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US Marshals Assault Man Holding Sign and Filming on Public Sidewalk at Federal Courthouse

The video and content within this post were shared with the CopBlock Network by Kevin Bradley, via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page.

At the beginning of this video, a male U.S. Marshal walks out of the Herman T. Schneebeli Federal Bldg. & U.S. Courthouse, followed soon after by a female marshal. The male marshal begins telling Kevin that he has to leave the public sidewalk in front of the courthouse. Kevin refuses to do so, telling him repeatedly that he has a First Amendment right to protest on public property.

Eventually, the marshal goes back inside and Kevin continues his protest. In the process, he talks to several passersby, but otherwise there are several minutes of inactivity. However, at the end of the video another male U.S. Marshal, accompanied by the original marshal, walks outside the building and assaults him in an attempt to stop him from filming them.

After Kevin steps back and away from his reach, the newly arrived marshal begins telling him that he has to go across the street in order to protest while (very incorrectly) insisting that the public sidewalk is federal property. At one point, the marshal states, “you can go across the street or we can go another route.”

Kevin responds by (very correctly) asserting that the public sidewalk is public property and begins asking him for his name and badge number. The Marshal soon turns and walks back into the federal building, presumably realizing that he can’t intimidate Kevin into crossing the street. Throughout the video, all of the marshals refused to identify themselves and several times incorrectly claimed that public property actually belonged to the Federal Government.

Although it’s not shown in the video, Kevin states in the Youtube description that he stayed there for another 15 minutes without further incident. He also stated within the comments on Youtube that he has filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice.

Date of Incident: September 26, 2016
Department Involved: U.S. Marshals (Williamsport, PA)
Officers Involved: Wouldn’t give names or badge numbers
Phone Number: (570) 323-6380
Fax Number: (570) 323-0636
Address: Herman T. Schneebeli Federal Bldg. & U.S. Courthouse
240 West Third Street, Suite 218
Williamsport, PA 17701

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I was walking around town with a protest sign that said, “Cops are the REAL TERRORISTS that we should all fear. Cops kidnap, torture, and extort money from people. Always film the cops.”

At the time of the video, I was standing in front of the Herman T. Schneebeli Federal Bldg. and U.S. Courthouse in Williamsport, PA. That is when the assault by the U.S. Marshals happened.

I think the lawyers in this town are nothing more than cop suckers, because no one is willing to represent me.

– Kevin Bradley

  Nepa Copblock

First Amendment Audit: Fresno, CA Police Apologize To Cop Blockers

This video and the accompanying post were shared with NVCopBlock by “Nasty” Nathanial Thomas, via the Nevada Cop Block Submissions Page. Nathanial has been featured several times previously on NVCopBlock.org. Those posts can be viewed here, here, and here.

Date of Interaction: January 24, 2016
Department involved: Fresno Police Department
Department Address: 2323 Mariposa St, Fresno, CA 93721
Department Phone Number: (559) 621-7000

Howdy folks,

How are all of my fellow Cop Blockers doing out there? Nasty Nathanial here with you all. I still have not set up a WordPress account yet so I can start writing for Cop Block full time. I am actually preparing to head off to Manila and begin the “Life On The Beat With Nasty Nathanial: Cop Block World Tour“. Let’s see how cops in other countries treat their citizens.

But before I share the story behind this latest Cop Block submission of mine, I would first like to thank legendary activist/filmmaker Brian Sumner for encouraging me to film the police and for encouraging me to write about it and for always posting my material. A big THANK YOU for that.

Anyways, last month I found myself in beautiful Fresno, California, one of America’s finest cities. The purpose of this visit was to spend a few days with my good friend, activist and filmmaker Brian Sumner, and the rest of the Fresno Cop Block crew to do some police filming. I enjoy spending time with these guys. They are great people who are passionate about what they do.

While cruising around the city in my little Fiat, which is becoming the Cop Block Mobile, we came upon a squad car parked in front of a residence on Olive Street. As we were preparing to go check this out, we noticed more squad cars heading into a residential neighborhood. At the speed they were traveling we figured they had to be in a hurry to get to wherever they were going. So we decided to head in their direction and see what was going on.

Nasty-Nate-CSISoon we found ourselves approaching what we would later learn was a crime scene. It became apparent that a shooting had taken place as the police were searching for shell casings. I parked my Fiat down the street and we all got out and began heading over towards where all these police vehicles were parked. As soon as the officers saw us approaching they began doing the ol’ shine their flashlights in our lenses. This is typical of officers when they see Cop Blockers. As Brian began explaining that we had a right to be there and to film, one of the officers began yelling out to us that we were walking in a crime scene. Well, if that was the case, than why didn’t this dumb shit, or any of the other officers on the scene, bother to put up crime scene tape and seal off the area? That is a reasonable question don’t you think?

But here is where I give credit where credit is due. The sergeant on the scene immediately stepped up to plate and apologized to us. You can hear him in the video say that their failure to seal off the area was entirely their fault. Wow. It is not too often that you hear the police admit when they have done something wrong.

Now as professional as this police sergeant may have been acting at this particular moment, it makes me wonder how he would have responded if we were not filming. Say we were not Cop Blockers and just some curious bystanders that wanted to check out what the police were doing. Or somebody who actually lives on that street and was just trying to get home after a long, hard day at work. Professionalism would most likely have gone out the door and we would have been treated like second class citizens.

So the point of writing this is to make light of the fact the camera can be used as a weapon. I don’t mean a weapon as a means of hurting or killing anybody. But instead as a means of putting the police in check. I believe that the camera is the objective record and the police are either going to shape up and act professional, like they should always be or they are going to continue to act like jerks. Either way, the camera is there to capture it all and the camera doesn’t lie.

So while I leave you all with that final thought, I look forward to receiving responses from everybody, including the Cop Block haters. To be honest, it’s the haters’ responses that I most look forward to. Although I love to be complimented, the haters seem to give the most entertaining responses. Until next time, may the force be with you. Happy trails.

– Nasty Nathanial

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St. Louis Coffee Shop Employee Writes “FTP” on Cups; Owner Responds Like the Police Would

copsuckerWe all know cops are sensitive and they have a tendency to get really butthurt when people criticize them for beating, illegally arresting, and/or murdering people and having absolutely no accountability for that whatsoever. We also know that they aren’t fans of the First Amendment. So the latest trend of refusing service to armed gang members who are trying to distract from that reality by including a shiny badge among their litany of weapons is really getting their panties in a bunch these days. Especially when those things involve their favorite past-time, shoving donuts in their face. As we’ve seen from past examples, that is enough to get them whining at glass shattering decibels. The latest establishment to join the growing list of food servers that don’t want armed people with a history of violence around them while people are trying to eat in peace is MoKaBe’s Coffee Shop in St. Louis. Recently, an employee there began writing “FTP” on the lids of cups for to-go orders. Soon after that, as everything eventually does, this made its way to the Twitterverse:

It wasn’t long after that before the expected crowd of CopSuckers (who are mainly cops, their families, and people working as security guards because they failed to make it as a cop, but are hoping to somehow change that in the future by starting anti-CopBlock facebook pages and shooting unarmed drivers in order to get into the good graces of their heroes) responded with the predictable threats of violence that totally counteracts the assertion that cops and the people who blindly support them are a bunch of violence prone neanderthals and racists. As a result, the owner of Mokabe’s announced he was conducting a full police-style investigation of the offending employee: MoKaBae's FTP InvestigationYou could actually hear teeth gnashing when that was posted. In fact, there’s an (unconfirmed) rumor that astronauts on the International Space Station said, “what the fuck was that?” at that precise moment. Predictably, since they’re giant hypocrites and crybabies, this really sent cops and Copsuckers nationwide into a frenzy of crying and posting angry stuff on the internets. It only got worse once someone came forward, claiming to be that meanie who wrote stuff on the coffee cup that wasn’t within the proper level of worship toward cops:

It shouldn’t exactly be shocking that MoKabe’s is not a fan of the cops since this happened last year:

Personally, I’m actually glad that people are putting social pressure on the armed thugs roaming our streets stealing, assaulting, and killing people then expecting to be treated like heroes for their misdeeds. Or for everyone to simply overlook them like what they were accustomed to before those meddling kids with their cameras came along and ruined their coffee and donut party. Since their own “leadership” has shown they have no interest in weeding out the “bad apples,” being publicly shunned is probably one of the best peaceful options to make all these mythical “Good Cops” actually stand up instead of just standing by doing nothing while their co-workers abuse people in front of them. #PoliceLiesMatter come out from behind the #ThinBlueLieYou Should be at MoKaBe's And don’t forgot the other #FTP. Always Film The Police. It might save a life and that life might be yours.

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Albany PD’s Retaliatory Arrest of CopBlocker, Adam Rupeka, is an Insult to Witch Hunts

Filming CopsIt’s no secret that cops hate Cop Block. Nobody likes when their criminal activities are exposed for the world to see.

Especially when they’re used to people overlooking all those robberies, beatings, and murders while kissing their asses and calling them heroes. It’s certainly no fun when people break up the party that you threw for yourself by showing the public the truth behind the carefully constructed facade that you’ve been building for yourself over the years. It’s almost enough to make you want to manufacture a Phony War on Cops in order to try and recapture some of that blind devotion from those outside the sphere of your families and the ever-shrinking ranks of the CopSuckers.

This is even more true in relation to a CopBlocker who is intelligent, knowledgeable of the law and citizens’ rights, and brave enough to confront the police when they see them violating those laws and/or trampling on people’s rights. It’s easy to bully someone when they don’t actually know whether what they are doing or witnessing someone else do is legal. Similarly, not everyone is willing to confront or stand up to a confrontation from armed people with a long and frequent history of violence, especially when those heavily armed people (significantly) more often than not literally get away with murder.

Anybody who has been paying attention to CopBlock.org over the past few months or so should be well aware that Adam Rupeka of Capital District Cop Block in New York State is one of those people. Not only has he been willing to challenge law enforcement officers while asserting his own rights and film police interactions with others in order to ensure their safety, he’s even been physically attacked and illegally arrested for doing so. Instead of backing down or accepting such an injustice, Adam successfully fought the bogus and ridiculous charges, and then went a step further, ensuring that a violent, abusive man was no longer employed as a police officer and in a position to endangering others by getting Officer Nathan Baker, the Saratoga Springs Police officer who pepper sprayed and arrested him for the non-crime of flipping a cop off, fired.

adamIn light of that and Adam’s continued vigilance, it’s obviously no surprise that the police in upstate New York have an axe to grind with Adam. When all you have is a hammer and a low IQ, everything looks like a nail that needs to be violently hammered into submission. If that nail refuses to stay down and embarrasses you publicly by showing what a corrupt tyrant you are (on video for the world to see), then that’s even more so the case.

Cops have a pretty extensive history of retaliation and they rarely will even try to hide it very well. In fact, they probably want other potential “trouble makers” to see it as a warning to keep in line. The problem (for the police) is that they aren’t used to people opposing them in any sort of meaningful or effective way. They generally are in a position of power against people that are vulnerable economically or socially and therefore unable to fight back. It’s not often that they have to go beyond an initial act of physical or financial intimidation to make their “problem” go away.

Oftentimes when that doesn’t work the police are so frustrated and angry that they tend to overreach in their secondary efforts at retaliation and intimidation. They come up with charges that don’t actually fit and twist them until that square peg fits in the round hole they want to use it for. Frequently, they also want to make sure that sledgehammer is big enough to swat that fly once and for all. So they make sure the penalty attached to the charges they distort to punish and intimidate that annoying CopBlocker, who had the nerve to hold them accountable to the laws everyone else has to abide by, is sufficiently egregious to teach him a lesson once and for all.

Unfortunately for them, that type of overreach often has the opposite effect. The charges are too outrageously inappropriate to hold up, the general public recognizes the blatant effort by police to attack someone whose only real crime is criticizing them, and the publicity created only highlights the abuses and crimes that the cops were trying to keep from being exposed in the first place.



That’s essentially what happened here in Las Vegas when the LVMPD arrested me and three other members of Nevada Cop Block on blatantly silly graffiti charges for protesting against them murdering people in our community and literally never being held accountable. Their attempt to put us in jail for up to four years for drawing on public sidewalks with chalk along with their outrageous inflation of the (unnecessary) cleanup costs in order to justify those arrests and the higher charges, put public opinion firmly on our side and brought scrutiny to their wasteful spending at a time they were seeking to raise taxes in order to pad their already inflated budget.

In Adam’s case, once you look into the particulars, the charges they finally settled on to attack him with are even more precarious and unfounded. He’s been charged with Second Degree Reckless Endangerment and Reckless Endangerment of Property after a drone he was using to film New York State Capitol Building in Albany crashed into a chimney and landed on the roof of that building.

Below are the legal definitions of those crimes:

A person is guilty of reckless endangerment in the second degree when he recklessly engages in conduct which creates a substantial risk of serious physical injury to another person. Reckless endangerment in the second degree is a class A misdemeanor.

Reckless Endangerment of Property:
A person is guilty of reckless endangerment of property when he recklessly engages in conduct which creates a substantial risk of damage to the property of another person in an amount exceeding two hundred fifty dollars. Reckless endangerment of property is a class B misdemeanor.

There are several aspects of those laws that have to be proven in order to sustain a conviction on those charges. The first hurdle to get over is proving that Adam acted recklessly. That’s by far the easiest to do, because that’s largely an opinion-based conclusion. The second requirement is where things start to get a bit more difficult, though.

In the case of the Second Degree Reckless Endangerment charge, that requires proving that his actions would have caused “serious physical injury” or death to another person. Serious physical injury means physical injury that “causes serious or permanent disfigurement, serious impairment of health or loss or protracted impairment of the function of any bodily organ or limb and that creates a reasonable risk of death.”

The term “serious physical injury” is defined under 42 USCS § 247d-6d (10) as an injury that:

  • (A) is life threatening;
  • (B) results in permanent impairment of a body function or permanent damage to a body structure; or
  • (C) necessitates medical or surgical intervention to preclude permanent impairment of a body function or permanent damage to a body structure.
Adam's Stolen Drone

Adam’s Stolen Drone

It requires a huge stretch of the imagination to believe that Adam’s little two pound drone would actually pose a real threat to harm anyone in such a serious and potentially permanent way.

However, it’s the “substantial risk” aspect of both laws that should blow the wheels off of this glorified witch hunt against Adam. Substantial risk means a strong possibility, as contrasted with a remote or even a significant possibility, that a certain result may occur or that a certain circumstance may exist. It is risk of such a nature and degree that to disregard it constitutes a gross deviation from the standard of care that a reasonable person would exercise in such a situation.

In other words:

A substantial risk of serious harm means that the risk was so great that it was almost certain to materialize if nothing was done. [Miller v. Fisher, 2010 U.S. App. LEXIS 12932 (7th Cir. Ill. June 23, 2010)]

The idea that Adam’s drone would have caused injuries that would result in permanent disfigurement or physical disabilities had someone not prevented it is a silly claim on the face of it. Furthermore, the fact that no-one prevented him from flying a drone to avoid these imminent and unavoidable injuries in the past, along with the reality that those injuries in fact didn’t happen, proves that it’s nonsense. Even the reckless endangerment of property charge can’t be supported based on that, because the drone was stolen from Adam after it had crashed and it didn’t do $250 worth of damage to anyone’s property (or permanently disfigure anyone, either).

Drone SafetyFurthermore, the police themselves have actually shown that drones don’t create a substantial risk of harm. As Ademo already pointed out in an earlier post, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department has already crashed a drone into one of the Bearcats that their SWAT team was in the process of posing around to assure people that they were prepared to serve and protect the shit out of them. That’s not the whole story, though. The MCSD actually crashed that drone a second time, plunging it into a lake in 2014. That time it was for keeps and the drone was destroyed. However, instead of abandoning the use of drones due to the substantial risk they represented, they went right out and bought another one.

In fact, the idea that the tiny (compared to the 7 foot, 50 pound version the Montgomery Sheriff’s Office crashed) drone that Adam was using represents a substantial risk of harm is laughable. Nobody was injured in either of the crashes by the Montgomery County SWAT team’s drone or at least six other documented crashes by police department drones. As a matter of fact, the FAA has compiled a list of 104 (as of Oct. 2014) drone crashes since 2010. Not one single injury has been reported as a result.

This is a silly retaliatory bully tactic that can and in all likelihood will be exposed for exactly what it is. It’s nothing more than a convenient opportunity to try intimidate and retaliate against Adam and to send a message to anyone else that might think about standing up to the thugs employed by the Albany Police and other nearby police departments.


Let the Albany Police Know What You Think of Their Actions Against Adam Rupeka!

Albany Police Facebook Page

Ronald Pierone is the Albany Police Department Investigator responsible for bringing these charges against Adam.

Ronald Pierone’s Contact Information:
518-858-9641 (Cell)
518-473-2967 (Office)
[email protected] (Email)

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