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“Exemplary Officer” Suspended by Dartmouth Police Department for Repeatedly Abusing Girlfriend

Officer Josh Luis was celebrated as an “exemplary officer” in September on the Facebook page of the Dartmouth (Massachusetts) Police Department for not abusing and/or murdering a minority woman during a traffic stop (see below). Just a few months later though, he has been suspended after his girlfriend reported that he had been abusing her repeatedly over the course of the past year. the reported abuse included threatening her with a gun and sexually assaulting her while threatening to rape her.

Via TurnTo10.com:

According to court documents, the victim claims she was physically and verbally abused on at least 10 separate occasions during the past year.

The victim claims that during one incident, Luis “threatened to rape her while tearing her clothes off,” but stopped.

On another occasion, she said Luis pointed his gun at her before threatening to kill himself if she left him.

The woman also claims Luis took a phone from her several times.

Domestic violence advocates note that his actions are consistent with what they see in many other cases.

“The pattern is overall about power and control and that involves, in fact, controlling how people communicate,” said Pamela MacLeod Lima, who is the executive director of Women’s Center in New Bedford.

Meanwhile, Chief Robert Szala has vowed to investigate even though Luis “is a very competent, very good officer and it’s just an unfortunate situation we’re all in.” Once that investigation concludes, Officer Luis could be taken off paid vacation and instead fired, which would force him to to apply for a job at some other department after his wrist heals from the minor plea deal they offer him.

The Dartmouth Police Department Public Relations Department hasn’t posted anything on their Facebook page (yet) about this “unfortunate situation” or whether his girlfriend is a minority. (Even though they couldn’t post the other one fast enough).

Dartmouth Police Officer Josh Luis pictured with a woman he didn’t beat.

I took a screenshot before they removed it, though. (Not my first day on the internets.)

Officer Luis is apparently really good at eating chicken wings, too.

Not a Happy Meal: Drunk, Impatient U.S. Marshal Pulled Gun on McDonald’s Cashier and Customers

Deputy U.S. Marshal Charles Brown had the drunken munchies and just couldn’t be bothered to wait in line like some sort of mortal. So the off-duty Hero began yelling and complaining at a Brooklyn McDonald’s about how long it was taking for him to get his Un-Happy Meal. When that didn’t speed things up sufficiently, Brown pulled out his gun; first pointing it at the cashier, then at customers in the line behind him who had voiced supported for the cashier.  That apparently did the trick and soon after Deputy Marshal Brown paid for his food (because stealing is wrong) and was on his drunken way.

Meanwhile, other employees within the Mickey-D’s were in the process of calling 911 during his quick draw demo. Not long after, Brown was caught a few blocks away by NYPD officers with his loaded service pistol in his waistband and arrested on “a slew of charges, including menacing, harassment and violating firearm license regulations.”

The reactions to all this were apparently somewhat mixed. As would be expected, cashier Joanna Diaz was shook up a bit and, according to unnamed co-workers, didn’t show up the next day for her scheduled shift. Meanwhile, a customer named Heather Polamis and who is described as a “shocked receptionist” is rethinking her dining options and is quoted as saying, ““You can’t go anywhere today without something happening.”

However, another customer seems to be a little more accepting of Deputy Marshal Brown’s dinner rush, because she’s read a lot of Fake News stories about how stressful and dangerous having to wait for your food like everyone else can be for Good Cops. “Margaret Johnson, said she suspected that the munchie-motivated man simply ‘snapped.’ – ‘[U.S. Marshals] are under a lot of pressure,’ the 74-year-old said. ‘They’re under a lot of stress. They risk their lives every day.'”

Note: There seems to be two slightly different versions of this story being reported. Via the Daily Mail:

Another report by NBC New York, however, states that Brown is accused of getting into an argument with a 25-year-old male employee.

Brown then left and came back with a black gun, threatening the employee from outside, police said according to the network.

In the second version, Brown also left the store without any food. Regardless, Deputy Marshal Brown will reportedly need to find a new midnight snack destination now. A Brooklyn Criminal Court judge issued an order of protection against him on behalf of the McDonald’s and the cashier during his initial court appearance. He was, of course, released without bail, though.

P.S. – Yes, you did read that correctly. The U.S. Marshal’s name is in fact Charlie Brown, which makes this clown on clown violence. (You saw what I did there.)

Off Duty NYPD Cop Killed in Hit and Run Accident was Threatening Woman With His Gun

Last week it was reported that Vincent Harrison, an off duty NYPD cop, was killed by a hit and run driver after he had rear ended another car. At the time, it was also reported that Harrison had his gun drawn when he was struck, but no details were released beyond that.

However, since then it has come out that Officer Harrison was not only verbally and physically threatening the woman (whose two year old was in the vehicle at the time) he had run into, but also that he was at least partially responsible for his own death, having walked backwards into the roadway in the process.

Via Gawker.com:

According to a local news report, Harrison told another driver “I can kill you right now” in a bizarre scene moments before his death.

Before the fatal crash, Harrison got into a minor accident with another driver, which prompted him to exit his car and speak with her. Initial reports noted that he had drawn his gun drawn (sic) as he approached the other driver’s car, but the nature of the conversation was not immediately clear. At some point as Harrison stood on or near the roadway, a third driver named William Espinal-Mejia allegedly struck him with his Infiniti and kept driving. Harrison died on the scene.

Citing “authorities” and other unnamed sources, ABC 7 is now reporting that Harrison threatened the second driver before he was hit.

Authorities say Harrison had rear ended a vehicle driven by a 26-year-old Rahway woman who was traveling southbound in the Turnpike’s right center lane. Harrison got out of his vehicle and walked up to the other car, occupied by the woman in the driver’s seat and her 2-year-old son in the back.

The two reportedly got into a verbal dispute, and sources say Harrison pulled his service weapon and pointed it at the woman, who was remained (sic) seated in her car. He allegedly yelled words to the effect of, “You don’t know who I am” and “I can kill you right now” numerous times.

As Harrison backed away from the woman, he stepped into the Turnpike traffic lanes and was struck by a passing vehicle.

The man driving the car that killed Officer Harrison, William Espinal-Mejia, is facing a felony charge based on the fact that he didn’t stop and that certainly is reasonable. However, based on the behaviour of cops in the past in road rage situations and the fact that Harrison was threatening a woman over an accident he was at fault in even with a small child in the car, it’s equally reasonable to wonder if Espinal-Mejia’s unintentional act didn’t actually prevent a completely innocent person from being assaulted and possibly even murdered by Harrison.

In fact, it tells you something about the attitude of police and their assumptions about whether they will be held accountable for their criminal actions (upto and including murder) that just prior to being killed Officer Harrison was yelling at the woman things such as, “you don’t know who I am!” and “I can kill you right now!” That’s not just empty bragging or false boasting, either. That’s learned behaviour based on past experiences and future expectations. The history of police “accountability” is quite simply that if they don’t make the mistake of walking backwards into traffic, they literally can kill you and get away with it. And they know that.

Orient, IL Police Chief Arrested After Brandishing Gun, Demanding More Booze

This was originally posted at “the Daily American.” Additional coverage of Chief Brown’s drunken, violent incidents and efforts to gain extra rights with his shiny badge (and gun) can be found here, here, and here, The video embedded below is courtesy of “KFVS 12,” a Southern Illinois CBS affiliate. Any time you come across (or are involved in) stories of police misconduct and/or corruption, such as these, you can submit them to Cop Block, via the submission page.

Orient Police Chief Joseph L. Brown, 39, of Herrin was taken into custody by Franklin County Sheriff’s deputies around 1:20 p.m. Monday, February 23, 2015, in response to reports the office received from both the American Legion and Elsie’s Tavern in Orient.

“Sheriff’s deputies responded to a complaint at Phillip Whiteside American Legion Post 1961 at 10:22 p.m. and were told by club employees and patrons that Brown, who had already left the area, had come to the club in an intoxicated state, made threats and brandished a handgun, ” said Sheriff Don Jones.

Before Brown made his way to the American Legion he first stopped by Elsie’s Tavern — just steps from the Legion — where witnesses say he pulled his gun and badge, making threats against another’s life.

According to an update posted on February 25, Chief Brown, who has since posted bail and been released was angry that the management at the bars refused to serve him any more alcohol when he pulled out his gun and began threatening people there. As of right now, he is facing felony charges of intimidation and official misconduct.

Read the rest of the original article here and the update here at the “Daily American.”

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