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Video: Arkansas Police Beat Fifteen Year Old Who is Clearly Not Resisting Over Marijuana Pipe

Police Brutality Teen Farmington Arkansas

Two cops in Farmington, Arkansas assaulted a fifteen year old boy for the dangerous crime of having a dirty pipe in his pocket.

Note: This post and the video included with it was shared with Nevada Cop Block via reader submission. If you have videos, stories, upcoming events/protests, or personal interactions with the police (and/or “justice” system) that you would like to share, send them to us and we will do everything we can to bring it to the attention of the world. In addition, you can visit the Nevada Cop Block resources section for information and links to the rights of citizens when dealing with police, during which you should always be filming.

The post was originally published on the “NWA Lifestyle” blog by

In the video, the teen is clearly not resisting and based on his size and the fact that the two cops are each much bigger wouldn’t be much of a threat even if he intended to resist. Whether they were angry because he was initially reluctant to admit he had a pipe on him or they are just bullies that like to beat up on children, what this video shows amounts to child abuse. Abuse that anyone else not wearing one of those Magic Uniforms, including that teen’s own parents, would likely get arrested for.

Farmington Cops Use Excessive Force on Teenager in Kum ‘n’ Go

In a world where we encounter daily posts of videos showing excessive force by the police, here comes yet another example of police brutality. On December 31, 2017 the Farmington Police Department out of Farmington Arkansas arrested a 15 year male juvenile at a Kum ‘n’ Go. Initially detained under the suspicion of having a weed pipe in his pocket the encounter took a sudden violent turn.

The young man was in the bathroom of the popular convenience store, with his friend, when two police officers entered the bathroom and asked the young man what was in his pocket. Initially not wanting to admit that he had the pipe, the young man then admitted that it was a weed pipe to the law enforcement officers. When he went to pull the pipe out the police officers brutally threw the child against the wall and broke out his front tooth, all the while the kid is screaming in pain and declaring he isn’t resisting arrest. The officers continue to twist his arms and kneel on his back, even more brutally when the child loses his temper and calls them names after his tooth is knocked out and he is spouting blood everywhere.

Speaking for myself, I am horrified and disgusted at this behavior from law enforcement. These two cops, who are clearly larger and far stronger than the 5’7” , 125 LB., 15 year old obviously did not feel a threat of danger while they left another unattended teenager to film them. The boy continually cries out that he isn’t resisting. When he loses his temper, letting out a barrage of curses at the bully cop who just slammed his face into a wall, breaking his front tooth out; the officer elbows his face and twists the kid’s arms all he way up his back in what is clearly excessive and unnecessary force and revenge.

In a community that is usually a small and fairly quiet community the police forces seem to like to ignore rising gang problems and focus their attention on teens smoking weed, treating them like potential violent offenders? These officers were clearly NOT in danger, felt no threat of being in danger and had no cause to exert the amount of force they used on this child, which left medical damage to not only his face, but left a myriad of muscle damage to his back and shoulders.

For more on this story more commentary on Farmington as a deeper look at everything involved in this ongoing case please stay tuned, I will be writing a complete commentary and situation review. Be careful Farmington and Fayetteville residents! All around you gangs, like Gangster Disciples are growing bigger? Shootings in Farmington? Yes there are! Gangs of teenagers breaking into apartments and houses and jumping your kids? Yes, this is happening right down the road, but you aren’t hearing about it because it’s juveniles doing the offending! Yes this IS happening and you aren’t being told. Instead of dealing with the rising the gang problem, even when occurrences are being reported right away, you’ve got the quickly notorious Farmington Police Department beating up kids in their favorite spot, Kum ‘n’ Go.

I say let’s put an end to this abuse of power: email me all your stories, tell me everything; I’m airing it all!

Email me at [email protected]

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Off Duty Arkansas State Trooper Accosts Man Legally Open Carrying; Has Him Arrested After Complaint is Filed

The following post and accompanying video were shared with the CopBlock Network by Drew Tanner, via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page. The video contains lots of commentary, so it’s fairly self-explanatory.

Tanner maintains that he was at a local Walmart in Searcy, Arkansas shopping and minding his own business when he was accosted by a stranger. That stranger was eventually identified as Trooper Kurt Ziegenhorn of the Arkansas State Police, although at the time he was off duty, not in uniform, and had not yet provided a badge or police ID. Ziegenhorn also failed to even verbally identify himself prior to physically confronting Tanner, apparently because he was not aware that it is legal to open carry firearms in Arkansas.

After the initial contact, Tanner called 911 to report the incident as he was being followed around the store by Trooper Ziegenhorn. Shortly after, Walmart management asked them to leave the store. Once outside, they were met by officers from the Searcy Police Department. Those officers subsequently determined that Tanner had not broken any laws and released him.

A few days later, after discussing Walmart’s policy on open carry with corporate headquarters (and being told it was not prohibited on their property), Tanner went back to the same store, this time unarmed, to discuss whether he could carry his weapon within the story with the local manager. Before Tanner was able to talk to the manager, Ziegenhorn, who seemingly was following him, also showed up. Tanner was then illegally detained and searched after being handcuffed and removed from the store. During that illegal search his CHCL, which he had legally attained, was stolen from him by Ziegenhorn. He was, however, then released by Trooper Ziegenhorn without any charges or citations being issued.

Tanner then filed a complaint with the Arkansas State Police against Ziegenhorn. About seven weeks later he was arrested in an act of retaliation on a warrant for “obstructing governmental operations.” The basis given for that charge was that he had not immediately indicated to Trooper Ziegenhorn that he had a concealed carry firearms permit (known as a Concealed Handgun Carry License in Arkansas), even though he was not actually carrying a concealed weapon at the time and Trooper Ziegenhorn had not definitively identified him self as a law enforcement officer at that point.

Although he was initially found guilty on that bogus charge in the local courts, Tanner was later acquitted and completely cleared of any wrongdoing on appeal. In spite of that the Arkansas State Police revoke his CHCL in another act of retaliation. He is currently still trying to regain it, over two years later.

(NOTE: There seems to be a fair amount of confusion among police within Arkansas regarding the legality of openly carrying firearms, as evidenced by this previous series of video posts involving a man who was unlawfully arrested for open carrying in Bald Knob, Arkansas.)

If you have a video, personal story involving police misconduct and/or abuse, or commentary about a law enforcement related news story, we would be happy to have you submit it. You can find some advice on how to get your submission published on the CopBlock Network within this post.

Date(s) of Incident: Nov. 29, 2014; Dec. 04, 2014, Ongoing
Officer Involved: Trooper Kurt Ziegenhorn
Department Involved: Arkansas State Police
Department Facebook Page: Arkansas State Police
Department Twitter Account: @ARStatePolice
Department Email: [email protected]
Department Phone No.: (501) 618-8000
Office of Professional Standards Contact: Lieutenant Paulette Ward
OPS Phone Number: (501) 618-8929
OPS Email Address: [email protected]

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On Nov 29, 2014, I was shopping in Walmart when Arkansas State Trooper Kurt Ziegenhorn attacked me, while off-duty and out of uniform, because he didn’t know that it was legal in the state to openly carry firearms. I called 911 on him and was eventually asked to leave the store by management, where we were met by two uniformed Searcy Police Department officers outside.

I was never placed in handcuffs in this incident, nor was my weapon taken from me at any time. I was free to go. However, a few days later I went into the store unarmed after I had discussed the store’s gun policy with their corporate office and was assured that I was allowed to carry in the store, and I wanted to clear it up with the manager. The same trooper was there again, and handcuffed me, took me out to his car and confiscated my Concealed Handgun Carry License (even though I was not carrying at the time).

He then let me go. Seven weeks later, police came to my door with an arrest warrant of “obstructing governmental operations” for the first incident. I was eventually found not-guilty in circuit court. However, the state police refused to return my CHCL (which I fought and lost). I filed a FOIA request to get the incident reports from the state police regarding the second incident, but they DENIED the FOIA request.

I can provide additional evidence of false claims by Trooper Kurt Ziegenhorn that the video clearly contradicts. (Saying I reached for my gun, etc, etc.)

– Drew Tanner

Man “Open Carrying” a Cat Harassed Then Illegally Arrested by Police in Mena, Arkansas

The following post and accompanying video were shared with the CopBlock Network by Bart Perry, via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page.

Bart is the father of the person that recorded the video, whose name is Timothy Perry. The video is fairly short and not of very good quality having been taken with a cellphone by a man being threatened and subsequently kidnapped by armed strangers on what appears to be a deserted road.

However, in spite of its brevity and lack of technical perfection (or anything close to that) it shows pretty clearly that Bart’s son Timothy was stopped without legal justification and then arrested on the typical, made up “contempt of cop” charge of obstruction. During the video, Officers Mike Wolf and Paul Larson give some very bad excuses for their initial harassment of Timothy.

The fact that Officer Larson sees someone walking on the side of a road does not necessitate a “welfare check.” Even if he chooses to take it upon himself to do so, the simple act of walking in public does not constitute reasonable suspicion to legally detain someone, even if they start filming you once you turn around. Nor does Officer Wolf’s assertion that Timothy “disappeared on this officer.” None of those things are actually illegal acts.

Obviously, Officer Wolf is also incredibly wrong about what the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in regards to “stop and identify” statutes. In order for someone to be compelled to identify themselves, they must be legally detained. Since that is clearly not the case in this video, that requirement does not apply.

Timothy also is not legally obstructing them, since they have no legal authority to investigate him for the “offense” of walking down the street with a cat in his hands. Even in the Police State of America, it’s not yet illegal to simply walk around (openly) carrying a cat.

(Note: No information was included about the status of the [unidentified] cat. I certainly hope that s/he made it back home safely and was not also harmed and/or kidnapped by Mena Arkansas Police Officers Mike Wolf and Paul Larson. If I do receive such information, I will update the post.) – Update: I’ve been informed that the cat has returned and is safe. I’ve also been told that the charges in this case have been dropped.

Date of Incident: January 15, 2017
Officers Involved: Officer Mike Wolf and Officer Paul Larson – badge numbers 506 and 513
Department Involved: Mena (AR) Police Department
Department Facebook Page: Mena Police Dept.
Department Phone Number: (479) 394-1212

If you have a video, personal story involving police misconduct and/or abuse, or commentary about a law enforcement related news story, we would be happy to have you submit it. You can find some advice on how to get your submission published on the CopBlock Network within this post.

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On January 15th 2017, my son, Timothy Perry, who is 25 years old, went outside to catch his cat that had gotten out the door a few minutes earlier. Timothy was right down the road with his cat in his arms when the cops (two of them) stopped him and started asking him questions.

The state of Arkansas has a “stop and identify” law that requires you to give your name IF you are suspected of a crime. “If they have reasonable suspicion that you’re involved in criminal activity.” I don’t think catching your cat, looks like criminal activity. (at least not in my opinion…)

My son, knowing he had done nothing wrong, and was not committing ANY criminal act refused to give them his name. I think this made the officer angry, because he decided to throw my son on the hood of his car, VERY hard…(excessive force?) Oh, yea, he had his cat in his arms at the time.

Then, to top it off, he read him his Miranda rights as, “you have the right to remain silent, I suggest you do it.” Is this the same Miranda rights I was brought up knowing…or a shorter version they use when you make them mad? But the officer tells my son at first that he has no idea what age he is…my son looks more then 25 at the least.

Police departments all over the USA are having trouble with police officers right now, and now I know why. The excessive use of force, the stopping of citizens just walking down the road to get their cat, and Miranda rights given to you illegally…not the police force I want protecting me…right?

I think the police in Mena Arkansas need to be corrected for this, as it’s just not right. I personally think he needs to sue them. Anybody know of any good attorneys that will work pro bono? This shit has GOT to stop…Nazi cops are everywhere.

– Bart Perry

Rep. John Walker, Arkansas Senator and Civil Rights Lawyer, Arrested for Filming the Police

An Arkansas state senator, who championed legislation that protected a citizen’s right to film or photograph in public, was arrested on Monday for doing just that. Rep. John Walker, along with another man identified as Omavi Kuskukuru (also identified as Omavi Shukur), were arrested on charges of “Obstruction of Governmental Operations” while filming the police conducting a traffic stop in Little Rock.

The arrest took place while police were in the process of arresting two people who had been pulled over in a car without a license for warrants. In all, there are four cops present, including two that are trainees. Little Rock police officers initially questioned Walker about why he was filming and then eventually asked him not to film. They also accused him of “race baiting” when he brought up racial issues regarding police.

Later Kuskukuru can be seen approaching (but still a good distance from) the area where the traffic stop is taking place and being arrested. Next, Rep. Walker can be seen walking around the same area and being followed, then arrested, by one of the officers.

Via the Arkansas Times:

Walker walks up during the stop and begins filming with a cell phone from across the street, an activity noticed by cops on the scene, some of whom know Walker. In time, two officers cross the street to ask Walker what he’s doing and why. He identified himself but said he didn’t need to explain his actions. Officers explained the traffic stop and said the driver was being treated with “total respect.” They also said they agreed he had a right to observe.

The conversation grew heated, however, as Walker explained his interest in treatment of black suspects and made reference to police use of deadly force. That raised the ire of an officer who asked if Walker had ever been a police officer. He questioned whether Walker understood the challenges police face. One officer called Walker a “race baiter” and asked if he’d be interested if police had stopped a white person. The officer said Walker had been trying to film police for years and was just trying to provoke.

Film in another patrol car, taking the driver to jail, has audio of an older officer telling a younger black female officer who’d made the stop about Walker: “His main purpose was to be arrested.” Walker, he said, had been “a thorn in the side of the police department” since he joined the force.

Within hours, the charges had been dropped against Walker, he had been released, and the LRPD had announced it was conducting an internal “investigation.” The next day the city had issued him an apology, which he refused to accept. The charges against Kuskukuru, who is also a lawyer, however were not dropped. Rep. Walker and Kuskukuru held a press conference on Thursday discussing the arrests and the treatment of minorities by police.

Via (ironically enough – #JusSayin #FTP) the NWAhomepage.com:

Walker and Omavi Shukur spoke for nearly an hour about the events that led to their arrest and also about what they say is the mistreatment of black people in Central Arkansas.

“With these tapes, you saw that we did nothing,” Walker said, speaking of dash camera video from police cruisers.

Walker says he and Shukur were peacefully exercising their right to record police interactions when they were approached by officers who made disparaging comments.

The two men were eventually arrested on misdemeanor obstruction charges which have since been dropped. The city has apologized to Walker — an apology he rejected.

“What happens to me happens to many, many people in our community every day,” he said.

Minority neighborhoods, they say, are targeted by overzealous police, but the majority of the time it goes unnoticed.

“There are countless people that don’t have the privileges that Mr. Walker and I have that fall victim to a lot of the biased and draconian practices of the LRPD,” Shukur said.

Walker says he has not decided whether he’ll file a lawsuit against the city, but that the officers involved should face consequences. He also had harsh criticism for Little Rock Police Chief Kenton Buckner and City Manager Bruce Moore — both high ranking African American city officials.

“The system somehow or another imposes upon black people in positions of authority to act like white people… like white people would normally act in the past and that is to mistreat people who are at the bottom end of the socioeconomic ladder.”

There’s several interesting things about this story beyond the simple fact that a state senator was actually out there filming the cops and they were arrogant enough to arrest him for it. One is the attitude the cop is teaching a trainee that anyone filming them is a “thorn in their side” who is just looking to get arrested. That’s a good peek into the reason the culture of the police is so toxic. they are taught from the day they step on the job the bad habits of the “Bad Apples” that came before them.

The other is the display of several prevailing ideas among cops and cop apologists. First, the nonsense that only other cops can determine if a cop is in the wrong and the fact that they get irate if someone without a Magic Uniform dares to question their behavior, in spite of the rapidly escalating number of incidents in which they’ve been caught assaulting, falsely arresting, or even murdering people. Not to mention that all the “Good Cops,” that supposedly make up the vast majority of those behind the shiny badges, are so obviously not bothering to do that.

Their rationalization that the “challenges of being a police officer” should justify their abuses of citizens, even when those citizens are innocent, is a big part of why people have such little trust of the police, especially the poor and minorities who are constantly being harassed by them. Whether people want to acknowledge the role of racism in police abuses or not, the residents of those communities have very real, visible, and at this point well documented reasons for being skeptical of the motivations and actions of the police.

The idea that the simple act of someone filming them is considered a provocation by the police is, as always, also rather telling.

Arkansas Police Captain Caught Publicly Masturbating, Propositioned Undercover Cops; Only Charged With Loitering

Arkansas State Police Captain Steven Bryan Davis was ready to get a little freaky about a week or so ago (August 30th). So he parked out by a trail next to a wooded area, stripped down, and started getting himself revved up. Apparently, he was “up for anything” that day, too.

When two undercover cops stumbled upon his little solo party, he invited them to get in on the act and do a dirty little show for him in the back of his truck. They kinda ruined the mood though by slapping him into handcuffs. (Or maybe not; he sounds like the kind of guy that might like a little bondage.)

Via 4029TV.com:

Davis faces a Class C Misdemeanor charge of loitering. A Class C Misdemeanor carries the punishment of up to 30 days in jail and/or a fine of up to $500, according to (Prosecuting Attorney Daniel) Shue.

Arkansas State Police Captain Steven Bryan Davis of Troop H in Fort Smith was arrested Tuesday afternoon.

The arrest location was listed as 2500 Riverfront Drive, which is where Highway 255 crosses a trail in a wooded area near the Arkansas River.

In the report released Thursday, an undercover officer reports Capt. Davis appeared to be masturbating in his truck near Fort Smith Park.

When the officer and another undercover officer confronted him, they say Davis said he wanted to watch the two undercover officers perform sex acts in the back of his truck, according to the report.

The undercover officers then identified themselves and handcuffed Capt. Davis, the report says.

Davis was booked on a misdemeanor loitering charge, Fort Smith Police told 40/29 News.

Davis was released on a $200 bond.

Captain Davis was placed on paid administrative leave, according to an Arkansas State Police spokesperson.

Although, he was originally given a paid vacation after posting bail, he has actually resigned since then. It is interesting that he was only charged with a misdemeanor count of loitering. I’m sure that if any ordinary citizen had been caught “giving themselves a tune up” in public and then asked the cops that caught them to do some creepy stuff in their car, they wouldn’t get charged with some sort of sex crime.

Looks like Captain Davis has already received his Policeman’s Discount and is well on his way to starting his second career at some other police department.

Update: Arkansas Police Chief that Arrested Man For Open Carry Burned His Own Truck; Stole From Department

In August of last year, I wrote a post about a video that had been submitted by a Cop Block reader showing a police chief in Bald Knob, Arkansas questioning Richard Chambless, a Second Amendment activist who had been arrested while legally open carrying a hand gun.

During that video, Chief Erek Balentine was very insistent that open carrying actually wasn’t legal in Arkansas and even eventually berated Chambless in an angry outburst toward the end of the interrogation. He also had some sort of issue with the fact Chambless was carrying a police scanner at the time of his arrest, implying that it was an indicator of criminal intentions.

A month later, Chief Balentine resigned, presumably under public pressure as a result of the publicity generated by the video featured in the first post, stating he was in “fear for his family’s safety.” However, this is where things really start to get interesting.

According to Balentine, someone had spray painted “2 Amendment” on both sides of his truck and then lit that truck on fire. Obviously, this was some whacky, extremist gun nut retaliating for Chief Balentine’s arrest of Chambless for something that wasn’t just legal, but was expressly protected within the Constitution. Right?

Bald Knob Police Chief Balentine Resigns

Former Bald Knob Police Chief Balentine

Now the real truth has come out, though. Former Bald Knob Arkansas Police Chief Erek Ballentine is a big filthy liar and a thief on top of that. And, although this is the least shocking revelation involving this story, he’s just not a very smart or well thought out criminal mastermind, either.

Not only has he joined the ranks of cops who have staged an “attack” against themselves as part of the Fake War On Cops, but he also joined the very crowded ranks of cops who have committed fraud and stole from their own department.

In fact, the entire burned truck incident was intended to somehow distract from the fact that he had stolen a shotgun, which had been donated to the police department for a fundraising auction and then sold it and pocketed the cash. The fraud part of the equation is based on him having filed a insurance claim on the truck he actually burned.

Of course, no story about a criminal cop (I realize that’s a bit redundant and that I’m not supposed to use double negatives) and the Good Cops he works with holding him accountable would be complete without that Bad Apple getting the typical Policeman’s Discount.

After initially being charged with federal felony charges of arson, mail fraud, and possession of a stolen firearm (which he was in possession of because he stole it), Former Chief Balentine was allowed to plead guilty to the single charge of possessing the stolen firearm and promise to pay restitution to Progressive Insurance for the false claim. As part of that deal the Feds agreed not to pursue the more serious charges of arson and fraud.

Original Video of Man Arrested in Bald Knob, Arkansas for Legally Open Carrying a Gun

Profiled by Road Pirates in Boone County Arkansas

This post was submitted by Antonio Deshawn Ausler, via the CopBlock.org submissions page. It seems like from the description that this was a pretty typical case of Road Pirates hoping to generate some revenue. They generally prey on out of state drivers, partly because they know people are likely to be carrying cash that they can steal (without even charging them with a crime) and partly because they know people from another state are less likely to return and more likely to just pay whatever fine that the excuse they used to pull them over carries.

Antonio states:

I also have a hand signed letter from President Barack Obama and a letter from my senator in regards to my civil rights lawsuit. Before I filed it, I sent my evidence and complaint to the president. It took some effort, but he finally wrote me back and in his letter he told me to be persistent. He said that he will be fighting for people like me as long as he is in that office. All of my claims have already been proven from the top coming down. I look forward to seeing this posted.

Thank you,

Antonio Ausler


Date of Incident: September 2015
Location of Incident: Harrison, Arkansas
Departments Involved: Boone County Sheriff’s DepartmentArkansas State Police
Departments’ Phone Numbers: BCSD: (870) 741-8404 – ASP: (501) 618-8000


I was traveling from Conway Arkansas going to Springfield Missouri. About an hour before I got to Harrison Arkansas, I realized a car had been behind me for a while, but had not caught up to me. I started getting a feeling that I was being followed. So I started slowing down to a lower speed for a short amount of time and then going back to speed limit. I did this five to six times, but the car never caught up with me.

It might seem like I was being paranoid, but a little background I had just filed a complaint against my former attorney 2-3 months before, which is still under review at this moment. The issue with my former attorney came on around the same time. I had asked him to represent me in a $6 million 1983 civil rights lawsuit I was filing against the Board of Probation and Parole and the State. This case is in Federal Court and I am waiting for a answer on a prisoner pro se case from the Attorney General.

dwc banner-http://www.copblock.org/support/copblock-network/Now, back to the night in question. After realizing something was going on, I decided when I topped the next hill I would just quickly pull over to see what they do. As soon as I topped the hill and I could not see their lights, I quickly pulled off on a side road off of Highway 65. When they came over the hill they almost locked up their brakes, but it was too late and I was facing the road, so the vehicle took off.

When I pulled out behind them, I had every intention of getting their plate number but now the SUV was going 65-75 mph and I could not catch them. The faster I went, the faster they went. About 15 miles down the road, a state trooper came shooting up behind me. I could still see the SUV but I was nowhere near close enough to see the tags.

The state trooper followed me for three miles after I switched lanes twice to let him go by. I was then pulled over. When I asked the officer why I was pulled over, he said that I made an illegal turn when I pulled off to the side of the road to let that car go by. At first I was not sure what was going on, but I was fully aware of my surroundings and where I was at. I just told him the car behind me was flashing its lights, so I just pulled over to let the car go by.

While I was saying this the officer I noticed three police cars and a tow truck pull up behind his car. Three more police cars came from the front, but never pulled in front of my vehicle. The officer got me out of the car and made me do two field sobriety tests, which I passed. The officer told me that I’m going to jail for driving on a suspended license and for less than an ounce of weed that was in my pocket.

By the time the officer got me in the car there were maybe 7-8 police officers around my car. It was already being hooked up to the tow truck, only maybe 6-7 minutes into the stop. The officer that pulled me over was maybe 10-20 feet off to the right side of my car talking on his cell phone while the 7-8 officers that pulled up were in my car. When the officer came back and got in the car my car was already being pulled away and everyone was leaving the scene. This was at most maybe 10-12 minutes we were on the side of the road. This was a kidnapping.

banner-submitWhen the officer started talking, the first thing he said was, “I don’t know what the hell is going on.” At this moment, I felt like whatever was about to happen I had foiled it by pulling over and chasing that SUV. I then felt like it was okay to tell him that I knew I was being followed. He responded with, “What makes you think that?” I told him how I had slowed down and sped up and the way the SUV almost locked up its brakes coming over the hill and how after that the car would not go under 65mph, but would go as fast as it needed to for me not to catch it.

His next question let me know he had no idea what he might have just interrupted. Instead of trying to get me to talk about this case he wanted to know, ” why do you think someone would be following you?” I then informed the officer about my civil rights lawsuit and about the complaint against my former attorney.

By this time, we were pulling up to a building that to me did not look like a police station or any kind of jail and to this day I still don’t know were I was taken. The arresting officer and another officer took me in a small room and took my money out my pocket and started counting it. I had around $1200, all the money I had in this world, in my pocket. After counting my money the arresting officer had to go back to his car to see if I dropped some money out of my pocket in his back seat.

There was another officer in the room and he started asking me where I got the drugs and talking like I had a car full of drugs. I was then forced to take pictures and they claimed they found some more weed in my vehicle. As mad as I was and as hurt as I was I had to keep reminding myself where I was at. I have heard stories about black people going through this town and at this moment I am really not sure what is about to happen to me. So I agree yes sir, no sir whatever it takes to get one decent person on my side in this equation.

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There was a conversation after all this between the arresting officer and the other officer in the room in regards to who would transport me to the actual jail. The arresting officer informed the other officer in his own words, ” I am going to take him to the jail and this evidence is staying in my car until in the morning, cause I don’t know what the hell is going on.”

I was then taken by the arresting officer to the jail, but on the way to the jail all the officer wanted to talk about was my civil rights lawsuit. I told him what I could cause now I’m feeling like he just got caught up in something he was not supposed to have anything to do with.

When we arrived at the Boone County Jail, the officer first lit me a cigarette and let me smoke it in the back seat, I’m guessing cause he needed one, too. Then he told me, “Look I’m from Louisiana. I don’t know what these country motherfuckers be doing, but look have you heard about Harrison?” I said, “yes I have heard a little.” Then he said, “well they like beating up and tasing folks in here. So when you get in just be easy.” I said, “yes sir,” and he walked me in to what I thought would be my last day on earth.

He took me into a holding cell and told me, “look I don’t know what the hell is going on, but if you’re not charged or have a bond by 7:00pm tomorrow when I come on shift, I will be in here personally to make sure you get the hell out of here.” He then told me I was under investigation. So they could hold me for 72hrs before they charge me, but he assured me he would be in tomorrow at 7:00.

banner buy shiny badgesThat was the longest night of my life not knowing what was really going on, but knowing the same people that were following me could walk in this cell at any moment. I kept hitting the button in the cell asking does anyone know what I’m being charged with or why I’m under investigation? The only answer they could give me for almost 24hrs was, “we don’t know why you’re in here and we do not know why you’re under investigation. As soon as we find out we will let you know.

The next day at 7:00, the arresting officer walked in the door with bond papers. He came and opened my cell and gave me my papers and told me, “get the hell out of here.” It took until almost 2:00 in the morning to walk out them doors. I thought they were done, but one day I decided to look up name on the internet and I saw that I have a warrant in Harrison Arkansas.

I have already been to court and I have a trial date coming up soon for these charges. I called and spoke with the sheriff’s office, municipal and district courts. At first, no one had any information as to why I had a warrant or where it came from. Then I talked to a secretary, who told me a lot.

I was told that its common, matter of fact, it’s routine to allow a person to bond out and then put some other charges on them to issue a warrant. I was also informed that the night I was pulled over those other seven police cars and tow truck that showed up on the scene, within seconds of me being pulled over, were the drug task force. I recorded all of these conversations.

Why would the drug task force be at a traffic stop, why was I put under investigation, why was I pulled over 18 miles away from where a moving traffic violation occurred. This car was in my wife’s name and that was the “only reason” for the stop. Why did the arresting officer seem so confused about what’s really in play? Why would their secretary literally beg me to get an attorney because from her own paperwork this warrant I have now is from the same charges I have already been to court over? There has been a trail of evidence left behind by these illegal actions performed by the ones paid to protect and serve.

– Antonio Deshawn Ausler

Mother and 16 Year Old Son Beaten, Tazed, and Arrested for Waving at a Cop

In September of 2011, then 16 year old Mathew Robinson and his mother Eva were walking their dog in Dover Arkansas. Along the way, Mathew made the grave and fateful mistake of waving at a police officer, who was driving by. In spite of his later admittance that it is completely legal to wave at a cop, Deputy Marshall Steven Payton decided that doing so was “suspicious.”

This unfounded and ridiculous suspicion by Payton soon led to Mathew being beaten, kicked, tased (22 times), and arrested. In addition, Eva was also beaten, choked, and arrested. All of that was in spite of Deputy Marshall Payton readily admitting that there was no reasonable suspicion of any crime that would justify them even being detained.

According to ACLU.org:

Dover Deputy Marshall Steven Payton testified that he detained the Robinsons and their dog in the back of his patrol car, with the intent to take them to jail solely to identify them. When co-defendant Pope County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant Kristopher Stevens arrived on the scene, he ordered Matthew to get out of the car.  When Matthew was not able to get out quickly enough, the Pope County sergeant tased him twice inside the car.

Counsel for the officers claim that the incident would have been avoided if Matthew had said who he was or if he had gotten out of the patrol car when they said, maintaining that officers had “no choice” to use the taser.

Police Killing Public Trust

As is typical, the travesties involved in this case don’t simply end with the physical beatings and unnecessary arrests. The police even admitted to lying on the police reports and evidence that should have been preserved was “lost.” Payton and Sergeant Stevens even readily admitted that their violent actions, especially the multiple tasings of Mathew, were violations of department policy. In addition, neither Mathew nor his mother were read their rights or even told that they were being arrested or why. In spite of that they haven’t been disciplined in any way whatsoever for their actions that day.

So, in the brilliant world of Cop Logic, something that anyone else on the planet would perceive as a friendly gesture isn’t only a justification for, but actually leaves them “no choice” except to harass, beat, torture, and kidnap a completely innocent teenager and his mother, who were simply out walking their dog. And those despicable acts, along with the laundry list of policy violations, some of which also violate constitutional protections, isn’t a reason for their respective departments to hold them accountable

It’s rather amazing at this point that they still have trouble figuring out why people have lost every bit of respect they once had for the police and why some are even starting to shoot back.

Update: Arkansas Police Chief in Open Carry Arrest Video Has Resigned

Bald Knob Police Chief Balentine ResignsLast month I blogged about Richard Chambless, who was arrested and even convicted while doing nothing except open carrying a legal firearm in Bald Knob, Arkansas. Included with that post was a video (embedded below) of the interrogation of Chambless. During that video Chambless continually asserted his Second Amendment right to openly carry a weapon for self defense

Meanwhile, Chief Erek Balentine, along with another unidentified officer, insisted, at times angrily, throughout that he didn’t need and wasn’t allowed to have that weapon in Bald Knob, as well as claiming that the only reason he had for carrying a police scanner was because he was engaged in illegal activity. In the end, Chambless was charged with “unlawfully employing” a firearm, which obviously isn’t the case for someone simply open carrying, since it is lawful to do so.

Apparently, that didn’t sit well with quite a lot of Second Amendment advocates and Chief Balentine has received some negative feedback, to say the least:

The police chief in Bald Knob, Arkansas, went outside of his home Monday night to find his truck engulfed in flames and “2 Amendment” written on both sides of it.

“I opened the front door and the whole back glass fully engulfed and then written on the side of it second amendment,” Chief Erek Balentine said.

The right to bear arms — at least openly without a permit — has been a topic of the town recently when Bald Knob man was arrested and convicted last month for open carrying inside a McDonalds.

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Chief Balentine apparently couldn’t take the heat of the blow-back (pun very much intended) from his earlier actions in illegally arresting and then pushing for the prosecution of Chambless for a Constitutionally protected act. It’s since been announced that soon to be Former Chief Balentine has submitted his resignation to Bald Knob Mayor Beth Calhoun, effective October 5th:

In the letter, Balentine stated that it had been a pleasure to work within the department, but that it is “time to move on from this City and Police Department.”

Additionally, Balentine told local media, “If someone could stoop as low enough to burn my truck, then I don’t want to take that chance to endanger my family,” but also said he would continue to pursue all of his current cases and offered continued support for the department and city, if needed.

Meanwhile, Richard Chambless has stated that he intends to appeal the earlier conviction from his arrest by Chief Balentine.

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Bald Knob, AR Firearm Arrest; Police Chief Angrily Insists Open Carry is Illegal

This post was originally submitted by Richard Gray, via the Cop Block.org submissions page. The original Facebook post that contained the video from the Bald Knob Police Department interrogation tape can be found here.

line-bannerDate of Incident: May 24, 2015
Officer(s) Involved: Chief of Police Erek Balentine, at least two other unidentified police officers
Department Involved: Bald Knob (AR) Police Department
Phone Number: (501) 724-5193


Arkansas Open Carry ArrestRichard Chambless was arrested while open carrying in Bald Knob, Arkansas. Chambless was walking around town with a holstered, openly carried firearm, and a police scanner. He also entered the McDonald’s near his home a couple of times, who apparently (based on statements in the video) told him he was not allowed inside with the gun. Several 911 callers subsequently reported a man with a gun. Over the scanner, Chambless heard that the police were looking for him. He called and reported his location and said he would wait for them. Chambless was arrested. He agreed to a videotaped interrogation conducted by the chief of police.

Chief of Police Erek Balentine incorrectly reads a law that states it is illegal to “unlawfully employ” a handgun, even though Chambless was not doing so by openly carrying his firearm. Toward the end of the video, Chief Balentine becomes very irate and yells at Chambless after he refuses to acknowledge that he has no right to carry a weapon because, according to the chief, there is no law which allows him to carry a firearm. Chambless consistently brings up the Second Amendment and the fact that the absence of a law explicitly stating he has a right to carry a firearm isn’t required, because the 2nd Amendment gives him that right. Another police employee gave Chambless a speech about nobody needing to carry a firearm, because the police would protect them.

Arkansas-Open-Carry-Arrest-Police-Chief-Angrily-Insists-open-Carry-is-IllegalChief Balentine also stole Chambless’ police scanner, claiming that the only reason he has for using it is because he’s engaging in illegal acts and needs to monitor where the police officers are, so he can get away. That is in spite of the fact that Chambless heard on the scanner that they were looking for him over the firearm and called to inform them of his location.

Apparently, Chambless was found guilty on August 25, 2015 by District Judge Mark Derrick, but Chambless plans to appeal.

-Richard Gray