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Michael Slager’s Trial has Begun; Will He be Acquitted Even with Walter Scott’s Murder Caught on Film?

The trial of North Charleston, SC Police Officer Michael Slager, who was caught on video murdering Walter Scott last year, began on Monday with jury selection. That jury has now been selected and after a request for a change of venue by Slager’s defense team was rejected, opening statements were scheduled to begin later today (Thursday).

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The fact that the jury consists of six white men and five white women with just one black man is an early question, being that Slager is white and Scott was black. The shooting has stirred controversy over race relations and police violence against minorities since the video taken by a bystander (unbeknownst to Slager) first emerged.

Beyond that, the obvious question is whether a jury will convict Slager even with the abundance and obviousness of the evidence against him. Jurors have a well documented bias toward police based on the social engineering that tells people from the moment they are born that police are heroes and more trustworthy than everyone else, in spite of evidence to the contrary. In addition, prosecutors often “throw the game,” intentionally slanting their performance in favor of the police officers that they work with and are dependent on in order to convict regular citizens.

Regardless of that, the aforementioned solidness of the evidence against Slager makes it hard to believe that he would be able to walk in this particular case. The graphic video that was taken by a random bystander clearly shows him shooting Walter Scott in the back as he is running away from him and posing no danger whatsoever. It also captured his attempt to plant a taser near Scott’s body to justify the murder.

It would be beyond outrageous if Michael Slager somehow manages to walk free in this case. What type of Policeman’s Discount he receives from the judge during sentencing might be another question, altogether.

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Black Lives Matter Protester Jasmine Abdullah Given Same Sentence For “Lynching” as Stanford Rapist

Yesterday, a protester with the Black Lives Matter movement was sentenced for the charge of “felony lynching” after being convicted last week. The charging of Jasmine Abdullah, whose legal name is Jasmine Richards, with a crime that was originally intended to prevent white vigilantes from murdering black arrestees had already caused an uproar.

Now that she’s been sentenced, the disparity between the penalty handed down to her and that of another recent high profile case involving a well connected white athlete has generated even more outrage. Abdullah was sentenced to three months in jail, while Brock Allen Turner received six months for raping an intoxicated woman. Both of them were sentenced to the identical three year term of probation for their dramatically different offenses.

Abdullah was convicted of attempting to pull another black woman away from the custody of police as they tried to arrest her for not paying her check at a restaurant. Many have maintained that this was really just an opportune use of a law that was intended to protect black people from race based murders to punish someone who was an activist against race based murders by the police.

Via Free Speech Radio News:

Police say they arrested Abdullah after she and other activists rushed officers and a patrol car. Prosecutors argued Abdullah and her friends were trying to free someone from police custody, a felony offense under a law that was initially conceived to protect Black arrestees from seizure by lynch mobs.But Black Lives Matter national communications director Shanelle Matthews says Abdullah wasn’t arrested for what she’d done in the park that day, but rather for her activism. Abdullah is the latest in a string of California-based activists who have been arrested under the same criminal statute.

Jasmine Richards Abdullah“We know that Jasmine was targeted. We know that the Pasadena police harassed Jasmine, they followed her around the neighborhood,” Matthews says. “What we’re seeing is a very thoughtful and nuanced attack from lawmakers on Black Lives Matter organizers.”

And professor of African American studies and Black Lives Matter activist Dr. Angela James says Abdullah’s arrest is symptomatic of widespread state suppression of political dissent.

“That is what it conveys, both for the relationship with the Black community, but actually generally in the community,” Matthews explains. “Black dissent becomes a bell weather, a canary in the mineshaft for the rest of society.”

The crime Abdullah was convicted of was called “attempted lynching” until about a year ago, when California governor Jerry Brown signed a bill amending the name to remove any reference to lynching. He approved the change after Black Lives Matter Sacramento activist Maile Hampton was charged with the crime, amidst similar accusations of political profiling. The felony charge against Hampton was later dropped, which means although Abdullah is not the first Black woman to be accused of the crime, she is likely the first Black woman to be convicted of it.

Matthews says the entire episode is an example of the vicious cycle of mistrust, police impunity and imprisonment that Black Lives Matter activists have been talking about since the movement’s inception. What it means to try to stop the police from arresting someone – the crime Abdullah was convicted of – changes radically when a community feels it can’t trust the police, she says.

“We know that police cannot always be held accountable to return detainees safe and unharmed and alive,” Matthews points out. “So we know the implications of this or that when we’re living in a time in this political climate where we can’t trust the police to be accountable to the people, to protect and serve for our collective safety, then removing a person from police custody can be a matter of life and death.”

Felony “Lynching”

Meanwhile, on the northern end of the state Brock Turner was sentenced for raping an unconscious women behind a dumpster on campus at Stanford University. A judge disregarded the prosecution’s request to sentence Turner to six years in jail for the violent and predatory sex crime. Instead, he is expected to be released after just three months after credit for “good behavior.”

The fact that the judge is a former athlete at Stanford, one of the most prominent universities in the nation, and that both he and Turner are white men from wealthy backgrounds has not gone unnoticed. In fact, the focus on the hardship a rape conviction will create in Turner’s life and disregard for what his victim has gone through and will go through the rest of her life has created a rather large uproar in its own rite.

The sympathy displayed by Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky in justifying his lenient sentence and a letter written by his father discussing the “suffering” and future opportunities Turner will lose have both garnered huge amounts of outrage. In particular, the characterization by Dan A. Turner, Brock’s father, of the rape as “twenty minutes of action” and as a non-violent act in a letter he read to the court, has been criticized heavily.

Via the Los Angeles Times:

Critics say the sentence was too lenient, arguing that yet another college athlete’s wrongdoings were treated lightly at the expense of a female sexual assault victim.

Gorin said the sentencing in this case is outside the norm in his decades-long experience as both a  sex crimes prosecutor in L.A. County and as a defense attorney.

“It is very unusual to have probation in a forcible rape case,” Gorin said. “His background and no record was a major factor. I cannot think of a similar local case where a defendant convicted by a jury of such a violent crime avoided prison.”

Brock Turner Stanford RapistTurner faced up 14 years in prison after his conviction in March on three felony counts of assault with intent to commit rape of an intoxicated person, sexually penetration of an intoxicated person with a foreign object and sexually penetration of an unconscious person with a foreign object.

“Those convictions alone should send him to prison,” said Steve Cooley, Los Angeles former district attorney. “It’s an extraordinary sentence. He’ll spend just 90 days in the county jail after being convicted on three sexual assault charges.”

The standard sentence for those crimes is six years, he said.

“That is what I’d expect him to receive,” Cooley said.

Prosecutors, he said, have the right to appeal the sentencing decision, but reversal by an appeals court on the grounds of abuse of discretion is rare.

Anger over Turner’s sentencing escalated after Stanford University School of Law professor Michele Dauber released excerpts online of a letter Turner’s father penned to the court. Dauber has launched a campaign to oust Persky from the bench, saying “we need women judges who understand rape is not ‘a mistake’ and the law applies to athletes.”

Dan A. Turner wrote that his son’s and family’s lives had been completely altered because of the verdict. “That is a steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action out of his 20 plus years of life,” he wrote.

The near identical sentences for a poor, minority female essentially convicted of inconveniencing the police and a wealthy, white male caught in the act of violently raping an unconscious woman handed down within the same state and less than a week apart certainly doesn’t quell criticisms of the political system’s bias against the former and in favor of the latter.

You don’t exactly have to be a mathematician to put two and two together on this one.

Update: Michael Slager Now Also Facing Federal Charges And Potentially Death Penalty

Former Officer Michael Slager, the South Carolina cop who was caught on film murdering Walter Scott from behind as he ran away, was also indicted two weeks ago by a federal grand jury. The new federal charges are in addition to the state-level charges he already faces for the shooting of Scott. Although it is incredibly unlikely to happen or even be sought, these charges also bring with them the possibility of a death penalty sentence should Slager be convicted.

Via NBCnews.com:

Michael Slager, who was fired by the North Charleston Police Department after last year’s killing of Walter Scott, was indicted on charges of violating civil rights laws, using a firearm in committing a crime of violence, and obstructing justice in the fatal shooting of an unarmed man.

“This is historic,” the Scott family’s lawyer, Chris Stewart, said afterward. “What happened today is that the federal government says it stops now. Police brutality stops now.”

Slager is white. Scott was black. And the message sent by the grand jury is not aimed at the good cops, Stewart said.

“This is a message to the ones who abuse people in this country,” he said.

In the aftermath of Scott’s death, police departments in South Carolina and across the U.S. are adopting body cameras and embracing reform, Stewart said.

“Walter Scott did not die in vain.” he said.

“It’s a bittersweet day,” added Scott’s brother, Anthony. “If it wasn’t for that video camera…. we would not be here today.”

Walter Scott North Charleston MurderScott’s mother, Judy, said she thanks God that her son “was the one that was used to pull the cover off of all the violence.”

“I’m happy for that, but I’m sad because my son is gone,” she said. “I pray that other mothers won’t go through what I have been going through.”

Slager, according to the indictment, misled investigators by falsely claiming that Scott was coming at him with a Taser when he fired his gun.

“In truth … Slager repeatedly fired his weapon at Scott when Scott was running away from him,” the indictment reads.

Slager fired eight times at Scott, who was 50 and whose deadly encounter with the cop began after a traffic stop.

One of the charges filed against Slager — depriving someone of their civil rights under color of law — carries a maximum penalty of death. In the federal system, a decision about whether to actually seek the death penalty will come later.

Personally, I wish I could share in the enthusiasm that the family’s lawyer feels for this. It’s certainly good that another set of charges are being filed, therefore making it that much less likely that Slager will be given the Home Field Advantage cops invariably receive and walk free or at least receive the typical Policeman’s Discount and get nothing but a slap on the wrist and a stern talking to. However, history has yet to prove that the Federal Government or any other level of statist governance is prepared to say, “it stops now. Police brutality stops now.”

Keep those cameras rolling.

Time Photographer Assaulted And Choked by Secret Service Agent During Trump Rally

During a Donald Trump rally on Monday in Virginia, a Time magazine photographer was taking photos of a group of Black Lives Matter protesters that had interrupted the rally. Without any warning, Chris Morris was grabbed from behind, slammed to the ground, and choked by a Secret Service agent working at the rally.

Presumably, the reason why Morris was attacked was because he had taken a couple steps (eighteen inches) outside of the “designated press area.” However, as Carlos Miller points out in a post on Photography Is Not A Crime (PINAC), the job of the Secret Service is simply to protect candidates, not to dictate the behavior of media covering events. The photographer is pretty clearly not in any way threatening anyone, let alone Donald Trump. He was also not even the only member of the media within the area where he was attacked.

It’s getting to the point that on a daily basis there is a new report of Trump staff and/or attendees having attacked (often literally) someone who has dared to criticize their beloved fearmonger. And whether Trump himself is personally racist or is simply pandering to the lowest (and most disgusting) common denominator for votes, these attacks are becoming more and more race based as his campaign attracts that demographic. In one of the most blatant instances, in December at a Trump rally held in Las Vegas some of his supporters were caught on video yelling “white power” and “sieg heil” as a Black Lives Matter protester was being removed. There’s nothing ambiguous about either of those phrases.

While this particular incident was not racially based, it highlights yet another disturbing aspect of Trump’s increasingly neo-fascist rhetoric. The fact that a member of the media simply performing their job was attacked and then briefly threatened with arrest as a result of having been attacked is itself a troubling trend. Trump is the only candidate who has created an enclosed area that media are restricted to during campaign events. He also has himself called for increased legal restrictions on the press and the easing of protections against lawsuits by public figures against the media.

When a campaign is appealing to and even courting the support of nationalists and outright racists, advocating for ethnically and religiously based databases and restrictions, and attempting to limit the ability of people to criticize it, it’s not incredibly hard to figure out where those train tracks are headed should that campaign be successful.

Take an important security step by clicking the graphic NOW.

Take an important security step by clicking the graphic NOW.

“Decoy” Protest Held at Mall of America; Two Terminals Shut Down at Minneapolis St. Paul Airport

The anticipated protest at the Mall of America in Minneapolis went forward today in spite of a restraining order against it. MOA management had sued eight individuals involved with the Black Lives Matter movement in Minneapolis in an effort to stop the protests. That lawsuit included the demand that they post on social media sites and send out text messages stating that the protest was cancelled. Failing to do so would result in jail time. (It wasn’t really clear whether adding “wink, wink” at the end would violate that ruling.)

Ultimately, three of the eight were legally barred from MOA property by the court. The request for them to send out messages telling others not to come was ruled unconstitutional by the judge presiding over the case.

Regardless of that, protesters showed up in large numbers at the mall to protest the shooting of Jamar Clark. Reportedly, as many as twenty people were arrested and many businesses closed during the protest, which has been dubbed #BlackXmas on social media, rather than deal with the disruption. However, the bigger twist was that #BlackLivesMatter Minneapolis declared that the publicized protest at the Mall of America was really just a decoy.

Via CBS News:

Hundreds of protesters left the nation’s largest mall shortly after a rally began Wednesday afternoon, chanting for justice for a black man recently shot by Minneapolis police.

Stores closed their gates, kiosks were covered and even Santa left his sleigh at massive suburban Minneapolis mall shortly before protesters gathered Wednesday afternoon, one of the busiest shopping days of the year. They abruptly walked outside while chanting, “What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now!”

Police quickly closed the mall’s main entrances and urged onlookers out of the mall’s central rotunda, threatening arrest.

Organizers said the rally was intended to draw attention to the police shooting last month of Jamar Clark. The 24-year-old black man died the day after he was shot by Minneapolis police responding to a recent assault complaint.

Instead many of the protesters left the mall within a short amount of time and boarded trains or buses headed to the Minneapolis St. Paul Airport, as well as Highway 5 and other roads near the airport. Two of the security checkpoints at the airport were reportedly closed for about an hour and half.

Via CBS Minnesota:

Protesters with Black Lives Matter only briefly gathered at the Mall of America Wednesday afternoon before boarding light rail trains and heading to Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in an attempt to “shut it down.”

There, groups of protesters gathered at both terminals around 2 p.m., blocking traffic on Highway 5 and the roads into both terminals. Not long after, the State Patrol ordered the protesters to disperse. An airport spokesman told the Associated Press several people were ultimately arrested in the protest.

Still, traffic into the state’s main airport was at a virtual standstill the day before Christmas Eve, and a backup persisted into the afternoon. Terminal 2 checkpoints for Southwest and Sun Country airlines were temporarily closed to prevent protesters from gaining access to the secure areas of the busy airport. They were reopened at around 3:30 p.m.

Random arrests happening at MSP Airport. Like this one – he clearly did NOT touch the policewoman but was instead assaulted. Today, the only danger at the MOA, the light rail & the airports were hundreds of agitated & armed riot cops escalating, arresting & mercilessly punching peaceful protesters.#BlackLivesMatter #Justice4Jamar #BlackXmas(video: bengarvin)

Posted by Jigme Ugen on Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Michael Slager is Attempting to Get Out on Bail Again (Plus Recent Related Developments)

Michael Slager Requests Bail Again

Michael Slager, the North Charleston, SC. cop who was caught murdering Walter Scott on video, has filed a new motion seeking an opportunity to post bail while he awaits trial. As reported here at CopBlock.org several months ago, Slager was refused bail by Circuit Judge Clifton Newman because he represents “an unreasonable danger to the community.”

After a motion they filed last week asking for his trial to begin in the spring was rejected, Slager’s lawyers cited  health problems, as well as anxiety and “concern about his fate,” he’s supposedly developed as a result of conditions in jail as reasons to justify him being released on bond.

Via the PostAndCourier.com:

Signed by defense lawyer Cameron Blazer of the Savage Law Firm, the filing mentioned that Slager has been a focus of a ramped-up surveillance program at the jail. While officials insist that the effort to intercept telephone calls and mail is meant to root out threats involving the high-profile inmate, the motion called it “completely divorced from any (jail) safety concern.” Jail officers routinely listen to Slager’s personal conversations, the filing stated.

cop-sc-620x342The lack of privacy has “acutely constrained” Slager’s ability to prepare for trial, Blazer wrote.

Slager also has fallen ill and lost 25 pounds, the attorneys said. Past filings noted that he has celiac disease, causing him to react negatively to gluten. He often faces the “unacceptable choice … of being either hungry or sick” because the jail cannot completely accommodate his diet, the motion stated.

So yeah, jail sucks, the food is horrible, and they spy on you while you’re there. As shocking as that is to pretty much nobody on the planet (and is in fact an issue that should be addressed), the fact that you were wearing a police uniform when you committed murder shouldn’t give you any extra consideration when complaining about that.

Member of Slager Investigation Team Fired Over Facebook Post

It was recently announced that one of the agents who investigated the murder of Walter Scott by Michael Slager was fired in August after posting on Facebook stating that prosecutor’s case in an unnamed homicide probe was “flawed.” Although, the case wasn’t  specified by name in State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) Special Agent Almon Brown’s post, the fact that it was made public in a filing of court papers by Slager’s attorney has led to speculation that he was referring to his case.

According to the PostAndCourier.com, this, along with other recent incidents, has created doubts about whether SLED can objectively perform  their duty to investigate police shootings as a neutral party:

The documentation has raised further questions about SLED’s ability to thoroughly and independently investigate police shootings in South Carolina. Most agencies in the state ask SLED to conduct probes into shootings involving their officers.

A Post and Courier analysis earlier this year, titled “Shots Fired,” found that SLED often left key questions unanswered and failed to thoroughly probe the background of officers who pull the trigger. Last month, [SLED Chief Mark] Keel said police should start looking for ways to learn lessons from shooting cases.

SLED also fired an agent last year over alleged dishonesty, accusing Michele China, a senior agent in the Lowcountry, of doctoring paperwork in a child death probe and inserting a confession into a memo about an interview with a suspect in the case.

Brown has served as an expert on a federal committee on bloodstain analysis, according to a Commerce Department website. He also has been the second vice president for the South Carolina division of the International Association for Identification, a group of forensic scientists.

In his August letter about the agent’s firing, Keel said Brown had “acted improperly” on July 8 when he posted on another person’s public Facebook page about “a pending homicide case.”

“The Facebook posting included a news article that referenced the subject and victim of the case,” Keel wrote. “You made negative comments about the strength of the prosecution’s case, implying that it was a flawed case.”

The copy of the letter in the motion by Slager defense lawyer Andy Savage does not cite the exact words Brown was accused of using.

Savage asked in the paperwork for a judge to order authorities to hand over information about the internal affairs probe into the Facebook post. The document called Brown a primary investigator on Slager’s case.

Slager Sues Police Union For Doing The Right Thing

When even the police union refuses to overlook the obvious guilt of a police officer, you have to know things are going badly for you. Even in really blatant cases, it’s pretty unheard of for a police union not to uphold the Thin Blue Lie and profess the innocence of fellow cops. That’s not the case with Michael Slager and the Southern States Police Benevolent Association, though. Apparently, even the most ardent of police murder enablers can see the writing on the wall for a guy who was caught on video (see below) executing someone from behind as he ran away.

Via the PostAndCourier.com:

Slager paid the organization a monthly fee for insurance that would provide him a legal defense if sued or charged with a crime in connection with his actions as a police officer. But the organization abandoned him after Slager was accused in April of killing Walter Scott during an on-duty confrontation, according to the lawsuit…

Slager’s coverage through the PBA entitled him to legal representation for “any duty related shooting or action which results in death or serious injury,” according to the lawsuit. He has maintained that he was acting within the scope of his duties at the time. He has pleaded not guilty to the murder charge and remains jailed while awaiting trial.

The PBA initially assigned criminal defense attorney David Aylor to represent Slager. Aylor released a statement on his behalf the day before the video surfaced.

The next day, however, when Slager was charged with murder and the video of the shooting went viral around the world, Aylor withdrew as Slager’s lawyer, calling the incident “a terrible tragedy that has impacted our community.”

Slager requested that the PBA provide him with another attorney, but on April 8 the organization turned him down, the lawsuit stated. In doing so, the PBA cited a clause in its insurance coverage allowing it to withhold benefits if it determines an officer had “committed an intentional, deliberate and/or illegal act, either civilly or criminally,” the lawsuit stated.

Walter Scott’s Family Receives $6.5 Million Settlement; Plans to Donate Portion to Charity

On Friday (Oct. 9, 2015), it was announced that the family of Walter Scott had reached a settlement agreement with “the City of North Charleston” for $6.5 million. What that really means is the citizens of a community have once again been forced to pay for the crimes of a Killer Cop after the on camera murder (see second video below) of Scott by Michael Slager on April 4th of this year. Scott had originally been pulled over because a brake light on his car was burnt out. That brake light in the upper back of his rear window wasn’t actually legally required.

Slager, of course is still awaiting trial for Scott’s murder. He remains behind bars after having been denied bail by Judge Clifton Newman, who (rightly) declared that Slager “would constitute an unreasonable danger to the community” if he were allowed to post bond.

The family has stated that the settlement, which was the largest settlement ever agreed to within the state of South Carolina, would be used to care for Walter Scott’s four children. In addition, a portion of the settlement would be donated to Red Cross disaster relief efforts. large parts of South Carolina have recently been effected by severe rain and heavy flooding that has destroyed residents’ homes and other property and resulted in deaths in some areas.


Update: Videos of Protester Tased and Arrested at Sam Dubose March in Cincinnati

 Arrests in Cincinnati OH

As previously reported several people, including but not necessarily limited to Talis Gage, Benjamin Virnston, Jordan Freshour and Daniel Joseph, were arrested last night during a march in protest of the murder of Sam Dubose and other instances of Police brutality in Cincinnati. In addition, one protester who was arrested was tased prior to being arrested. Currently, I don’t know the identity of that individual or if he was one of the four arrestees previously mentioned.

Arrests in Cincinnati OhioSince the first post about the arrests, they have been bailed out by Micah David Naziri and are no longer being held. Several videos have also been posted of the arrests, which have been included below. The video at the top was recorded by Ademo and Brian Sumner, who were in attendance for the launch of the Mobile Accountability for Cops (MAC) Tour.

It’s not exactly clear from the videos what the rationalization for the tasing that can be seen on those videos was. It’s been said that it was a response to flipping off the cop, but all you can really see is that cop singling him out, chasing him briefly, and then using the taser on him. What is pretty clear in the video is that the person being assaulted with the taser is not at any point representing any sort of threat to the officer who is attacking him.

We’ll add more updates as information becomes available…

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Breaking: Call Flood for Peaceful Protesters Arrested in Cincinnati

Call Flood in Cincinnati OhioDetails are a little light right now, but apparently as many as six people have just been arrested in Cincinnati, OH after an incident in which a police officer illegally used a taser on a protester who flipped him off during a #BlackLivesMatter/Sam Dubose protest. Among those arrested were  Jordan Freshour, Benjamin Virnston, and Talis Gage Cop Blockers from Ohio. I’ve been told that there were at least three other also arrested, but I don’t currently have names of anyone else. Micah David Naziri, another Cop Blocker who is also involved with Counter Current News, also stated that the police were following him and trying to coerce him into turning over footage of the incidents and arrests that he had recorded. Included below is a video from Chris Harrison, who was also present and witnessed the taser incident.

The Number to call is: (513) 946-6100 ext. 3

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Michael Slager Declared “An Unreasonable Danger to the Community,” Denied Bail

cop-sc-620x342On Monday, a South Carolina judge denied bond for Michael Slager as he awaits trial on murder charges for shooting Walter Scott in the back as he ran away from him on April 4th (see video below). In the order (also included below), Circuit Judge Clifton Newman stated that releasing Slager, who has been held in solitary confinement since his arrest, “would constitute an unreasonable danger to the community.”

On Thursday and again Friday, Slager’s lawyers had argued that he had no prior history of violent crime “outside his work as a policeman” (which is an interesting semi-acknowledgement of the nature of police work) and therefore was not a threat to commit additional violence, if released. They also made the dubious claim that Scott may have been armed at some point before he was shot in the back while completely unarmed and running away from Slager. As is typically the case, they also brought up toxicology tests in an effort to point the blame at Slager’s victim for his actions.

Walter Scott Grave South Carolina

Walter Scott’s Grave

The prosecutor, Scarlett Wilson, characterized Slager’s actions that day as that of a “firing squad” and an “executioner.” She also pointed out that he had been caught on video planting evidence when he ran back to retrieve his taser and then dropped it near Scott’s body in an effort to make it appear he was actually armed.

In addition, prosecutors submitted statements from police interviews by Slager and the man who recorded the video of the shooting, Feiden Santana. In his statement, Slager uses the go-to police shooting excuse of “I feared for my life” and then tells a clearly false and dishonest version of the shooting, in which he claimed Scott was standing in front of him pointing his own taser at him:

In an April 7, 2015 interview with an agent from the State Law Enforcement Division, Slager said he got into a struggle with Scott over his taser.

Slager said he and Scott struggled and Scott grabbed the barrel of his taser, jerked it out of his hand and pointed the barrel directly at him with his arms out.

During the interview Slager stated, “I’m afraid now. Is he going to tase me and take my weapon? Am I going home tonight to my pregnant wife? Is he going to take my weapon and shoot me?”

Slager told the SLED agent he was winded, tired, breathing heavy and he was in fear of his life.

Slager said Scott had the taser in his right hand and was pointing it directly at him.

Slags told the SLED agent he stepped off to his left side, “shuffle-stepping,” as he was trained to do to get out of the way.

According to the document, Slager said that as we was going to the left he pulled his gun and fired multiple times.

Slager said that Scott was turning to his left as Slager fired.

Scott ran off, stumbled into the grass and fell to the ground.

Slager said that he was still standing with his gun pointed at Scott when Scott fell.

Michael Slager Denied Bail Judge Order

The Judge’s Order Denying Bond to Michael Slager

Regardless of whether their was a struggle over Slager’s taser (which is disputed by Santana in his statement) initially, the video of the shooting very clearly and undeniably shows that Scott was not holding a taser and was a long distance away from Slager not posing any threat whatsoever to him at the time he was shot.

Fortunately, the judge saw through all the subterfuge by the defense team and recognized that in light of the strength of the evidence, including a video literally showing him murder Scott, Slager should stay right where he is.

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