, Deputy Craig Whitaker
Department Involved: Madison County Detention Center
Department Phone Number: (859) 624-4700

Here is the story I can’t get the NEWS to play. If you take the time to watch and listen, please share. It’s from one of many lawsuits I have filed involving the Madison County Detention Center! The law refuses to investigate because the deputy jailers made up a story of me taking a combative stance! This is happening in Richmond, Ky these deputies and officers all still have their jobs! The Madison County Detention Center has no regard for human life. I only asked to press charges on the people that attacked me at the bar I was previously at. The deputies and police decided to beat me up and taser me all night, instead.

Please share this for the safety and life of others! The lawsuits and settlements have piled up against the Madison County Detention Center! This jail has multiple wrongful death lawsuits pending against them. I’m one of the only people to have a lawsuit that didn’t leave in a body bag! I was in this jail for 11 hours and spent almost a week in the ICU unit in Richmond.

I was tasered so many times this night that the muscle tissue in my body was dying and my kidneys were beginning to fail. A deputy tore my labrum and tricep off the bone as I was being repeatedly tasered. The deputy that tore my tricep was Jason Rawlins he was coming into bring the other Deputies some burgers at 4 A.M. That’s at least what Craig Whitaker told the state police and FBI. Neither the Kentucky State Police or FBI asked why he was in his deputy uniform while off duty.

As you watch this video you will hear one lie after another. All you have to do is watch and listen; it’s very apparent! In your lifetime, I promise, you have never seen a video like this! I would like to think people will be outraged this is happening in Richmond, Kentucky. I was told that I took a combative stance and I had no complaint!

Here is the full story I can’t get the news to show. These are all the videos I have received and the process of receiving them! Every other video has been deleted. More then five cameras that were recording at the detention center have been destroyed! I was unable to get the Kentucky State Police to give me the time of day to investigate. They only started an investigation after I threatened to call the Kentucky Attorney General. I was taken to jail at 1:20 A.M. Later that day, around 4:00 PM, a detective was in my hospital room taking a statement. He advised me that if I was lying I’d be in big trouble… He then said he’d be heading down to the jail the following morning to get all the footage from the jail and the bar!

As weeks went by, Detective Hamm of KSP Post 7 kept dodging my phone calls. I finally made contact with Detective Hamm in the parking lot of the FBI in Louisville, Ky. The plan of Detective Hamm and the MCDC was to get me to Kentucky, so I could be charged with resisting arrest and escape 2 a felony. Detective Hamm refused to give me any detail on the videos he collected. He just kept saying I really need you to come back to Kentucky so we can talk… Once the FBI was involved, Detective Hamm decided not to go through with these charges.

When the FBI involved themselves, somewhat of a investigation started. Post 7 of the KSP allowed the Madison County Detention Center to provide the FBI with one video. This was the video of me arriving to the jail nothing else. Take note that now, almost a month later, the state police at Post 7 had started their investigation on the detention center. This was only after I was forced to involve the Kentucky Attorney General and the FBI. The last time I had a meeting with the FBI I asked what I did to be put in the restraint chair? (The lack of oxygen and trauma to my head caused me to black out when I was first attacked. I still had no idea of how I got in a restraint chair while meeting with the FBI.)

I was told that I was playing with people’s lives. Was I ready to get people fired and send people to jail? I said whatever needs to be done, this is a problem. These people should be held responsible for what they did to me! I said honestly they tried to kill me! They only kept hurting me all night! They left me to die after all the tasering and ripping of my muscles. I was told by the doctor I was lucky to have made it to the hospital when I did ! He said I was close to having a stroke or kidney failure. They said they would be in contact after that. I asked for the video of me being placed in the chair and I was told by the Lexington FBI that video wasn’t at my disposal at this time.

imageEventually I was provided three videos with the subpoena request to the Kentucky State Police and MCDC. I was given video from 2 of the 16 cameras at the bar, which were recorded from a computer screen with a cell phone. I told Detective Hamm the spot at the bar I was jumped at. I also said that I remember standing in front of at least four cameras behind the bar. Those will show you what happened! Detective Hamm provide only two outside views of the bar as I was getting arrested. Not the other 14 that would show me getting attacked! I even had a statement I provided from my debit card at 1:05 A.M. that put me in front of the bar as I was closing out!

Instead, Detective Hamm took it upon his self to find me guilty of disorderly conduct. The idea is that I’m guilty of disorderly conduct now. I don’t look as creditable as a innocent person! I went to court for almost a year in Richmond for the disorderly conduct. The other video I was provided was at the detention center, but it only showed me on the ground getting pepper sprayed and carried behind a door. Then Deputy Josh Napier flipping the taser back in his holster!

This video was also reformatted and stripped of audio. The video is also a shortened clip from a full video. I was unable to find a attorney willing to really help with just that video. It basically came to that point because the law wouldn’t help, so I had to file a lawsuit. That being said I couldn’t even find an attorney to represent me with just that video. Them covering this all up was working as planned.

Then 12 days short of a year later, I received a packet of CDs containing one video and a few interviews. Still video was deleted and interviews of deputies have still been withheld! I don’t have one video of them putting me in the closet or me in a cell. When I received this packet it was the following week after being found guilty by a jury of disorderly conduct. All evidence was withheld from me until after my trial and after I was found guilty. I only received the video after I tried one more time to involve the Lexington FBI. They forced Post 7 Detective Hamm and the Madison County Detention to turn over what they had.

When I got this video you are about to watch, it was 12 days short of a year from the date! If I wouldn’t have stayed in Richmond for the weekend, I would have never got this video you’re about to watch. Oh and the statue of limitations would have expired to file a lawsuit. I had to threaten calling the police and coming with my original subpoena before I was made copies! I couldn’t tell you how many times I was asked by the police, family, and friends what’d you do to get in the chair? I was blank for nearly a year.

I watched this for the first time almost a year from the day it happened. The only thing I did was ask to press charges on my attackers. I didn’t threaten or hurt anyone at the Madison County Detention Center! When I was attacked my head hit the wall and I was choked for nearly two minutes. I don’t remember my arrival, just the rest of this horrible night. I find no reason why these individuals should have never been charged with something. I was thinking attempted murder.

I was tasered so many times that pepper spray had no effect. I was woken up with pepper spray later this night after being forced to urinate on myself in a restraint chair. I was picked up and carried down the hallway by one on duty deputy and one who was off duty. I was then pinned up against the wall by my arms and the third jailer in the middle repeatedly tasered me. As I was being tasered I remember shaking and getting slammed against the wall. I then was able to see! The deputy to the left of me let go of my left arm. He went to reach for bed sheets. As the deputy pulled the taser back to hit me again I grabbed it. As it was going off in my hand I started pushing it towards his face. I yelled please sir will you fucking stop! They all grabbed me and threw me face first into the shower.

Once I realized what had just happened, I knew I needed a doctor. My arm was three times its normal size. I felt like I was burning inside my body. Realistically, my body was shutting down inside. I asked for medical attention all the way til I checked out five or so hours later. I was very lucky to have got myself to the hospital. The Madison County Detention Center and Captain Tom Jones refused to call an ambulance even at check out!

This video is very disturbing, but I hope it will shed some light on this problem in Richmond, Ky. I please ask you to share this if you’re my friend or just a concerned person, who believes in civil rights! It could really save someone’s life in the future. Richmond City officials and the Detention Center plan on fixing nothing! They are fine continuing this treatment! The Madison County Detention Center, along with Captain Tom Jones and Jailer Doug Thomas have multiple wrongful death lawsuits against them.

I ask you to please watch this whole video with much detail. In your lifetime you will never see this much evil or hear this many lies! The visit was 11 hours at the Madison County Detention Center. My injures were my labrum and tricep muscles being torn off the bone, trachea trauma, a bulging disc in my neck, and the loss of feeling in the right side of my left hand. Along with all of this, they twisted my fingers and hands while tasering me. It tore and strained most the ligaments in my hands, which caused me to have arthritis from the joint damage. After 11 hours, $90,000+ in medical expenses and future neck surgery. Most of the damage that was done is permanent. It’s very hard having arthritis in my hands like I’m 80. My hands will never be the same, nor my tricep or labrum. After surgery, my neck should be painless! The effect this event caused me physically and mentally was very tough!

The road to recovery was very long. I always sit around asking myself questions I have no response for. I ask why they wouldn’t just let me sleep? I ask why did they keep hurting me? I constantly wonder why these deputies got enjoyment out of this night? This has caused me to have real life nightmares, I’ll wake up sweating realizing it’s only a dream. It’s taken the last year to really get back on track. This one night changed my life forever. I will do whatever it takes to stop it from happening anymore. I know how many dark thoughts have crossed my mind after this experience. It’s was not a healthy way to live. I’ve learned to live with the lasting effects. It’s been a long road to recovery, but I’ve realized how lucky I am to be alive. I’m grateful for that, along with the support of my friends and family.

I’m starting to feel some what normal again. I’m thinking very clearly about the issues at hand. The Madison County Detention Center is a place multiple people have taken their last breath. I was almost left hanging like the rest of them. I think about the people that have lost their life before and after me at that place every day. I only imagine my mother getting a similar phone call from the detention center saying I hung myself. To all the mothers that have lost their sons, I’m sorry! I really need justice for me and all the others to be at peace for me!


The City of Richmond needs help. Richmond, Kentucky is the home of Eastern Kentucky University. I fear for the safety of these students, as well as the citizens of the city. You should be very upset the Madison County Detention Center plans on doing nothing besides giving me money to not talk. The detention center and Richmond officials plan on fixing nothing. They plan on covering this up, just like every other lawsuit they’ve dealt with. How many people have to get seriously hurt? How many people have to die? Enough is enough. I was tasered so many times through out the night the deputies can’t even recall when they did it!

The news is afraid of this story! PLEASE SHARE! I promise you will never see or hear a story like this. I’ve laid it all out here. I don’t have any secrets to keep! I’ve done all the right things and was told I have no complaint because I was combative. I’ve went through the chain of command. Flat out, law enforcement won’t go against law enforcement.

At the end of this video, you’ll hear Deputy Josh Napier explain how tough I was to the KSP and FBI. He said that I wasn’t like everyone else that goes through that. Josh Napier tells the Kentucky State Police and the FBI I wasn’t like everybody else that they put through that.

I can’t do anymore besides hope this will spread like wildfire! This should upset you not only if you live in Kentucky or attend EKU, but also if you believe in civil rights. The Madison County Detention Center plan is to pay me to shut me up and keep operating this way. They beat me up all night and deleted the majority of the footage. This was never about money it was about me doing the right thing. I have the power to fix this place. I just need others to care! God please help Richmond, Kentucky. I can’t do much more!

– John William Hanson III

The original Facebook video has been uploaded to Youtube, since Facebook videos have a habit of disappearing. It can be found here: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10153899873452156&id=281961363188&ref=m_notif&notif_t=video_processed&actorid=20531316728

Corruption and Racist Police Abuse of the Elderly in Lebanon, PA

The following post was received as a submission from Leslie Carter, via the CopBlock.org Submission page.

Date of Incident(s): On going
Department(s) Involved: Lebanon Sheriff/Police
Department Phone Number:  (717) 272-6611

I would like to talk to about experiences I have been having over the years living in Lebanon.  I am a 70 year old retired disabled veteran, who is black.  I am married but separated from my younger white wife and I have a 20 year old biracial daughter.

Last month, I went to the court house and I was called an arrogant nigger.   This is not the first time I have been called a nigger by the all white security personnel who appear to be older retired and holding a second job working in the court house. I am continuously harassed entering our county court house by these older security personnel, who are all white.

A couple years ago ,I entered the courthouse to drop a letter off at the district attorney’s office. I stopped at the screening desk went through the metal detector and it beeped.  A security officer, a white older man, used a hand scanner and kept hitting my belt buckle.  Next thing, he pulls up my t-shirt & jacket and put his hand down my pants, touching my private part. I yelled at him “the fuck are you crazy”. I turned walked in the building and dropped off my letter.

As I entered the elevator, a young white man reached in to stop the elevator.  He asked what was my fucking problem.  I thought he wanted to use the elevator. I stepped out to let him in.  He did not identify himself and he did not show me any identification.  He was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. He grabbed my arm slamming me against the wall in the hall.  I thought at first I was being mugged.

I turned and I saw in the hallway coming at me a group of sheriffs.  They all jumped on me kicking and punching me. I broke away and ran in the district attorney’s office. Someone was screaming: Taser him!  I heard another scream shoot him! shoot him! They grabbed me by my shoulders and knocked me down.  The muscles in my shoulder were tore and ruptured requiring two surgeries to relieve the pain I still have.

I was arrested handcuffed and detained.  One of the local Lebanon police officers who knows me saw me handcuffed in the court house with the sheriffs.  He told them to take the handcuffs off and let me go and they did. Then a few months later, they sent me a summons stating I committed disorderly conduct when I pulled away when the white security guard grabbed my privates.  I was wrong to not let him fondle me.  I was forced to pay a fine.

Can someone please help me with this situation that continues today whenever I have to go to the court house? This is insane. I can’t say someone’s going to get hurt because I already did get hurt.

I can’t stop the good ol’ boys and the cronyism. I’m just terribly afraid of these people. The day after the assault in the courthouse a group of sheriffs were across the street watching me as I walked my dog. I don’t trust these people. I refused to be called racist names by a bunch of old hooligans. Lebanon has always had problems with race. There ARE not any blacks in the sheriffs dept. They refuse to hire blacks. The FBI came here, but the same thing keeps happening.

– Leslie Carter

Update: Ohio Jail Guards Caught Beating Inmate on Video Found Not Guilty

Lawrence County Ohio Jail AbuseAfter deliberating three days, jurors have returned with a “not guilty” verdict in the case of three Lawrence County corrections officers who were shown on video beating, kicking, and choking an inmate who was restrained throughout. Jeremy S. Hanshaw, Ronald S. Hatfield and Jason D. Mays had been facing federal charges after other jail employees witnessed them assaulting Larry Kinstler, even though he was handcuffed and at other times confined to a “restraint chair,” as well as a paramedics’ stretcher.

Via the Ironton Tribune:

The three former corrections officers at the Lawrence County Jail have been found not guilty on all counts in a federal trial where they had been accused of mistreatment of an inmate.

The verdicts came after three days of deliberation in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of Ohio in Cincinnati.

Jeremy S. Hanshaw, Ronald S. Hatfield and Jason D. Mays were indicted following an Aug. 19, 2014, incident in which the three were alleged to have mistreated an inmate, Larry Kinstler, who was booked into the jail on a disorderly conduct charge.

Lawrence County Corrections Officers ChargedAll three were charged with conspiracy against rights and deprivation against rights under the color of the law and aiding and abetting. The indictment alleged the three men “willfully combined, conspired and agreed with one another to injure, oppress, threaten and intimidate (Kinstler) in the right to be free from the use of unreasonable force by one acting under the color of law.”

Hatfield and Mays were charged with knowingly covering up evidence while Hanshaw was charged with falsifying a use of force report and an incident report.

The entire incident was captured on the jail’s surveillance video. That video can be viewed at the bottom of this post. Previous posts on the CopBlock Network related to this case can be found here and here.

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