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Viral Facebook Live Video Shows Ohio Man Being Beaten and Punched During Arrest

Euclid Ohio Police Brutality Arrest Beating

A viral Facebook Live video shows a man being violently arrested in Euclid, Ohio.

A live-streamed video that was making its way around Facebook on August 12th (2017) shows a man being violently arrested in Euclid, OH. (Note: many of the people sharing the video had for some reason misidentified the location as Edina, MN.) As of right now, there aren’t a lot of details outside of what can be seen on the video. (That video is embedded below.)

Later in the evening, the Euclid Police Department did release a statement in which they said that the cops pulled a man named Richard Hubbard III, who is from Cleveland, over for a traffic violation. They then decided to arrest him for some unspecified reason. Euclid is a suburb of Cleveland.

According to the EPD statement, Hubbard refused to turn around and face away from them when the police officers ordered him to. Initially, there are two cops involved in the beating. Eventually, at least three other cops arrive and begin helping handcuff Hubbard.

The cop, that can be seen hitting Hubbard numerous times, including in the back of his head, has not been identified yet. Currently, he is on paid vacation while his co-workers perform an “investigation.”

A woman who can be seen recording with her cell phone apparently was arrested also once the other cops arrived.

Below, is the statement from the Euclid police, via Fox8.com in Cleveland:

Euclid police released a statement about the incident, saying that just before 10:30 a.m., an officer pulled over Richard Hubbard, 25, of Cleveland, for a moving/traffic violation near 240 East 228th Street.

Hubbard was ordered out of the car told to face away from the police as he was taken into custody. Police say that Hubbard ignored that order and began to physically resist as the officer took him into custody.

The violent struggle, pictured below, lasted for over 3 minutes.

Update: Partial dash cam video (also embedded below) has been released, which is included as an update to the previously cited Fox8.com post. However, it’s still not very clear even on that video why the police saw Hubbard as a threat when they initially decided to arrest him.

According to the new statement from police, Hubbard was being arrested for not having a license. In addition, although it isn’t shown on either video, the statement says that Hubbard was tased. (The taser can be seen being thrown onto the street after it apparently wasn’t effective.)

They also state that they thought he was going to run, but he appears to be boxed in between the car, the open car door, and the officer who would later assault him. It doesn’t seem like he would have much of an opportunity to run, even if that was his intention.

Bystander Video

Local News Report With Dash Cam Video

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Dash Cam Shows Man Federal Agents Claim Committed Suicide Getting Run Into by ATF Van

ATF agents are claiming that a Milwaukee man who died in what is being described as a officer involved shooting was killed by a self-inflicted gunshot on Thursday (December 15th). However, a video from a citizen’s dash cam that surfaced on Friday has raised some questions about that explanation.

In the video (embedded below), the man, who has yet to be identified publicly, can be seen be run into by a ATF van as he runs across a street in an attempt to avoid a large contingent of federal agents in plain clothes. The agents had been pursuing the unnamed suspect in order to serve an arrest warrant on him.

The man can be clearly seen in the street before he is struck by the van and thrown to the ground by the impact. Due to the distance between the car recording the video and the van, it’s not apparent what, if anything, the man might have in his hand and no gunshot can be heard, although a large number of heavily armed agents can be seen converging on the area where he is lying immobile.

Via Fox6Now.com:

FOX6 News has obtained exclusive video the ATF itself says it now wants to see.

“It was just so, so, so strange and there’s no way to tell except there was something serious going on,” said Thomas Kopatich, witnessed the aftermath. (sic)

Thomas Kopatich was at his sister’s place, near 34th and Greenfield Thursday afternoon — he says he heard a gunshot.

“I didn’t know if it was a shot for sure so something told me to look outside and I looked out the window and I could see a huge amount of police pursuing someone who was already laying on the ground,” said Kopatich.

The ATF says the person agents went to arrest died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. It says it has yet to see the video from a dashcam in a civilians (sic) car.

After the moment of impact in the video, agents in civilian clothes clear the area.

“He was laying there the whole time. There was an armored truck in the middle of the street and police were in cover positions everywhere,” said Kopatich.

Kopatich says the person appearing to be struck by a law enforcement van in the video is the one he saw on the ground when he came outside.

“That was definitely the guy and I could actually see myself coming out on the porch right there, that’s me,” Kopatich said while watching the video.

Friday, the ATF maintains the wanted subject died of a self-inflicted gunshot. The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office says it can’t release any information since the case is on non-disclosure.

Kopatich says the size of the response, and now the video, has left him confused.

“Who is this guy? What did he do,” asked Kopatich. “Why don’t we know what’s happening if it’s so serious?”

The man doesn’t appear to move at all once he is struck by the van, which does raise some questions about the claim that he shot himself. As does the fact that such a large number of armed agents can be seen quickly reaching his location. In addition, none of them visibly react or make any effort to take cover, as would be expected if the man had fired a gun, also seems to contradict that assertion.

A gun shot wound would obviously be pretty apparent and easily distinguished from injuries being struck by a car would cause. If he in fact died from a gunshot, the question is when did that happen. There’s no evidence on that video of it having been prior to him being placed into custody after he was hit by the van.

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Garland Texas Cop on Trial for Shooting Unarmed Motorist 41 Times After High Speed Chase

Officer Patrick Tuter began trial on Tuesday for fatally shooting a man during a high-speed chase in 2012. Tuter shot at Michael Allen 41 times. Defense lawyers representing Tuter are using the go-to excuse for cops that murder people of “I feared for my life.” He initially claimed that he had to shoot him because Allen rammed his truck into Tuter’s car. However, dashcam video showed that it was Tuter who ran into Allen.

Tuter also claimed that Allen was reaching down for something. Garland Officer William Norris contradicted that contention in his testimony, stating that Tuter was “reckless” in his actions and put the rest of the cops involved in the chase in danger with his gunfire. Other officers at the scene also testified that Allen had his hands on the steering wheel at the time Officer Tuter began shooting at him. In spite of the amount of shots Tuter fired at an unarmed person and the lies in his story exposed by both video and other police officers, Tuter was only charged with manslaughter.

Via WFAA.com, the Dallas ABC affiliate:

It all started when Patrick Tuter, a six-year veteran of the force at the time, recognized Michael Allen’s truck from another police chase earlier that week. He tried to pull him over, which led to a chase through multiple cities, ultimately ending in gunfire.

Prosecutors called Tuter “reckless,” saying that seasoned officers will testify he went beyond what was necessary. Allen didn’t have a weapon in the vehicle.

“He went past Garland’s way of taking care of things and went to Patrick Tuter’s way of taking car of things,” said prosecutor Juan Sanchez.

Tuter was fired after an internal investigation.

But defense attorney Robert Rogers said Tuter feared he would die if he didn’t use deadly force, painting Allen as a dangerous felon who had meth in his system.

Allen’s mother, Stephanie, was the first to take the stand Tuesday, tearfully remembering the day she learned her son had died.

“We were … devastated,” she said,”

Then, Lt. Clay Lacey, of Texas DPS, took the stand. He was in the DPS chopper the night of the chase and answered questions about chopper surveillance video. He estimated the chase topped 80 to 100 mph at some points.

Ultimately, Allen wound up in a Mesquite cul-de-sac, with Tuter on his tail, and multiple other police vehicles behind them.
garland-police-shooting-surveillance-footageThe two vehicles collided and ended up front to front. A second police vehicle then struck Allen’s truck, sandwiching him in. The surveillance video appears to show Allen continue to accelerate.

Defense attorneys say Allen bent down to reach for something and that’s when Tuter feared for his life and fired shots. They said he fired until Allen stopped accelerating and the threat was over.

“He had to do what he had to do in order to survive,” Rogers said.

But prosecutors argue Allen had his hands on the wheel and was trying to leave.

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Boulder City Police Doctored Audio in Arrest Video Where They Were Already Caught Committing Perjury

In June, I posted about John Hunt, a resident of Boulder City a small town just outside of Las Vegas. In June, Hunt had been arrested by Sergeant John Glenn of the Boulder City Police Department on charges of  “Failing to Yield as a Pedestrian” and “Resisting Arrest.” He subsequently spent a day in jail, as a result of that arrest.

As you can see in the original post and the Youtube video embedded below by his lawyer, Stephen Stubbs, when his trial date came the prosecutor dropped the charges because Sgt. Glenn was actually caught contradicting his sworn testimony (I.E. committing the crime of perjury) on the dash camera video.

That’s not the only dishonesty by Sgt. Glenn in this case, however. Recently, John Hunt contacted me and told me that he had evidence showing that not only did Glenn lie to justify the charges against him, but he in fact also edited the audio on that dash cam video to support his false version of the events during the arrest.

Within the video included in this post Hunt explains how and why that evidence was tampered with and why it also shows that Sgt. Glenn was involved or at the very least aware of that tampering. He also includes a report from a forensic audio expert that conclusively shows the audio was altered. A PDF containing the full Forensic Audio Authentication Report can be found here.

In addition, John included this text description:

After I crossed across the road for the third time, a police car pulled into the parking lot directly in front of me, maybe about 40 feet away. The officer inside, Sgt. John Glenn said, “Come over here. Come over here. Come over here!”

I asked, “why?”

He said, “because I told you to.”

I then said, “I refuse to comply,” because I did not view “because I told you to” as a valid legal reason to change what I was doing. I had broken no laws and was not causing any problems as I stood on the sidewalk. I was perfectly willing to talk with the officer and was looking forward to that opportunity. I had a very strong desire not to be arrested, but I was not going to follow his commands for the sole reason that he had decided to issue them. I have rights.

Immediately after I said this, Glenn got out of his car and began walking towards me. At the time I thought that he was coming over to talk to me.  Instead he walked directly up to me and grabbed me by the arm. He did not say anything to me as he was doing this. He did not say, “turn around and put your hands behind your back.” He said absolutely nothing.

I was very surprised that I was being illegally and abruptly assaulted for absolutely no reason.
I instructed him to stop assaulting me. I said, “Stop assaulting me! Stop assaulting me! Take your hands off me.”

But Glenn didn’t listen, as he had no interest in obeying the laws of the land.

Now, compare that with what you hear on the tape. To recap, here’s what it should sound like:

  • GLENN: Come over here. Come over here. Come over here!
  • ME: Why?
  • GLENN: Because I told you to.
  • ME: I refuse to comply.
  • *car door opens and closes, silence for a few seconds as Glenn walks over to me
  • ME: Stop assaulting me! Stop assaulting me! Take your hands off me.

After this, the tape plays out mostly the same as it happened in life, except for one small detail. After I had been dragged to the ground and handcuffed, I was leaned up against a cop car and a policeman started asking me a series of yes or no questions. I answered them as I was still dazed from the assault and did not have the werewithal to understand fully what was going on.

audio-manipulation-boulder-city-policeI strongly suspect that it was one of my answers here that was edited out and transposed into an earlier point in the tape to make it appear as though I was interacting with Glenn in a confrontational manner before he “arrested” me. This is the part of the tape where John Glenn supposedly asks me “is there something you don’t understand?” And I say, “No!” This never actually happened. The only things that happened are exactly what I have described.

The recording of these events didn’t match my memory, which was very clear and vivid, and still is. So, with the help of my family, I decided it was worthwhile to hire an expert to investigate it.

I was told that this kind of editing was impossible, but I could not be convinced that my memories were mistaken.

I chose my words very carefully when I said, “I refuse to comply,” and I remember the exact reason and context in which I said them, which is very different from the context in the video.

Even despite having a very strong memory in general and despite having these vivid memories of this specific event, the edited tape made me doubt myself for a time.

When you are confronted with a video recording that does not match your memories, you tend to believe the recording. It’s in a sense like being “gaslighted.”

I believe it’s very possible that if I did not have a very strong faith in my own memory, I could have been convinced that the events on the tape were what actually happened

This may have happened to more than a few people.

The reason I know that John Glenn is aware of this, beyond the obvious, is that he attests to a detail in the report which appears on the edited tape but did not happen in life.

In his sworn statement, under penalty of perjury, he states, “I asked the subject what part he did not understand.”

This didn’t happen, but on the tape, it did.

So Glenn knows about this or is doing it himself. I suspect that there was an event or events some time in the past where Glenn actually said all of the things he said on that tape.

And I suspect that if you could see the reports of all of his arrests, you would see many instances of these exact same phrases being used over and over again.

I would also suspect that there is a computer somewhere nearby, either in John Glenn’s basement, or in a lab somewhere, with some very interesting files on it.

I can’t personally say how deep or how far the corruption goes in this department, but I think it’s reasonable to conclude that the existence of this report casts serious doubt on every single piece of evidence that goes through that courtroom, especially video evidence.

There may be many convictions issued by that court that need a second look. And there may be people in jail right now that shouldn’t be there because of what this person or group of people is doing.

For obvious reasons, having an officer who is willing to both lie under oath and tamper with evidence in order to justify arresting someone is a huge threat to the freedom and rights of citizens. Even more of a threat is a police department that at the very least allows officers to have the access and ability to do so and in reality were probably complicit in helping carry out such illegal actions.

When you consider that this is a case in which Hunt was really arrested out of spite (AKA Contempt of Cop), it casts doubt on every case the Boulder City Police are involved in, especially those involving Sergeant John Glenn.

Original Video Concerning the Perjury Committed by Sgt. John Glenn

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Chicago Cop Who Shot Teens on Video Leaked by Judge Charged With Using Unreasonable Force (Update)

Marco Proano, the Chicago police officer who was recorded by a dash cam shooting at a car full of teenagers in December 2013, has now been indicted for civil rights violations. He stands accused of using unreasonable force against two of those teenagers, both of whom were injured in the shooting.

As was reported last year by CopBlock Network Contributor , the dash camera footage of that shooting only came to light almost two years later when an ex-judge leaked it to the public. In doing so, retired Cook County Judge Andrew Berman described the video as “the most disturbing thing he has seen in his 35 years in the Windy City court system.” (That says a lot when you are discussing violence in Chicago.) Which of course means that not one single one of the Good Cops in the video or who later watched the video and then decided to try and make sure it never saw the light of day again did anything to prevent that Bad Apple from spoiling the bunch.

Watching the video, it could not be more obvious that the teens represented no danger whatsoever to Officer Proano (or any other police on the scene) as they backed away from him. In fact, the video shows another car arrive at a nearby house and then back up out of the area shortly before the shooting. If anything, Proano endangered those innocent bystanders by shooting a dozen shots at the teens while they were in the same general area as them.

The teens had only been stopped for speeding, but the car they were in was later determined to be stolen. However, the one teen charged with possession of a stolen vehicle subsequently was acquitted of the charges.

Via Fox6Now.com:

The video shows Proano shooting multiple times at the vehicle as the driver tries to back away. The car then hits a streetlight before one injured teen stumbles out.

Police had pulled over the car with six teens for speeding, according to CNN affiliate WLS. One teen was wounded in the shoulder, the other in his hip and heel.

The victims suffered bodily injuries because of “unreasonable force by a police officer,” according to the indictment.

“When a police officer uses unreasonable force, it has a harmful effect on not only the victims, but also the public, who lose faith and confidence in law enforcement,” said Zachary T. Fardon, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois.

He said his office will continue to “vigorously” pursue civil right prosecutions of police officers to “strengthen trust in the police.”

The Chicago police department said it is fully cooperating with the US attorney’s office and has “zero tolerance for proven misconduct.”

As is noted in the full Fox 6 article, Officer Proano was finally fired after the video became public. Also, taxpayers had to bail out the Chicago Police Department once again, as a result of his actions.  The two teens shot during the incident received a $360,000 settlement.

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