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Assaulted by Tucson Police Serving an Order of Protection

The video above and the following post were sent to us, via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page, by Anthony Potter. Anthony is a local activist from Tucson, Arizona. Along with the description within the post, he states:

All cops involved have illegally arrested me before , with no convictions because they were arrests over my free speech activism. Each officer, along with their union reps, mentioned and shown in the film are named in all of my federal lawsuits, which are identified in the picture.

In addition, on the Youtube description for the video the person who uploaded it states:

Tucson Police violently detaining a local activist to serve an order of protection from Paul Cunningham. Tucson City council has been trying to purge the homeless. When you speak out against it, apparently they send out their thugs.

Date of Incident: December 23, 2015
Officers Involved: Ofc. Hawkins, Ofc. Hugar, SGT Alice, SGT Grizzley, LT Dogget
Department Involved: The Tucson Police Department
Contact Number: 520-791-5032

I was walking from home to volunteer at the 420 Social Club in Tucson. Around 10 am, I was approached on two sides by Officers Hawkins and Hugar, saying I was detained. They grabbed my arms and then placed me in cuffs. I asked them what I was being detained for and also asked them what they are investigating. They told me they would let me know when it comes (sic). I asked them again and challenged their right to hold me.

noviticimI asked for Internal Affairs, the force commander, and their supervisor. I also told the officers that I do not consent to being touched, that I don’t consent to being detained without cause, and I told them that this is harassment. They responded that they could not contact Internal Affairs, but the force commander arrived, as well as numerous supervisors.

They made attempts to knock me to the ground and also to trip me. I was detained over an hour. More officers arrived with an order of protection from a chief of staff for Paul Cunningham, a city council official. The court order was signed and dated after my detainment for a civil procedure. I was further assaulted and restrained afterwards. In addition, my coat was ripped from them shoving the order in my overcoat pocket.

– Anthony Potter

Note: Anthony is also attempting to raise money to offset the costs for two disabled veterans to acquire their medical marijuana cards and receive cannabis-based medication that they need badly due to the effects of injuries they suffered while in the military. Donations can be made via this GoFundMe account. The description included within that GoFundMe campaign states:

Lot of vets are needing help, they served, now they suffer.  Long lines and lots of pharmsucal drugs not helping the way they should. The cost to get a card, to do a safer healthier choice can be a little too much to afford for some of them. Their wallet shouldn’t be a barrier to this.

We are asking for your help to get medical marijuana cards for some of our soldiers.
#vetsmatter #getlegal #compassionrevolution


Update: Florida Cop Who Harassed and Assaulted Disabled Veteran Now Facing Charges

It was announced earlier today that the Sgt. Garry Wilson, of the Riviera Beach Police Department, has been charged with battery and criminal mischief, resulting from a confrontation he had with Isiah James over whether he should be using a handicapped parking space. (See video embedded below.)

In the incident, which James recorded on his cell phone, Wilson can be seen insisting that James should not be using the handicapped parking space, because he doesn’t believe he is disabled enough. Wilson bases that on the fact that James was able to walk into the store and back.

In spite of James explaining to him that he his mobility is limited to short distances due to the effects of an IED explosion in the Middle East, Wilson continues arguing that he isn’t sufficiently disabled to use the space. He does so in a very insulting and harassing manner. In addition, at one point he slaps the phone out of James’ hand to try and prevent him from filming the encounter. In the video, James states that he broke his phone in the process.

Via the Palm Beach Post:

Sgt. Garry Wilson Charged VeteranSgt. Garry Wilson, a 20-year member of the department, will be arraigned on Dec. 2 on battery and criminal mischief charges. Both charges are misdemeanors.

Wilson was placed on administrative leave Aug. 11 after he was caught on film knocking a smartphone out of Isiah James’ hands during an argument over a handicap parking space outside at the Walgreens store at Broadway and Blue Heron Boulevard.

James captured the dispute on his cellphone. Wilson can be heard berating James, saying he has no right to park his vehicle in the handicapped space and that he isn’t disabled. Ultimately, Wilson grew so upset that he knocked the phone out of James’ hands, damaging it.

James posted the video on Facebook and it quickly went viral.

James served three tours with the Army in Afghanistan and Iraq between 2006 and 2011. He sustained a traumatic brain injury and wears braces on both of his legs.

Based on the legal definition of criminal mischief in Florida, it appears both charges are related to Sgt. Wilson slapping the phone out of James’ hand.

Shorter/Edited Video


Full, Unedited Video

An Open Letter to LVMPD Sheriff Doug Gillespie From Stanley Gibson’s Widow

Stanley Gibson Murdered by LVMPD Officer Jesus Arevalo Chalk

On December 12th, 2011, Stanley Gibson was murdered by LVMPD Officer Jesus Arevalo. After spending two years on paid vacation during the “investigation,” Arevalo was rewarded for that murder with monthly disability payments totaling between $23,000 and $28,000.

Doug Gillespie,

Two years ago today, Stanley Gibson was murdered by Ofc. Jesus Arevalo of the LVMPD

Two years ago today, Stanley Gibson was murdered by Ofc. Jesus Arevalo of the LVMPD

I know your name. It’s a name I will never forget and, along with Jesus Avalero, one of the two names I can NEVER FORGET. My name is Rondha Gibson. I’m sure you remember my name too, but do you remember what today’s date represents? For me, it’s something else I can never, ever forget.

Today marks two years since Stanley Gibson was shot and killed while sitting unarmed and incapacitated in his car on December 12, 2011.

He was my husband and he was murdered by Officer Jesus Avalero, who you once called dependable and stated you would stand behind. Fortunately, two years later your opinion about that has seemingly changed. Now you say he is responsible for my husband’s death, although you still refuse to call it murder. While you finally had the decency to at least fire him, you still haven’t held him accountable for his actions that day in any legal manner.

Essentially, his “punishment” for shooting my husband, who was both unarmed and innocent, is to have to find another job (after having spent slightly less than two years sitting at home collecting a full paycheck). I don’t doubt that he will cash in on some connections he made while with Metro to get some cushy security job or something such as that. That’s not a true punishment, it’s an inconvenience.

Meanwhile, the last 23 months of my life have been nothing but hell. While Jesus Arevalo was on a paid vacation (AKA “administrative leave”), I was struggling just to pay my rent and other bills. In all that time, I’ve hardly even really had a chance to grieve for my murdered husband amidst all the calls from collection agencies wanting me to pay for Stanley’s funeral, which I couldn’t even afford.

You once claimed at the inquest that you were in contact with me everyday and that you publicly apologized to me, calling Stan’s death a mistake. Even that’s a lie. We had never even talked until after that inquest and that only happened because Steve Sanson of VIPI asked you to come and talk to me. That was the first and only time we ever spoke and the apology you gave then was not worth the breath it took to deliver the fake sentiments it represented.

In the 23 months since Stanley was taken from me by Jesus Arevalo and the culture of lawlessness that you continue to enable within Metro by refusing to hold anyone accountable for their actions, no matter how heinous, I had only two requests for you:

That Stan’s medals and other personal belongings from that day be returned to me.
And that someone be held accountable for his murder.

Finally, his medals came home after a lot of unnecessary stalling, but still nobody has actually been held accountable for Stanley’s murder. Simply being fired isn’t punishment enough for taking the life of another person. I will not just be standing back and accepting that, either. My third demand is your immediate resignation as sheriff and I will renew that demand for every one of your successors until they create true accountability within the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

No more members of this community should have to walk around in fear that they will be shot down in cold blood by cops, who know they have no chance of being punished for their actions. No more families should have to deal with the loss of loved ones and the knowledge that accountability is not even an option for Las Vegas area cops, as I and way too many others have had to. I will not rest until genuine changes are made.

I am Rondha Gibson, widow of Stanley L Gibson, a Disabled Veteran murdered by LVMPD Ofc. Jesus Arevalo. I was victimized by members of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, but I am finished being a victim.

Rondha G.

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