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Off-Duty Philadelphia Police Officer Shot His Own Son in the Back for Contempt of a Cop (Him)

Officer Dorion Young has become the first Philadelphia cop to be charged in a shooting in over three years after he took old adage of “spare the rod, spoil the child” to a new level on Labor Day. After arguing with, then physical assaulting his 19 year-old son, Officer Young shot him twice in the back with a .40 caliber pistol as his son, Devine, tried to run away from him.

He’s been charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, simple assault, possessing instruments of a crime, and unspecidfied “related offenses.” In addition, Young is on a thirty day suspension, which according to the Philadelphia Police Internal Affairs Division will eventually become a permanent (unpaid) vacation.

Via the Philadelphia Enquirer:

Young, a 25-year veteran of the Police Department, allegedly started an argument with his oldest son, Devine, over “perceived disrespect he felt about the use of the family car,” (District Attorney Seth) Williams said.

As the argument escalated, Young waved his personal .40-caliber pistol and shouted, “You my son, and you aren’t going to keep disrespecting me,” according to the District Attorney’s Office.

Young walked away from his son and called 911, but then went back, and broke down his son’s bedroom door and began fighting with him, Williams said.

The fight moved from the bedroom into the hallway, where Young ended up on his back as his son stepped over him and tried to get away by walking down the stairs, said Tariq El-Shabazz, deputy of the district attorney’s investigations division.

As the teenager walked down the stairs, his father sat up and, with his legs extended in front of him, fired two shots, El-Shabazz said.

One bullet went through Dorion Young’s own shoe, narrowly missing his foot. The other struck his son in the back, according to El-Shabazz.

The teen was taken to Aria Health-Torresdale Campus, where he initially was listed in critical condition.

Prosecutors said Devine Young lost his spleen and a part of his colon in the shooting. He also is “dealing with the psychological injury” of being shot by his own father, El-Shabazz said.

“While this is a terrible tragedy, there is no excuse for what happened that day, and Dorion Young will be held responsible for having shot his son,” Williams said.

While acknowledging the “difficulties of raising a son,” Tariq El-Shabazz, the deputy district attorney who investigated the case, didn’t accept Young’s excuse that the gun just happened to go off while they were fighting, citing other undisclosed evidence which contradicted that assertion.

No doubt in the 25 years he spent on the Philadelphia Police Department he has never had “difficulties” dealing with someone not related to him being disrespectful toward him.

Off-Duty Pittsburgh Cop Shot Jail Guard During Drunken Thanksgiving Bar Fight

After, by his own admission, drinking at least 10 bears, having his girlfriend become involved in “several” fights during the night, and hitting a woman himself; Joshua Gonzalez started fighting again in the parking lot as he was heading to his car. Soon after Gonzalez, an off-duty police officer from the Pittsburgh suburb of Aliquippa, had shot the man he was fighting with, who was an off-duty jail guard.

As a result, Kevin Miller, the jail guard ended up in the hospital with damage to his liver and colon from a stomach wound. Meanwhile, Officer Gonzalez had to be bailed out of jail by his mom and is facing aggravated assault charges. Gonzalez, whose lawyer assures everyone he is a Good Cop, claims that he shot in self-defense after Miller reached for his waistband. (Because that’s kinda the most popular go-to thing on the “why’d you shoot that guy?” script for cops.)

So yeah, it was quite a festive Thanksgiving (via Pittsburgh.CBSlocal.com):

According to a criminal complaint, the incident began at the Milestone Bar in Brentwood and spilled into the Carrick neighborhood shortly before 3 a.m. Thursday.

Responding officers found Kevin Miller suffering from a gunshot wound to the stomach on Stewart Avenue. When they asked if he knew who shot him, he replied: “he said he was a cop…a cop.”  Miller was taken to UPMC Mercy Hospital and placed in the ICU with damage to his liver and colon. He is now in stable condition.

24-year-old Joshua Gonzalez approached officers at the crime scene and identified himself as the shooter.

Gonzalez agreed to be interviewed and told police that while at Milestone Bar he had consumed approximately 10 beers. He said his girlfriend was involved in several fights while at the bar, which had to be broken up repeatedly.

Later, while his group was walking to their car, he said someone shouted at him from a porch and the fighting began again.

He told officers that during the fight, he saw Miller “pulling up his shirt and reaching into his waistband,” which made him feel that his life was in danger. He fired one round from his personally-owned weapon at the victim, later identified as Miller. Gonzalez apologized for leaving the scene, explaining that he panicked.

When officers asked Miller whether he made any threatening movements, he said he did not and that he was “just yelling at him because he hit a girl.” He additionally mentioned that he does not own a gun.

Unfortunately for him, it doesn’t look good for Officer Gonzalez since he has only been with the Aliquippa Police Department for five months and is still on probation. In fact, they didn’t even give him a paid vacation; instead they suspended him without pay. Miller, on the other hand, has been with the Allegheny County Jail for nine years. I’m willing to bet that after his wrist heals from the harsh slap he’ll be getting on it, Gonzalez will be the one in a different area of Pennsylvania sitting in a new hire orientation for some other police department.

Los Angeles Cop Who Beat Girlfriend and Set Her Hair on Fire to Serve just Six Months in Jail (Update)

As CopBlock Network Contributor described in a post last year, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy Alejandro Flores viciously attacked his now ex-girlfriend. In what has been characterized as the culmination of a pattern of abuse, Flores beat his girlfriend (who only wants to be identified as “Maria” due to fear of further attacks), used a gas stove to set her hair on fire, and then threatened her with his gun to force her to stay at the house after the assault.

All of that and numerous previous assaults took place in front of their two year old son. She was only able to escape by sneaking out of the house and confiding in relatives after he left to go Protect and Serve the County of Los Angeles as part of the LASD. The incredibly serious issue that precipitated Flores’ sadistic actions involved a dispute over a pacifier (presumably intended for the child, not Deputy Flores).

Flores was charged with nine felonies, including three felony counts of domestic battery with corporal injury, two felony counts of assault with a force likely to produce great bodily injury and a felony count each of aggravated assault, criminal threats, dissuading a witness, and false imprisonment. As a result, he faced a maximum of up to 14 years in prison. The prosecutor offered him a plea deal which would have required him to serve five years in prison.

However, the judge had a different idea of how deep a Policeman’s Discount Deputy Flores deserved. He not only gave out just a one year sentence for the savage, almost deadly beating(s) “Maria” had been subjected to in front of her child, he even went so far as to disregard the prosecutors requests to make Flores serve his time in a state prison, where he would be required to do the entire year. Instead, Judge Rodger Robbins sentenced him to county jail, where he’ll be released to look for another woman to abuse and possibly kill in just six months.

The victim in the case for obvious reasons not happy about the judges actions and rightfully states that he is getting off easy because he had one of those Magic Suits that renders people impervious to real consequences for their actions, no matter how illegal, immoral, or violent they might be, at the time of the attack.

Via ABC7.com (in Orange County, CA):

The 34-year-old (Flores) stood emotionless as he listened to his son’s mother speak about the violence.

“He pushed me against the stove yelling, ‘Is this what you want?’ At that point, he turned on the gas burner, setting the my hair on fire,” said the victim, who did not want to be identified.

As she read her victim-impact statement, she urged the judge to issue a stiffer sentence.

“Alejandro chose a career in law enforcement to protect and serve. Apparently, that doesn’t cross to his personal life and the sentence confirms it,” she told the courtroom.

The victim said there had been violence before, all of which occurred in front of their young son…

In her victim impact statement, the victim also urged the judge to consider what message the sentence sends to other victims of domestic violence.

“Knowing what it finally took for me to finally stand up for myself and my son, with a one-year sentence it is almost like I’m being victimized again, now too by the system I trusted to protect me and my son,” she said.

Yet another Hero In Blue held to a higher standard. It’s almost as if Deputy Flores already knew the fix was in when he turned down that five year plea deal offered by the prosecutors.

Videos of Local Coverage

A Young Man’s Life is Ruined by a Pennsylvania Policeman’s Wrongful Actions

The following post was sent in by Fran Perrone, via the CopBlock.org submissions page. Within it she details the harassment and false arrest of her son by police in Delaware County, PA. and the effect that has had on both him and their family.

Fran states:

I don’t know what to do. I am scared that this fateful night will ruin my son for life. These cops are heartless, and mean, and well known to lock people up and make up charges. I want the world to know what happened to my son as he was peaceably walking down the street.

December 30, 2015

My son would have been out of jail for two years today, but a nightmare happened to him that has our family shattered for the New Year. My 24 year old son is on parole for drug charges and has been a model citizen since his release. He landed a job, found a girlfriend, and even got an apartment with her. He just works, pay bills, watches TV, and sleeps because parole allows little else.

However, on the night of December 30th he met his girlfriend to walk her home and had two friends with him. After they met up, they started walking home in Folcroft, PA (Delaware County). Suddenly, a police car pulled up and told the four of them to put their hands on the car saying that they were prowling and loitering, which was not true.

My son was outraged and began asking questions. The cop told him to shut up and face forward. Moments later, he asked why he was being arrested and he was handcuffed and slammed FACE FIRST TO THE GROUND and TAZED twice on his leg. The cops then arrested these four innocent people. They were treated like dogs for seven hours in a cell – no phone calls, no food, no nothing. In the morning, they all went to see a judge.

The other three were released with no charges, but my son was sent to JAIL with these charges:

  • Loitering
  • Public Drunkenness
  • Resisting Arrest
  • Aggravated Assault

I am going crazy. Yes, he made some bonehead moves years back but he has put that behind him and he was never a violent offender.

– Fran Perrone