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After Workplace Spat, Alabama Police Officer Arrested For Pepper Spraying Another Cop

Officer Shaun Deane AL Pepper Spray
I’m sure you’ve heard the popular Gandhi quote:

“First they ignore you,
then they laugh at you,
then they fight each other,
then everyone wins (and we all laugh).”

I’m pretty sure that’s how it goes anyway. But even if not, a cop in Alabama did a great job of illustrating how appropriate that version would be.

According to reports, he was arrested for pepper spraying a cop from another precinct after getting into some sort of dispute while attempting to pick up records at that precinct. He’s been charged with “use of a noxious substance.”

Via the New York Daily News:

Shaun Deane of the Birmingham Police Department had come to the other officer’s precinct looking for a report, according to WBRC. An angry Deane allegedly threatened to put the other officer in a body bag.

“This officer opens up his cannister, his holster for mace and pulls his mace out and puts it in my face,” the unidentified victim said in an interview with WBRC. “I look at him and I made a statement to him. Told him he’s not gonna do anything and before I could even get my statement out he had already applied the spray to my face…”

“There were some questions whether it was intentional or horseplay, but regardless it was inappropriate behavior that was a violation of department policy,” Sgt. Bryan Shelton told the local ABC affiliate. “An investigation was conducted and disciplinary actions were taken.”

The second officer told the station he was “blown away” by what happened.

“I couldn’t even wrap my mind around what was really happening,” he told WBRC. “I could possibly be able to process the situation if it would have been a citizen, but this was a fellow officer. It took me to a place in my mind that I couldn’t even process at that time.”

The online reports don’t actually say why Officer Deane was angry. However, cops do tend to be angry pretty much all the time and often for random reasons that don’t make any sense to normal people. So, there’s no guarantee that a logical explanation exists for his motivation.

BTW, Deane is accused of putting his hand on his gun prior to using the pepper spray. If you really want to hammer home to yourself just how cray cray (that’s a medical term, look it up) some cops are, watch the video embedded below where the officer who was pepper sprayed is being kept anonymous, including having his physical appearance and voice altered to avoid potential retaliation., GA News Weather & Sports

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Man Sexually Assaulted at Gunpoint by Alabama Police Officer After Noise Complaint

Officer Deonte Lashawn Hamner of the Montgomery Police Department was arrested and charged with sexual assault after he stopped a man on a noise complaint on June 9th. According to the arrest report, he then forced the driver to perform oral sex on him at gunpoint.

It’s not actually clear in the account posted at whether a real noise complain was made or if that was just used as an excuse to stop his victim. In the video (embedded below) at their site, they describe the incident as Ofc. Hamner having, “abused his power to take advantage of another man,” which implies that the latter might be the case.

Via, the local NBC affiliate in Montgomery:

A Montgomery police officer has been arrested and charged with sexual assault of an adult male while he was on duty.

The officer, 27-year-old Deonte Lashawn Hamner, was arrested Tuesday on a felony first degree sodomy charge. He was taken to the Montgomery County Detention Facility where he’s being held on a bond of $60,000.

Deonte Hamner Montgomery Sexual AssaultMPD initiated its investigation Tuesday (June 14th) after receiving allegations of sexual assault involving an on-duty police officer. The assault is alleged to have occurred after the officer stopped the victim’s vehicle relative to a noise complaint.


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FL Deputy, Who Was Caught Driving Drunk Three Times, Was Driven Home, Not Arrested

Deputy Stephen Miller, of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, has been caught at least three times driving while drunk. In his most recent incident he was found in his car, which was in gear at the time, “loudly snoring … and smelling of a strong odor an alcoholic beverage.”

An unnamed officer who found him also described Deputy Miller as “discourteous, disrespectful, clearly intoxicated, uncooperative and belligerent.” In spite of all that and the two previous times he had already been stopped driving while drunk, the Good Cops who responded called his girlfriend, who is also a Hero working for the West Palm Beach Police Department, and had her drive him home, rather than arresting him.

Via WPBF 25 News, the local ABC affiliate in West Palm Beach:

Two previous reports with the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department detailed similar incidents.

Miller was also suspected of drunken driving on Sept. 5, 2015, and in January 2014.

In each case, reports showed Miller had a gun with him, and officers determined he was too drunk to drive.

In each case, Miller was not arrested and officers arranged for him to get a ride home.

After the third instance, the Sheriff’s Office conducted an internal affairs investigation.

Their report said Miller told the officers in Palm Beach Gardens they should, “Cut me a break … We are all brothers.”

The report said Miller was “expecting preferential treatment.”

A representative from the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department declined to comment on why Miller was never arrested.

So, in spite of driving drunk multiple times while armed with a gun, both of which are very much illegal, Miller was never arrested or in way held accountable criminally, like anyone else who didn’t have a Magic Suit and Shiny Badge would be. Instead, the Bad Apple was just driven home. However, after this latest incident he was finally (third time is the charm, apparently) given a 10 day suspension. That’ll teach him.

Deputy Stephen Miller was expecting preferential treatment and he got it, in spades.

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