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North Carolina State Trooper Caught on Video Going 100+ MPH Down Wrong Side of Highway

North Carolina State Trooper Reckless Driving

The trooper in the video, who has since been identified as T.J. Williamson, was not only driving on the wrong side of the road, but also reportedly going over one-hundred miles per hour at the time. Typically, the speed limit on rural highways are at least 65 mph. Assuming that the cars driving on that highway are following the legal speed limit, that means Trooper Williamson’s car would be approaching oncoming traffic at 165 mph. (And that’s a pretty conservative estimate.)

Even with his lights and sirens on, someone could have easily not seen him until it was too late at that speed. It’s beyond obvious that Williamson caused much more of a hazard by speeding on the wrong side of the road than any illegal street ever would have.

Via MyFox8.com:

The North Carolina Highway Patrol is investigating a video that shows a trooper going the wrong way on a highway while attempting to stop street racers, WBTV reports. A group of people were blocking traffic to race along U.S. 321 around 4:30 p.m. in Newton Sunday. Troopers said they were creating hazardous conditions for other drivers.

The video, which was shot by Carisa Lynn, has been widely shared on social media. “Just freaked out,” Lynn told WSOC. “It was crazy. It was very dangerous.” Lynn said she believes the trooper put more people at risk by the way he responded to the reported street racing. “Street racing isn’t what you should be doing, but it was more reckless in my opinion of the police officer to be driving the way he was driving, in general, to pull over some people racing,” Lynn said.

As many as 10 BMWs were involved in the street racing bust, WSOC reports. Highway Patrol has impounded five of those vehicles. Multiple people face charges that include prearranged speed racing, careless and reckless driving and impeding traffic.

Once that video became public, Trooper Williamson resigned according to WRAL.com in Raleigh, NC. It’ll probably be at least a couple months before he’s working for some other department.

A North Carolina Highway Patrol trooper has resigned after a video showed him driving the wrong way on a highway as he responded to reports of street racing.

A statement from the patrol on Tuesday said Trooper T.J. Williamson submitted his resignation effective immediately.

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Even the Police Are Saying “F=ck The Police!” At This Point

Earlier this month, a St. Louis Park (Minnesota) police officer was arrested for driving drunk after hitting a parked car outside a bar that she (presumably) had been getting drunk inside.

More surprising than the fact that she was an off-duty cop, had attempted to flee the scene, or even the fact that the cops who caught her actually arrested her was that she chose that moment to display a bit of workplace discontent. She’s also apparently a fan of NWA and was in dire need of a bathroom break.

So yeah, this happened…

Via Fox9.com:

Chaunte Lee Ford, 27, is charged with third-degree DWI, collision with an unattended vehicle, careless driving, and interfering with a peace office for the Aug. 5 incident outside of the NE Palace Bar.

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According to the criminal complaint, an off-duty police officer was walking toward the bar when he heard a loud crash. Multiple patrons standing in front of the bar yelled and waved their arms, saying the car that hit the parked vehicle was driving away. The off-duty officer saw a Toyota Scion driving slowly down Lowry Avenue with the front airbag deployed. The car was also driving on the rim of the right front tire.

When asked if the Scion was her car, Ford began to cry and said that she was a police officer and that she was sorry. As other officers arrived, Ford stood by the trunk of the car, hysterically crying. According to the complaint, she said, “I f—ed up!” several times.

Ford was allegedly “hostile to the officers” and made “obscene gestures and comments toward them.” When asked if she needed an ambulance, Ford yelled, “F— you. I don’t need an ambulance. F— that and f— you.” She also made general anti-police statements such as, “F— the police! I f—ing hate cops and I hate that I’m a cop! All you guys do is harass black people!”

At one point, Ford pulled down her pants, squatted on the ground and urinated. She refused to take a field sobriety test, refused to take a breath test and refused to be handcuffed. Ford eventually took a breath test, which registered a .20 BAC.

BTW, I’m not gonna say she’s wrong in her statements, in fact I think more cops should be honest about the nature of their profession, but #JusSayin that probably wasn’t the time or place to come out with it. Based on the past behavior of the Good Cops who show up and find a Bad Apple drunkenly ramming into things, there’s a pretty decent chance she would have just gotten a ride home and very disappointed look from them and possibly a slightly sore wrist.

New Jersey State Road Pirates Prey on Helpless Drivers to Generate Revenue and Fill Ticket Quotas

The following post was shared with the CopBlock Network anonymously, via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page. The person submitting this describes an experience they had while traveling in New Jersey to attend a work related meeting. Instead of being allowed to complete a productive day of work, they were stopped and extorted by a Road Pirate intent on generating revenue for the state.

They also discuss the negative impact and helpless feelings that an average citizen may often feel after being victimized by these Roadside Buccaneers. In addition, they speculate that it was a concerted effort by these New Jersey State Highwaymen to rob and plunder travelers who are from out of state or who otherwise are perceived as an easy target for Revenue Generation.

Date of Incident: May 31, 2016
Department Involved: New Jersey State Police
Email: Contact Us
Phone Number: (609) 882-2000
Address: Office of the Superintendent, New Jersey State Police, PO Box 7068, West Trenton, NJ 08628

I was pulled over at 6:40am on my way to an out-of-state work meeting for “driving faster” than the officer was. Prior to being pulled over, I was in the express lane on the New Jersey Turnpike and the officer was in the local lane, which is separated with a divider. Initially, I was driving in the middle lane and switched to the left lane to pass a car, before moving back to the center lane.

I am an out-of-state licensed driver and was in a brand new car with New York plates (a rental car provided by work for this one meeting) and may have been perceived as a good potential revenue target. It appears a new tactic for New Jersey Troopers is to follow from different lanes, but I saw him a mile back and was driving at the posted speed limit.

Road PiratesAs background, there are a lot of cars on the highway at this hour. Along the whole Turnpike, from Newark all the way thru Philadelphia, you could see the entire New Jersey State Police was out in full force ticketing people – I personally saw at least 25 pull-overs from troopers before and after my own ticket. My ticket is not for a speeding ticket – it is for careless driving – because there is no real record of how fast I was going.

I am writing this post because I feel powerless. The system is stacked against you and from what information I can find online and anecdotally, it seems there is no real way to fight this, it is a pure revenue generator for the state. My options are to pay the fine, but in doing so I am admitting guilt for “careless driving,” which in principle I find to be a hard pill to swallow, or to go to court to plead to a lower misdemeanor of “unsafe driving.” This carries zero points, but has a higher fine associated with it, which is also untrue, unless I pay for an attorney who may have connections or insight to get this ticket thrown out.

Incidentally, within two days of the ticket, I received ten spam letters from New Jersey traffic attorneys in my home state. This seems appalling to me, as well. There is no potential positive outcome for me, nor any potential avenue for vindication or justice. I know this is not a major offense or grievance compared to what others may have seen.  However, as a law-abiding citizen who has a great respect for our country and the law, this experience has been jarring given the sense of helplessness it has created.

Those troopers are supposed to protect our roads, but instead are incentivized to make taxpaying drivers into additional revenue generators for the state and THERE IS NOTHING ANYONE CAN DO to fix the system.

– Thank you to the CopBlock Network for providing a means to share this experience.

St. Joseph (MO) Police Dept Officer Arrested for 2012 DWI; Hit-and-Run Still With Department in 2017

Update (Jan. 12, 2017): Officer Hailey was not fired as a result of his drunken hit and run, which he pled guilty to. He is still on the payroll of the St. Joseph Police Department and was even featured on their Facebook page as late as November of 2016.

He was given probation for that DWI charge (but apparently not even charged for the hit and run), and the SJPD has kept any departmental punishment he may have (but probably not really) received as a result of a “brief investigation” by the department’s Professional Standards officials private as a “personnel matter,” which is protected by law.

The following post was shared with the CopBlock Network anonymously, via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page.

The submitter writes:

“SJPD Officer Shannon Hailey was arrested [yesterday] morning after admitting he was driving under the influence of prescription sleep medication. This is dangerous stuff! All of this after only a little over a year ago when a female officer was charged for DWI after another hit-and-run accident.

The accident occurred on a Monday morning in an area where children typically walk to school. When will these officers learn that they are not above the law and the same laws they enforce apply to them? Hailey’s sister is about a 7-8 year veteran of the department.”

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As reported by StJoeChannel.com:

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) A St. Joseph Police officer is in custody following a morning accident on Monday.

Police officers arrested Officer Shannon Hailey after receiving a call about a Jeep Wrangler driving erratically on Ashland Ave., following a hit and run.

The caller advised police Hailey hit a tree near Ashland Ave. and Gene Field Road before driving off.

According to a news release, officers met up with Hailey, who was off-duty at the time, in the 4300 block of Miller Road.

Hailey appeared to be confused and disoriented, stating he had taken a prescription medication. His blood alcohol level was .000% at the time.

Hailey was arrested for driving under the influence of an intoxicant: prescription sleep medication.

He was charged under municipal violations of DWI, Careless Driving, and leaving the scene of an accident. He has also been placed on administrative assignment pending review of the incident.

Hailey has been with the agency for 20 months.