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Chicago to Pay $2 Million to Police Whistle-Blowers After “Few Bad Apples” Destroyed Their Careers

On Monday, Chicago’s City Council Finance Committee approved a settlement of $2 million to two police officers that were the targets of extensive and widespread retaliation after they exposed corruption within the police department. Shannon Spalding and Daniel Echeverria had gone to the FBI back in 2007 after they were told by superiors to ignore illegal activity by Ronald Watts, a sergeant with the Chicago Police Department.

After Watts was convicted of extorting drug dealers and sentenced to prison, Spalding and Echeverria became targeted for retaliation throughout the department. This included threats of physical violence against them, ostracization, and overt attempts to ruin their careers. According to their accounts of the retaliation they experienced, it’s almost as if the “Few Bad Apples” were the ones running the entire police department and somehow outnumbered all of the “Good Cops” we hear so much about.

Via the Chicago Sun-Times:

Spalding and Echeverria allege they were retaliated against for helping to expose police corruption nearly a decade ago.

The partners had alleged their superiors told them in 2007 to ignore evidence of criminal wrongdoing by Sgt. Ronald Watts. Instead, on personal time, they said they reported it to the FBI.

What the officers thought would end with a simple meeting eventually turned into “Operation Brass Tax.” And while they tried to limit their involvement in the investigation to personal time, it became so time-consuming that the officers were forced to tell CPD’s internal affairs. As a result, they were formally detailed to the FBI.

Spalding and Echeverria spent two years working exclusively on the Watts investigation. Watts was sentenced in October 2013 to 22 months in prison for shaking down drug dealers.

But lawyers for the two officers say Internal Affairs Chief Juan Rivera blew their cover. Spalding and Echeverria were branded “rat motherf——” and told their bosses didn’t want them in their units. They were allegedly told their careers were over, given undesirable assignments and shifts and told fellow officers wouldn’t back them up. Their actions allegedly made the brass so angry that Spalding was warned to “wear her vest” so she wouldn’t be shot in the parking lot for crossing the thin blue line.

“One of the defendants … charged with some of the retaliatory conduct resigned in December of 2015 before the Police Department initiated disciplinary proceedings against him for his role in the re-investigation of the David Koschman case,” (First Deputy Corporation Counsel Jenny) Notz told aldermen Monday.

“Also in 2015, a key CPD witness who would have rebutted some of the plaintiffs’ most serious allegations of retaliation relating to their experiences in the Narcotic Unit was indicted on felony perjury charges relating to testimony that he gave in another case. … The police superintendent recommended [in March] that this officer be terminated.”

Notz added, “The plaintiffs would certainly, if this case went to trial, use these recent developments to attack the credibility of two of the defense’s key witnesses at trial, making this case difficult to win.”

The settlement was reached one day before Mayor Rahm Emanuel would have been forced to testify at their civil trial. This has spurred speculation that the settlement was really intended to keep Emanuel from having to testify about a code of silence within the CPD, that he has already publicly acknowledged.

Stanton County Kansas Sheriff Cody L. Morris Arrested For Domestic Violence

Somehow yet another Bad Apple was able to hide his rotteness from all the Good Cops working with him every day until he attained the rank of sheriff. However, the secret is finally out for Sheriff Cody L. Morris of Stanton County, Kansas.

Morris is accused of assaulting a “family member” named Kristy Morris (presumably his wife or girlfriend), restraining her against her will, and the criminal damaging of property. Although not many details have been released, according to the arrest report embedded below, the property damage consisted of Sheriff Morris smashing up a bunch of plates and dishes.

Via the Green City Telegram:

Stanton County Sheriff Cody Morris was arrested Aug. 28 on an allegation of domestic violence.

According to Kansas Bureau of Investigation special agent Bruce Miller, Stanton County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Morris, 604 W. Grant St., Johnson City, at 8:30 p.m. Aug. 28 at his residence.

According to Miller, Morris was taken to the Grant County Jail in Ulysses, where he was held on $1,000 bail.

Grant County Sheriff Lance Babcock said Morris posted bail within 24 hours of his arrest and was released.

Employees of the Stanton County Sheriff’s Office declined to comment about the arrest Thursday and referred all questions to the KBI, which is handling the investigation to avoid a conflict of interest.

“The local officers did the initial arrest on the alleged incident. Then they requested our assistance, since it was the sheriff,” Miller said.

Miller said the case is being handled by the Kansas Attorney General’s office at the request of the Stanton County Attorney’s office.

Click on image to enlarge it and read the complaint.

Click on image to enlarge it and read the complaint.

Las Vegas Attorney Stephen Stubbs: “Stand Up and Tell the Truth” – Why #PoliceLiesMatter

Stephen Stubbs Bowtie Blue Lies Matter Truth

This video was recently submitted to me by Las Vegas Attorney Stephen Stubbs so it could be shared with  Nevada Cop Block‘s readers. In it he discusses several incidents he and/or his clients have been involved in with officers from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Nevada Highway Patrol, Boulder City Police, and other Las Vegas area police departments.

The main case discussed in the video is the very first case for which Stubbs was ever featured on CopBlock. In that instance, he was arrested after a group of bikers (belonging to a ministry group called “Bikers For Christ“), who had been stopped and then detained by LVMPD officers, requested he act as their attorney during that detention.

Not long after, Lieutenant Yatomi of the LVMPD Gang Task Force arrived and illegally ordered Stephen Stubbs to leave his clients, even though they had a right to have counsel present, which is guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment. When he refused, he was arrested for “obstruction.” As Stubbs points out in the video, he was subsequently exonerated in court without even having to present a defense, once the case finally went to court.

One of the important points, especially in relation to Cop Block, is the role in which bystander video played in this and the other cases discussed. Obviously, we always encourage people to film the police anytime you interact with them or see them stopping someone else. In many instances, it is essentially a tool of self defense, which proves or even prevents misconduct by police by providing concrete evidence of what actually happened.

Las Vegas Attorney Stephen Bowtie Stubbs Bikers For ChristIn the case of Stubbs’ arrest, the video taken by others nearby proved, without doubt, that he was not obstructing the police and that Sgt. Yatomi had in fact lied and fabricated information within her police report to justify arresting him. In another instance mentioned, one of his clients was beaten because LVMPD Officers Glowinski and Kolkoski, who were clearing out a bar in Downtown Las Vegas, decided he wasn’t moving fast enough. Similarly, another of his clients, who was actually trying to intercede and stop a potential fight from escalating, was tased by the Metro officers involved.

A final example Stubbs mentions in the video is that of a client who was riding his motorcycle on a Las Vegas freeway when he was intentionally hit by a Nevada Highway Patrol officer after that officer turned the dashcam in his car off. Unfortunately for him, he turned it back on just in time to record himself admitting he intentionally hit the motorcycle. This NHP Trooper also just happened to have posts on his Facebook page making light of Nazis and joking about using force against people. BTW, the victim of his vehicular assault was a black man.

So the common thread among all these is that all of those Good Cops lied (committing perjury in the process) and those lies were later proven to be just that by the video. Obviously, those departments and the other officers within them held those Bad Apples accountable for their actions, right?

Not so much…

Not one of those cops was punished in any meaningful way at all. In fact, as Stephen Stubbs points out in the video, Sgt. Yesemia Yatomi, whose lies were so blatant that the charges against him were tossed out without him even having to provide a defense, has now been promoted to lieutenant by Metro.

And it gets better…

After Lt. Yatomi’s promotion, she was placed in charge of the LVMPD’s Internal Affairs Division.

In case that somehow isn’t clear, that means a cop who either doesn’t know or doesn’t care about citizens’ Constitutional rights and who was proven on video to have committed perjury to justify an illegal and vindictive arrest is now in charge of the department that investigates misconduct by Las Vegas police officers and complaints of abuse from them by Las Vegas citizens.

That sort of constant and systemic pattern certainly makes the public trust police and believe that it is only a Few Bad Apples committing all the abuses.

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