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Illinois Cop Illegally Detains and Unlawfully Searches Innocent Workers

Blue Island Police Department Illinois Nevada Cop Block

Elias M. shared the content below, about the “service” he received from those at the Blue Island, IL. police outfit, via the Nevada Cop Block Submissions page.
IMG_0448Date of Incident: December 2014
Individuals Involved: Officer Colone Star – Badge #149, An Unidentified Sergeant
Outfit: Blue Island (IL) Police Department
Phone: 708-597-8601
Email: Mike Cornell – Deputy Chief of Police
Facebook Page: Blue Island Police Dept.
Area Cop Block Affiliate: There are several Cop Block groups within Illinois, to find the appropriate affiliate in your area consult the Cop Block Groups page.

I was working a typical day when I was boxed in with one squad car from the front and one squad car from behind by the Blue Island Police Department. They claim that there was a phone call, but no crime was committed, nor did they have a suspicion of me having committed a crime. When I was asked what I was doing, I told the officer that I was working. After I refused to produce an identification card, the officer got very aggressive and violent with his mannerisms and tone.

My coworker was so scared for his life that he gave his identification card immediately. The officer reached for his gun after asking me multiple times to leave my vehicle. I did not want to, but did from the fear for my life due to all the recent shootings. I did not want to be another dead victim. The officer then illegally reached in my pocket and removed my wallet, going through my personal items.

The most important part of this video is the end where the sergeant shows up and tells the officer “are you done here let’s be done and then me and you will talk”…I find it extremely interesting considering the video tape and the knowledge that the officer was in the wrong. After the matter, a neighbor came from their home to talk with us and I approached the neighbor asking if they were the one who called the police and they said yes. After explaining what had just happened they were almost in tears with the realization that calling the police is not always the best idea. Somebody could have been killed and that somebody could have been me.