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Video: Arkansas Police Beat Fifteen Year Old Who is Clearly Not Resisting Over Marijuana Pipe

Police Brutality Teen Farmington Arkansas

Two cops in Farmington, Arkansas assaulted a fifteen year old boy for the dangerous crime of having a dirty pipe in his pocket.

Note: This post and the video included with it was shared with Nevada Cop Block via reader submission. If you have videos, stories, upcoming events/protests, or personal interactions with the police (and/or “justice” system) that you would like to share, send them to us and we will do everything we can to bring it to the attention of the world. In addition, you can visit the Nevada Cop Block resources section for information and links to the rights of citizens when dealing with police, during which you should always be filming.

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In the video, the teen is clearly not resisting and based on his size and the fact that the two cops are each much bigger wouldn’t be much of a threat even if he intended to resist. Whether they were angry because he was initially reluctant to admit he had a pipe on him or they are just bullies that like to beat up on children, what this video shows amounts to child abuse. Abuse that anyone else not wearing one of those Magic Uniforms, including that teen’s own parents, would likely get arrested for.

Farmington Cops Use Excessive Force on Teenager in Kum ‘n’ Go

In a world where we encounter daily posts of videos showing excessive force by the police, here comes yet another example of police brutality. On December 31, 2017 the Farmington Police Department out of Farmington Arkansas arrested a 15 year male juvenile at a Kum ‘n’ Go. Initially detained under the suspicion of having a weed pipe in his pocket the encounter took a sudden violent turn.

The young man was in the bathroom of the popular convenience store, with his friend, when two police officers entered the bathroom and asked the young man what was in his pocket. Initially not wanting to admit that he had the pipe, the young man then admitted that it was a weed pipe to the law enforcement officers. When he went to pull the pipe out the police officers brutally threw the child against the wall and broke out his front tooth, all the while the kid is screaming in pain and declaring he isn’t resisting arrest. The officers continue to twist his arms and kneel on his back, even more brutally when the child loses his temper and calls them names after his tooth is knocked out and he is spouting blood everywhere.

Speaking for myself, I am horrified and disgusted at this behavior from law enforcement. These two cops, who are clearly larger and far stronger than the 5’7” , 125 LB., 15 year old obviously did not feel a threat of danger while they left another unattended teenager to film them. The boy continually cries out that he isn’t resisting. When he loses his temper, letting out a barrage of curses at the bully cop who just slammed his face into a wall, breaking his front tooth out; the officer elbows his face and twists the kid’s arms all he way up his back in what is clearly excessive and unnecessary force and revenge.

In a community that is usually a small and fairly quiet community the police forces seem to like to ignore rising gang problems and focus their attention on teens smoking weed, treating them like potential violent offenders? These officers were clearly NOT in danger, felt no threat of being in danger and had no cause to exert the amount of force they used on this child, which left medical damage to not only his face, but left a myriad of muscle damage to his back and shoulders.

For more on this story more commentary on Farmington as a deeper look at everything involved in this ongoing case please stay tuned, I will be writing a complete commentary and situation review. Be careful Farmington and Fayetteville residents! All around you gangs, like Gangster Disciples are growing bigger? Shootings in Farmington? Yes there are! Gangs of teenagers breaking into apartments and houses and jumping your kids? Yes, this is happening right down the road, but you aren’t hearing about it because it’s juveniles doing the offending! Yes this IS happening and you aren’t being told. Instead of dealing with the rising the gang problem, even when occurrences are being reported right away, you’ve got the quickly notorious Farmington Police Department beating up kids in their favorite spot, Kum ‘n’ Go.

I say let’s put an end to this abuse of power: email me all your stories, tell me everything; I’m airing it all!

Email me at [email protected]

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Tommy Got His Phone Back…And Proof He Was Falsely Arrested (Update)

Michael Burns, of CopBlock Central Florida, submitted this post, via the Cop Block submissions page. This consists of an update on the arrest of Tommy Jackson, supposedly for obstruction but really for filming the police. That arrest was reported previously on CopBlock.org in this post. In addition, a first update was posted here regarding the refusal of the police to return his cell phone with the video he recorded on it.

Mike Burns is probably best known on Cop Block as the guy who wore a “Fuck the Police” shirt in court and won.

Date of Incident: July 2015
Department Involved: Polk County Sheriff’s Office
Department’s Phone No.: (863) 298-6200

Back in Late July, I was called by a long-time subscriber and frequent subject of my personal videos with the Lakeland Police & Polk County Sheriffs. He had attempted to film someone being arrested by the po-lice (sic) and told me an officer had grabbed his arm and forced him to ID himself. He was going to call the supervisor to attempt to have that officer arrested. I gave him the non-emergency number and took about 20 minutes to get to where he was…I have 25 minutes of video from that night that was posted in late July.

banner buy shiny badgesWhen the supervisor showed, rather than watching the video in question they arrested Tommy. First for “misuse of 911,” but then switching it to obstruction when they figured out he did not actually call 911. Tommy sat in jail for 60 days and then took a plead on something (not verified, but I think resisting arrest) to get out of jail.

After getting out of jail and picking up his property. He noticed the property bag had been cut open and his phone was missing. He asked everyone and finally figured out that a deputy had checked it out for evidence.

Well, days passed and he was shuffled from department to department, no one knowing where his phone was. He finally reached out to me and I attempted to call the Polk County Sheriff to get the phone back. I was given the name of someone who had it and was told I would get an email. That never happened…it had been a month now since he has been out…
Finally, I wrote about it…within two days of a story on CopBlock.org asking people to call the department, they tracked him down and got him is phone back!

Strangely, they did not delete the footage and the footage shows Tommy was falsely arrested. He never got “4 feet” away from anyone 15 feet would be liberal. but he immediately backed up when he was asked to. The officer decided to escalate the situation, not Tommy. And if you have seen past videos of Tommy, you know he is usually the one to escalate. (As he did later that night, later in the video.)

Click graphic to like Central Florida CopBlock on FB.

Click graphic to like Central Florida CopBlock on FB.

The deputy still lied to his supervisor about what happened. Tommy did fully comply with being told to back up. The deputy used force to gain ID when Tommy actually correctly articulated that they had no crime to investigate. The Deputy called filming a crime. The Sheriff’s department obviously had the phone and saw the video however nothing has been done to rectify the situation. Tommy spent 60 days in jail over this officer’s misuse of authority and out-right lies about Tommy “obstructing.”

– Michael Burns

The long awaited video…

Update: Polk County Sheriff Refusing to Return Cell Phone with Video of Police Abuse

This post and the video below were submitted by Michael Burns of Central Florida Cop Block, via the CopBlock.org Submissions page. This post is an update of an earlier post Michael had submitted concerning the arrest of a friend of his named Tommy Jackson and the subsequent refusal by the Polk County Sheriff’s Department to return Tommy’s cell phone.

According to Tommy, a video of him being assaulted by the deputies who arrested him was on that cell phone. Michael has requested that people call the Polk County Sheriff’s Office and demand that Tommy’s property be returned. The number is included below.

Date of Incident: Sept. 24th
Department Involved: Polk County Sheriff
Department’s Phone No.: 863-298-6200

Back in Late July, inebriated Tommy was attempting to film police. While he was at a convenience store, the employee told him that Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd’s Nephew was getting arrested. With CopBlock in mind, he went outside to begin recording.

Tommy Arrest Polk County FLAccording to Tommy, he was at a safe distance while recording, but an officer decided to tell him he couldn’t film and to back up. According to the woman Tommy was with and the lady working in the store, Tommy was walking backwards as the cop kept approaching. Witnesses say that the officer attempted to snatch the phone from Tommy’s hand and ended up grabbing his arm and forcing him back to a random spot that made the officer happy.

At this time, the officer went back to what he was doing and Tommy proceeded to call the non-emergency phone number to report that officer for battery. I arrived at the scene about five minutes before the officers decided to arrest Tommy for misusing 911. Once it was confirmed that he called the non-emergency number the officers decided he would still go to jail for obstruction.

There was some passive resistance and Tommy came really close to being tasered, but somehow the night ended with him going to Bartow Jail and not being tased. According to Tommy, he continued to give the officers a hard time on the way to jail and the officers pulled over and beat him. This is unconfirmed, however I’m not putting it past anyone with a badge.

…Fast Forward to Late September…

Click graphic to like Central Florida CopBlock on FB.

Click graphic to like Central Florida CopBlock on FB.

Tommy sat in jail for 60 days waiting for the case to be dismissed and it was. Upon release, his property bag was cut open and the person working in property said the phone had been checked out by the Polk County Sheriff for evidence, even though his charges were dropped. He has tried both calling and going to the station to retrieve his phone to no avail. The phone should have the video of the officer battering Tommy on it and the charges have been dismissed concerning any evidence that was alleged to be on the phone against Tommy. I have personally called and was told I would get an email concerning the whereabouts of the phone, however that never happened.

Please call the Polk County Sheriff’s Office and ask them to release the phone of Tommy Jackson. He will attempt to go back Friday to pick it up. They are not denying they have it, they will just not return it!

The number to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office is 863-298-6200

– Michael Burns

Below is the latest video of Tommy getting arrested.

An Officer Walks Into a Convenience Store…Karma Ensues

On Thursday morning of September 17, 2015, a Philadelphia police officer parked his police bicycle to go into a convenience store.  At around 9 am the officer entered the 7 Eleven located at 23 West Girard Avenue in North Liberties. While inside, a man and women approached the bicycle that was clearly marked as a police bicycle and rode off with it.

The bike that was swiped is a 17 inch Fuji mountain bike.  It has a back saddlebag with Police marked on it.  They are asking that anyone who has information about the bike to call 215-686-TIPS.  I’m sure people will get right on that.

It seems to me that karma has played a part in this as these officers patrol the streets day and night stealing from citizens in the form of citations for victimless crimes.  As a follower of the Non Aggression Principal, I would never steal something from anyone whether they were a cop or not.  I’m also not going to lie and tell my readers that I did not find some joy in hearing about this.

With the way that police seem to be hell-bent on solving any crimes committed against them, I’m quite surprised that they didn’t lock down the neighborhood and do a door to door sweep while kicking in doors and threatening citizens at gun point.  This seems to be the MO of cops these days.  Any other lowly citizen would have reported the theft of their bike and they would have taken a report over the telephone and nothing more would be done to solve the crime.

A fortune-teller told me that it’s in the basement of the Alamo.  Maybe someone should call the TIPS line and tell them that’s where it’s at.  Tell them Large Marge sent ya.