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LVMPD Caught on Body Camera Admitting They Arrested Man For Singing F*ck The Police

Last Month, police officers from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department arrested a local activist named Jason Nellis, who has also contributed several posts to the CopBlock Network. In doing so, they used the excuse that he had jaywalked as they were arresting a wheelchair-bound woman on Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas.

However, in the body camera video released by his lawyer, Stephen Stubbs, it’s very clear that they actually arrested him because they didn’t like that he was singing NWA’s song,”Fuck Tha Police” along with some street performers who were across the street, well away from the police. This is, of course, very much covered by the free speech protections within the First Amendment to the US Constitution and has been ruled as such many times.

As is common in downtown Las Vegas, they used jaywalking as an excuse to arrest him. Even that very shallow and see through aspect of the arrest is entirely invalid, though. In fact, the video shows that the police were blocking the crosswalk which made it impossible to cross the street without either “jaywalking” or actually interfering with the police that were arresting the disabled woman. The reality is that, as they themselves stated quite plainly in the video, the jaywalking charge was nothing more than a convenient excuse to illegally arrest a person they consider an “agitator” and “clear out downtown.” (They have even used that excuse to detain me once, which makes this the third time cops in Downtown Las Vegas have been featured for that same bogus reason on the Cop Block Network.)

The public relations wing of the LVMPD likes to make grand claims that they have made great strides to eliminate the rampant misconduct that they were widely and very correctly criticized for in recent years. Obviously, videos like this continue to show what an absolute and embarrassing joke that notion is. Nobody actually watching the LVMPD and its gang of hooligans is in the least bit fooled by superficial PR campaigns when the same behavior that created that lack of trust and respect among Las Vegas residents is not just allowed, but even condoned in practice.

What people see is what they remember and what actually defines you. And when police are willing to laugh and boast about it on camera everyone knows it’s not just a Few Bad Apples involved.

Take Action:

Jason Nellis will be in court for a hearing to present evidence that this illegal arrest violated his First Amendment rights this morning, October 27th at 9:30am PST/12:30pm EST. The hearing will take place in Judge Kerns courtroom located on the sixth floor of the Regoinal (In)Justice Center. If you’re in Las Vegas you should attend that hearing as a visible show of support for Jason and, as well as to send a message that Las Vegas residents are tired of the constant misconduct and abuses by the LVMPD. You can find additional information about the hearing on this Facebook event page that has been set up.

If for some reason you can’t attend or you’re not in Las Vegas, you can also contact the LVMPD and let them know you are paying attention and that you don’t appreciate the police in Las Vegas arbitrarily violating citizens’ Constitutional rights. I’m sure the Las Vegas Tourism Board might also like to know what sort of impression the officers working for the LVMPD are giving to people outside the city and what impact that is having on whether you visit Vegas.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
400 S. Martin L. King Boulevard
Las Vegas, Nevada  89106

Main Headquarters:
[email protected]
Local Phone No.:  (702) 828-3111
Toll-Free Number: 1-800-492-6565
Facebook Page: LVMPD on FB
Twitter Profile: @LVMPD
YouTube Channel:
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police

Downtown Area Command:
621 North 9th Street
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101
Phone: (702) 828-4348 or (702) 828-4349
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Page: LVMPD DTAC
Twitter Profile: @LVMPDDTAC

Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority
3150 Paradise Road
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Email: [email protected]
Local Phone Number: 702-892-0711
Toll-Free Number: 877-847-4858
Facebook Page: Visit Las Vegas
Twitter Profile: @Vegas Youtube Channel: Visit Las Vegas

Arrested For Exercising Free Speech in Las Vegas

Video Shows Portland Police Officer Punch Man Strapped to Ambulance Stretcher

The video included within this post was recorded by Mike BlueHair of Film The Police (FTP) Portland and uploaded to his Youtube channel. (If you have a video and/or story you would like to share with the CopBlock Network, you can do so via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page.)

It shows an incident that took place last week (April 2nd), involving an assault on an unidentified man who was already strapped down to a stretcher and immobilized by paramedics. The Portland policeman who committed that assault is identified within the video and the description on Youtube as Officer Honnel.

Prior to that, the video begins with Mike patrolling the streets of Portland and filming the police working there, as he typically does fairly often. Although it isn’t shown in the video, Mike first encounters the man who would later be assaulted by Officer Honnel during the aftermath of a street fight in which he’s been knocked out by another (also unidentified) person. That person is seen being arrested for assault by a group of officers.

For the vast majority of the video, nothing untoward happens. Mike actually leaves and films the police having an unrelated interaction with someone he identifies as a homeless woman and then returns to the original subject once the ambulance arrives. That’s when things start to go wrong.

The man who had been knocked out has been revived, but he’s angry and seems to be confused about why they are taking him to the hospital. In spite of that and some verbal threats by the man, the police don’t have much trouble forcing him onto the stretcher and then strapping him down to it, even though he struggles with them.

Cop-Beats-victim-strapped-to-medical-StretcherAt that point, he’s restrained at four points by those straps and clearly not able to do much in the way of physically resisting. Soon after that, they also place a “spit mask” over his face and then the paramedics inject him with what is described as a “chemical restraint,” which I assume is the fancy name for a sedative.

Apparently (the view of his upper body is blocked by the paramedics and police surrounding him), the man then bit the finger of one of the paramedics. Presumably in response to that, Officer Honnel then walked over to the man restrained on the stretcher and began repeatedly punching him in the face until he was pushed away by paramedics and other officers.

Below is the description included with the video on Youtube by Mike BlueHair:

Last night, we filmed a guy that was knocked out during a street fight. Later, the crime victim snapped out of his daze and struggled with police. The cops and AMR workers put a spit hood over his face and shot him up with drugs! A few moments later, Officer Honnel pounded him about the face and mouth, causing him to bleed from the mouth through the spit hood! You can clearly see in the video an EMT worker trying to block Honnel’s punches. You can also see another officer tug at Honnal’s body armor attempting pull him away from further beating the restrained helpless victim!

film the policeWithin the video, Mike also shows before and after pictures of the assault victim to illustrate the fact that his mouth wasn’t bleeding prior to Honnel’s attack. However, afterwards blood can clearly be seen on his face and on the spit mask covering it.

Obviously, some people will make the ridiculous claim that Officer Honnel is a Good Cop who was forced to beat a restrained and defenseless man because he bit a paramedic. The simple fact though is that it’s not the cops’ job to physically retaliate against someone for those sort of transgressions. While it’s certainly not acceptable to bite someone, once your body is restrained, your ability to inflict such an attack on someone is extremely limited and rather easy to avoid once that intent is recognized.

The obviousness of that lack of any sort of ongoing threat and of just how wrong Honnel’s actions were is shown by the fact that the paramedic who was bitten actually tries to block the punches being thrown by him. In addition, other police officers push him away to stop his attack. Perhaps they realize that Mike is there filming the entire episode and it will soon end up on Youtube or simply understand that the proper way to deal with the situation would be to file charges of assault against the restrained man rather than assaulting him them self. (Not that this is the only time cops have been caught on video beating a man restrained on a stretcher.)

Regardless of which of those is the case, Mike has reported that the Portland International Raceway (where the incident took place) has received fourteen complaints since his video was posted and that they and the Portland Police Department Internal Affairs are reviewing the video. He has promised to share any updates he receives and any such updates will be shared here as well. (I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for Internal Affairs to hold Honnel accountable for his actions, though.)

If you’d like to join those who have already voiced their displeasure with the actions of Officer Honnel, you can also contact the Portland International Raceway and Portland Police Bureau and let them know what you think about his efforts to protect and serve the assault victim.

Portland Police Bureau Complaints:


Portland International Raceway Contacts:

Update: Florida Cop Who Harassed and Assaulted Disabled Veteran Now Facing Charges

It was announced earlier today that the Sgt. Garry Wilson, of the Riviera Beach Police Department, has been charged with battery and criminal mischief, resulting from a confrontation he had with Isiah James over whether he should be using a handicapped parking space. (See video embedded below.)

In the incident, which James recorded on his cell phone, Wilson can be seen insisting that James should not be using the handicapped parking space, because he doesn’t believe he is disabled enough. Wilson bases that on the fact that James was able to walk into the store and back.

In spite of James explaining to him that he his mobility is limited to short distances due to the effects of an IED explosion in the Middle East, Wilson continues arguing that he isn’t sufficiently disabled to use the space. He does so in a very insulting and harassing manner. In addition, at one point he slaps the phone out of James’ hand to try and prevent him from filming the encounter. In the video, James states that he broke his phone in the process.

Via the Palm Beach Post:

Sgt. Garry Wilson Charged VeteranSgt. Garry Wilson, a 20-year member of the department, will be arraigned on Dec. 2 on battery and criminal mischief charges. Both charges are misdemeanors.

Wilson was placed on administrative leave Aug. 11 after he was caught on film knocking a smartphone out of Isiah James’ hands during an argument over a handicap parking space outside at the Walgreens store at Broadway and Blue Heron Boulevard.

James captured the dispute on his cellphone. Wilson can be heard berating James, saying he has no right to park his vehicle in the handicapped space and that he isn’t disabled. Ultimately, Wilson grew so upset that he knocked the phone out of James’ hands, damaging it.

James posted the video on Facebook and it quickly went viral.

James served three tours with the Army in Afghanistan and Iraq between 2006 and 2011. He sustained a traumatic brain injury and wears braces on both of his legs.

Based on the legal definition of criminal mischief in Florida, it appears both charges are related to Sgt. Wilson slapping the phone out of James’ hand.

Shorter/Edited Video


Full, Unedited Video

Call Flood Request: Drop Bogus Trespassing Charge by Butthurt Lakeland Officer

Michael Burns, of CopBlock Central Florida, submitted this post, via the Cop Block submissions page. This consists of an update on his arrest, supposedly for trespassing, the charges for which were not filed until months after the incident from which they originated. That arrest was reported previously on CopBlock.org in this post by Ademo. In addition, a first update including his initial court appearance was posted here on August 27th, shortly after the incident happened.

Mike Burns is probably best known on Cop Block as the guy who wore a “Fuck the Police” shirt in court and won.

Date of Upcoming Trial: November 17, 2015
Department Involved: Lakeland Police Department (Florida)
Officer Involved: Officer Aaron Peterman
Department Phone Number: (863) 834-6900

This is going back to a video I posted in April of 30 officers clearing a lot, which somehow ended in no arrest…Fast forward three months to July 27th and I am being arrested at my house for missing court on a trespassing arrest I never knew I had received. It wasn’t until I was at the Polk County Sheriff Station midway to the Bartow Booking facility where I was briefly shown a copy of a police report and realized I had been arrested over a video. After spending 23 hours between three facilities in custody, I returned to what I thought was the parking lot which the video referred to. At this point I had still never been told I was permanently trespassed from the property. So I went to speak with the security officer just to confirm my suspicion that he had never spoken with police that night.

peterman-underbiteI still had not read the police report at this point… I had to wait 30 hours after getting out of jail before I could do a public record request with the Lakeland Police to figure out one butthurt Officer Aaron Peterman watched a video 18 days after the fact and decided to go back and file a report for trespassing, citing my making fun of him in the video as his evidence.

I had only spoken with Peterman briefly. I had already spoken to the private security officer and two other Lakeland police officers at that point. Both told me I was good to be there doing what I do. There were about 30 officers total that night, 29 of which had no problems with me being there. The problem was 200 intoxicated people leaving a club at once.

In the full length videos from April I can be heard instructing the girl I was filming with to stay back from the crowd and other tips that would usually count as interfering with police. The officer however only pointed out the minute and second of each time I made fun of his lack of order.

During the brief encounter I had with Officer Peterman, he informed me that security wanted everyone out. This was a lie. Possibly security of the club wanted everyone out but not security of the parking lot. That old man didn’t care about anything.. obvious from my video.

Another great place on the internet to show your CopBlock love.

Another great place on the internet to show your CopBlock love.

Peterman will lie in his police report saying the corporation that owned the parking lot gave them authorization to trespass people that were not patronizing a business or loitering, but I was able to gain a copy of the authorization form and it only cites their authorization to trespass for threats to public safety and welfare, neither of which my being there filming fell under. This property while owned by a private corporation “Nickanna Corp” rents spaces to the City of Lakeland on the property in question, including the court house I must go to to defend myself from these charges.

The full length videos from that night show a man hitting a woman. Officer Peterman not only doesn’t arrest him, he walks the still-yelling man and woman to their car to send them off. When he first approaches me and tells me about their trespassing powers, he starts to tell me to “go out there and film.” I ask if I can film them getting the people out and he confirms “as long as you are moving with us”. I don’t know exactly how to take that, but I know in my years of filming the police and dealing with the word “trespassing” my brief encounter with Officer Peterman was not in any way a direct order to leave under the threat of arrest.

Every few minutes in the video I pointed out Peterman and made fun of the fact that he had given me a half-ass non-order and I joked about having to stay away from him. Peterman misquotes my jokes as me seriously wanting to stay away from him. Yet minus an invisibility cloak, I followed him (and 20+ other officers) through the parking lot as they broke up fights and sent people home. The only thing I was worried about is that Peterman would actually give me a direct order to leave. He hadn’t successfully done that yet…he still hasn’t.

Knowing I live in Lakeland, they had the court summons sent to Avon Park and waited…I returned to the parking lot in question filming for the following four weekeneds. Many LPD saw me there filming in the following weeks, but no one told me I had been trespassed, I had an upcoming court date, or I missed my court date…I had to hear about it while being arrested for missing my court date…Funny how they knew right where to find me when that happened.

I know I can win this in court with the video evidence, but I also know the court may find ways to keep it out. I would ask people call both the Lakeland Police Department at 863-834-6900 and the Prosecutor’s office at 863-802-6240 and let them know how you feel about the arrest! It seems punitive and a waste of tax-payer money to me.

– Michael Burns

First Person Account and Video of the Arrests of Ademo Freeman and Brian Sumner

Below are first person accounts of the arrests and the initial court appearance for Ademo Freeman and Brian Sumner. Included below that are the videos of that arrest. See here for the Call Flood Request.

Monday: Chalking Again

After the arrest in Kansas,  Ademo and Brian decided to avoid any further disruptions to the Mobile Accountability for Cops (M.A.C.) tour by dealing with the warrant issue in Indiana and turning themselves in now. They met up with a local Cop Blocker in Indianapolis and proceeded to gather up supplies and head to Noblesville. At approx. 8:30pm on October 26th, a group of five cop blockers ( including the M.A.C. team) headed over to the Noblesville police station to draw the attention of the local police force by chalking the same place that resulted in the original warrant.

After roughly 20 minutes of chalking and filming, the first signs of police presence were seen. One cop came running out of the entrance to the government offices with a second officer also running around the corner (obviously prepped to bring the ultra violence). Mere moments later, two police cruisers rolled up and more cops where beginning to surround Ademo and Brian.

ChalkingThey began questioning the two about who they were and what they were doing, promptly arresting Ademo and seemed almost hesitant to arrest Brian, but ended up doing it anyway. During the arrests, the cops tried desperately to justify themselves and their actions, but could barely hold up against the backlash from Ademo and Brian.

One of the elder cops called out a question of who wanted to take Ademo to jail and one officer literally jumped and skipped at the chance. It was a shameful display. Ademo was the first to be taken across the street and placed in a local pd SUV, Brian wasn’t too far behind. He was taken to a different SUV, but this was a K-9 unit and Brian vocally protested having to ride in that vehicle with the dog. So the officers were just kind enough to put him in a different cruiser.

Free SpeechAfter the M.A.C. crew was taken away, the remaining three cop blockers stayed and talked to the police and filmed them attempting to look professional while putting sidewalk chalk into evidence bags and photographing the sidewalk art. Eventually the police got firemen from the attached fire house to grab a garden hose and start washing off the chalk (which came right off) until they got tired of us filming and told them to just stop. This resulted in some of the officers and firefighters (chalk washers?) questioning why they were just going to leave it.

Tuesday: Initial Hearing

One of the cop blockers from the night before attempted to file a request to record the court hearing and was denied based on some supreme court ruling saying you cant record shit in Indiana for reasons. Regardless, at 1:15pm, the hearing was getting underway and the M.A.C. team were last to go up on the monitor connected to the local metal rape cage facility. The hearing was really nothing more than to declare bond amounts and ask the defendants if they wanted a lawyer and if they understood their charges.

While the judge was 100% set on not deviating from that purpose, Ademo put on a beautiful display of protest against the charges, the court, and the judge. Brian also questioned the entire farce with some of the best lines of the year (will be heard in upcoming audio recording purchased from the court ). The hearing for them ended without much fanfare and away they went to continue being kept separated and in different “pods.”

There’s been no word as of yet on whether Ademo has talked to anyone, but Brian did get a phone call out to his girlfriend and said he was OK and everything was alright. Their next pre-trial hearing is set for Dec. 8th at 9am. There will be an ALL HANDS ON DECK open carry chalking protest event held that very morning starting at 7am at the police station, court house, and well, the entire town. Then there is another hearing set for January 14th at 1:30pm. Other protests throughout the country are being planned.

 Raw video via the CopBlock Network on Facebook:

Raw (unedited) video of Ademo and Brian David Sumner going to the Noblesville Police Department headquarters to “turn…

Posted by CopBlock Network on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Second Raw (unedited) video of Ademo and Brian David Sumner going to the Noblesville Police Department headquarters to “…

Posted by CopBlock Network on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Call Flood Request for Ademo Freeman and Brian Sumner in Noblesville, IN

Update: Brian Sumner has been switched to a different prosecutor.

The new prosecutor is:

  • Brian Patrick Johnson
  • Hamilton County Prosecutor
  • (317) 776-8595
  • Case Number: 29D05-1510-CM-008800

Ademo (Adam Mueller) still has the original prosecutor:

  • James Baldwin
  • Hamilton County Prosecutor
  • (317) 776-8595
  • Case Number: 29D05-1510-CM-008801

Background/Call Flood Request

As you’ve undoubtedly heard by now, Ademo Freeman and Brian Sumner were arrested Monday in Noblesville, Indiana on outstanding warrants that had been issued as a result of a chalk protest they conducted there last month. Prior to that, they had been taking part in the Mobile Accountability for Cops Tour in order to bring attention to issues concerning the lack of accountability for police and to connect with various Cop Block chapters across the country. The chalk protest in Noblesville was part of the first stop on that tour.

During the stop in Kansas City, Ademo was arrested for a “criminal mischief” warrant that was originally stated to be a felony, but in reality was a misdemeanor. This warrant stemmed from the protest in Noblesville and, apparently, based on the use of “liquid chalk,” which like any other sidewalk chalk is also completely washable and easily removed with nothing but water. It was shortly after revealed that Brian also had a warrant for the same charge.

Free Ademo Free BrianAdemo and Brian have asked that people contact the officials in Noblesville that have decided to attempt to prosecute peaceful protesters for something that has already been ruled legal and constitutionally protected under the First Amendment as Free Speech several times in the past.

Sidewalk chalk, as the name would obviously indicate, is a common product designed, marketed, and used on a regular basis to draw on sidewalks. It’s an incredible rarity for anyone to be arrested or even cited for doing so on public property, which sidewalks unarguably are. Almost exclusively, those few arrests have been the result of chalk being used as part of a protest and, once again almost exclusively, those cases have been thrown out or defeated in court. It amounts to nothing short of intimidation and a retaliatory act.

Please contact James Baldwin, the prsecutor in their case or if you are in the area (and you really want to let them know you disapprove), visit the Noblesville Police Department and exercise your first amendment right with some chalk. Let them know that they shouldn’t trying to intimidate and retaliate against citizens for exercising their constitutional rights to protest against government abuses and injustices.

Brian and Ademo’s case number: 29D05-1510-CM-008801

Pre-trial: December 8th at 9am

Omnibus hearing: January 14th 1:30pm

James Baldwin: (317) 776-8595

There will be a chalking protest event held the morning of December 8th (the day of their next court date) starting at 7am at the police station, court house, and well the entire town.

Noblesville Police Department:

Hamilton County Jail:

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office:

City of Noblesville:

John Ditslear, Mayor of Noblesville:

Hamilton County, Indiana:

County Commission:

Dan Stevens Assistant to the Commissioners:

  • Phone – (317) 776-9719
  • EmailEmail

Liquid ChalkIt’s an indisputable fact that sidewalk chalk (liquid or otherwise) causes no material damage and can easily be cleaned with a regular garden hose or typical water bucket. Like in previous cases, the charges filed against Ademo and Brian were filed simply because the police and other authorities in Noblesville don’t like the fact that the messages being written criticized them and exposed the crimes that they are not held accountable for.

Those messages could easily be cleaned up, even though the only real reason to have to do so is to try and hide what they say from those the police claim to “Serve and Protect.” However, the shame of the injustice and lies that the messages brought attention to cannot so easily be erased.

#BlueLiesMatter and the #ThinBlueLies kill on both sides of that line.

Update: Videos of Protester Tased and Arrested at Sam Dubose March in Cincinnati

 Arrests in Cincinnati OH

As previously reported several people, including but not necessarily limited to Talis Gage, Benjamin Virnston, Jordan Freshour and Daniel Joseph, were arrested last night during a march in protest of the murder of Sam Dubose and other instances of Police brutality in Cincinnati. In addition, one protester who was arrested was tased prior to being arrested. Currently, I don’t know the identity of that individual or if he was one of the four arrestees previously mentioned.

Arrests in Cincinnati OhioSince the first post about the arrests, they have been bailed out by Micah David Naziri and are no longer being held. Several videos have also been posted of the arrests, which have been included below. The video at the top was recorded by Ademo and Brian Sumner, who were in attendance for the launch of the Mobile Accountability for Cops (MAC) Tour.

It’s not exactly clear from the videos what the rationalization for the tasing that can be seen on those videos was. It’s been said that it was a response to flipping off the cop, but all you can really see is that cop singling him out, chasing him briefly, and then using the taser on him. What is pretty clear in the video is that the person being assaulted with the taser is not at any point representing any sort of threat to the officer who is attacking him.

We’ll add more updates as information becomes available…

Click Banner to learn more about filming the police

Click Banner to learn more about filming the police

Breaking: Call Flood for Peaceful Protesters Arrested in Cincinnati

Call Flood in Cincinnati OhioDetails are a little light right now, but apparently as many as six people have just been arrested in Cincinnati, OH after an incident in which a police officer illegally used a taser on a protester who flipped him off during a #BlackLivesMatter/Sam Dubose protest. Among those arrested were  Jordan Freshour, Benjamin Virnston, and Talis Gage Cop Blockers from Ohio. I’ve been told that there were at least three other also arrested, but I don’t currently have names of anyone else. Micah David Naziri, another Cop Blocker who is also involved with Counter Current News, also stated that the police were following him and trying to coerce him into turning over footage of the incidents and arrests that he had recorded. Included below is a video from Chris Harrison, who was also present and witnessed the taser incident.

The Number to call is: (513) 946-6100 ext. 3

Click Banner to learn more about filming the police

Click Banner to learn more about filming the police


Las Vegas Marshals Block Handicap Space; Make It Very Clear They Don’t Care About Disabled

LV Deputy Marshal Marcus DiazThis video and the description included in this post were submitted by members of Nevada Cop Block, who regularly attend Food Not Bombs Las Vegas Picnics to counteract and document the harassment that people participating in the twice weekly events often face from the employees of the Deputy City Marshals of Las Vegas and other Law Enforcement Departments, such as the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Las Vegas Police have a long history of targeting homeless people, as well as those who attempt to aid them through non-government methods, such as Mutual Aid. In fact, in 2006 Las Vegas was one of the first cities in the country to make it illegal to share food with hungry people and several members of Food Not Bombs Las Vegas were either cited or arrested, as a result.

Las Vegas Deputy Marshal Marcus DiazThe ban on sharing food with hungry people was overturned fairly quickly, in large part because the law stated that people could not share food in public with “someone who appeared to qualify for government assistance” (I.E. people that look like they might actually need food). However, harassment toward homeless and impoverished people within the Las Vegas area continued in different ways and is still a very common occurrence today, both inside and outside of the local public parks.

As you can see in the video above, the Las Vegas Deputy City Marshals don’t even bother to hide their arrogance, hypocrisy, and disdain for the citizens of Las Vegas. Make sure you don’t forget to contact those within the Las Vegas City Government to let them know what you think of these marshals parking illegally blocking the handicapped parking space in a public park and then saying that that’s just “how it goes” if a disabled person comes along and needs to park.


During a weekly Food Not Bombs picnic, Marshals working for the City of Las Vegas were observed being too lazy to spend an extra five seconds parking in an actual parking space at Huntridge Circle Park in Downtown Las Vegas. So, instead they double parked the wrong direction blocking access to the handicapped parking space in the process, even though there were six other spaces open at the time. (Something they would give anyone else a very expensive ticket for and that is a very legitimate issue in terms of the handicapped access area.)

When it was pointed out that they were not only parked illegally but were blocking the handicapped parking space, Deputy Marshal Marcus Diaz (driving vehicle number 3908) said, “I know, thanks.”

Later, Deputy Marshal Diaz stated, “that’s how it goes,” when asked what handicapped people were supposed to do if they came to the park and the space designated for them to park was blocked.

Vegas Deputy Marshal Marcus DiazThe other Las Vegas Marshal claimed he was there responding to a call about us being in danger and needed to park blocking the handicapped space in case he had to come rushing to our rescue. The fact that he never contacted us or said anything to us prior to us confronting him about their illegal and immoral parking proves that was a (bad) lie.

He also tried to claim that they weren’t obstructing the handicapped parking area, which as you can see in the video is an even worse lie.


Date of Incident:July 27, 2015 – Approximately 12:42 PM
Location of Incident: “Huntridge Circle Park in Downtown Las Vegas
Department Involved: City of Las Vegas Deputy Marshals’ Office
Officers Involved: Deputy Marshal Marcus Diaz and one unidentified Deputy Marshal, who was driving vehicle #3885 at the time.

Contact Info:

Las-Vegas-Marshals-Illegally-Park-and-Block-Handicapped-Space-at-Circle-ParkDeputy City Marshals

Website: http://old.lasvegasnevada.gov//information/4170.htm
Address: 3300 Stewart Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89101
Phone: (702) 229-6444, option 1
Fax: (702) 386-7070

City of Las Vegas Government

Website: http://www.lasvegasnevada.gov
City Hall Address: 495 S. Main St., Las Vegas, NV 89101
Phone: (702) 229-6011
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/CityOfLasVegas
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/cityoflasvegas
Instagram: http://www.lasvegasnevada.gov/images/instagram.png
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/KCLVChannel2

City Manager Betsy Fretwell

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/betsy.fretwell
Twitter: https://twitter.com/betsyfretwell

Councilman Bob Coffin (Ward 3 Councilman, where Circle Park is located)

Email: Contact Councilman Bob Coffin
Phone: (702) 229-6405
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/bob.coffin.9
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Coffin4Council


Deputy Marshal Marcus Diaz: “That’s how it goes.”

Click Banner to learn more about filming the police

Click Banner to learn more about filming the police

Full, unedited raw video by four different members of Nevada Cop Block.

Update: Sheriff’s Office States They Intentionally Shot at Mike Skidmore

11209563_866061423449264_2323019255657097828_nDuring an announcement within the last half hour, a Richland County Sheriff’s Office spokesman just admitted that the security guard, who shot his weapon during a confrontation involving Ohio Cop Blocker Mike Skidmore, intentionally shot (presumably) at Mike. Originally, it had been reported that the shot was an accident. Mike had been attending a Richland County Commissioners Meeting yesterday morning (July 9th) when the incident took place.

After Mike and others in attendance objected to the meeting being made private, he reportedly tried to photograph nametag of one of the court employees, which had been purposely obscured to prevent observers from recording her identity. As a result, other employees called the security guards into the meeting room. They then targeted Mike for arrest and, during what was described by police as a “scuffle,” one of the security guards drew his gun. Shortly after, the shot was fired. Fortunately, the bullet didn’t hit anyone within the crowded room, but instead, hit a wall.

Via “NewsNet5” from Mansfield, Ohio:

The Richland County Sheriff’s Office is now saying a shot fired inside the commissioner’s board room Thursday was intentional, not accidental as previously reported.

The Richland County Sheriff’s said they received a call at 9:44 Thursday morning that a gun had discharged in Richland County Commissioner’s office.

According to Richland County Sheriff Steve Sheldon, a fight broke out when the county commissioners began the closed section of their weekly meeting and asked everyone to leave the room.

The Mansfield News Journal reports Mike Skidmore became upset when asked to leave. He asked the clerk if he could take a picture of her nametag, grabbing her shoulder and turning the tag around.

A struggle ensued when the commissioners called security guards to remove Skidmore from the room.

A witness told authorities that it seemed accidental. However, the sheriff’s office later learned the gunshot was fired purposely.

Two security guards were taken to MedCentral Health System with injuries.

Skidmore is now facing felonious assault charges.

An investigation is ongoing.

At the time, Mike was completely unarmed and according to witnesses was not resisting. That and the fact that this incident took place within a crowded room makes this most recent development troubling, to say the least. Frankly, this gets a little more crazy with each new bit of information that comes out.

Once again, we ask that you call and/or email to ask what the situation is with Mike Skidmore and to put pressure on them to release him and his camera equipment with all video intact and drop any charges against him:

Richland County Sheriff
597 Park Avenue E.
Mansfield, Ohio 44905
Phone: 419.774.5881

Richland County Courthouse
50 Park Avenue E.
Mansfield Ohio 44902
Linda H. Frary, Clerk of Courts
Phone: 419-774-5549
Fax: 419.774.5547
[email protected]

And as before, stay tuned for updates as they become available!

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