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A Video Compilation of Las Vegas Police Brutality via Submission

TooManyCopsTooLittleJustice 300x174 A Video Compilation of Las Vegas Police Brutality via Submission

Not once, in the entire 40 year history of the LVMPD, has a cop EVER been charged for killing someone, Even when that person was unarmed and or completely innocent.

The video at the bottom of this post, consisting of a compilation of various videos showing past instances of police brutality by members of the LVMPD, was submitted by Jason Nellis and uploaded to his YouTube channel in order to encourage Las Vegas residents to attend a January 21, 2014 Clark County Commission meeting, in which a vote will be held regarding Sheriff Doug Gillespie’s and Commissioner Tom Collins’ continued attempts to force through an increase in the county sales tax to hire even more cops. In the description for the video Jason writes:

“A video made especially to oppose the “More Cops Tax” being pushed at the County Commission, to be voted on by the Commission on Tuesday, January 21st, 2014. A compilation of clips, news headlines, and a personal account of police brutality and police shootings of innocent people. Please watch all the way through as, even if you still think more cops will keep us safer, you will see that this new tax won’t be all it’s cracked up to be.

Facebook event page for the “More Cops Tax” hearing:…

Community opposition page, with facts and figures:…
Southern Nevada Watchdogs:
Nevada Cop Block Facebook Page:
“More Cops Tax” related videos:…
An article I recently wrote on Vegas cops:…

Also, for one stranger’s backup to my story toward the end (I have found no videos, after lots of searching, unfortunately), here is a comment on a Las Vegas Sun story that made no mention of the events even though the reporter was supposedly there:

‘I was present downtown on friday night. I saw people being harassed VIOLENTLY by police without provocation. It honestly appeared as if a riot response was what they were attempting to incite from the peaceful but incredibly confused crowd. My friends & I were almost trampled by a horse as the officer astride it charged a man whom another officer told to put his bottle on the cruiser next to me. The city of Las Vegas is known THE WORLD over for being a city in which open container drinking is not only allowed but encouraged as a lynchpin of our economy. Now all of a sudden it’s a law thats ONLY enforced on locals. As I type this, I am standing next to 4 men with 3foot margaritas & a police officer. They are certainly not being treated as I was when I was simply moving down the sidewalk.’”

MoreCopsFlyer A Video Compilation of Las Vegas Police Brutality via SubmissionEveryone certainly should come to the “More Cops” tax hearing, but even if you don’t see this post until after the vote has already been held, this video is well worth watching to see just how corrupt, violent, and completely unaccountable for their actions Las Vegas area police are. Among the notable clips included within this video are the case of a group of innocent and non-violent tourists that were attacked by Metro cops after they (the tourists) actually broke up a fight during New Years on the Strip, a Henderson motorist; who was repeatedly kicked in the head after falling asleep while driving; as a result of low blood sugar from being diabetic, the murder of Gulf War vet Stanley Gibson; who was suffering PTSD induced panic attack and completely innocent; as well as unarmed; when he was shot by Ofc. Jesus Arevalo, the murder of another veteran; Erik Scott; outside a local Costco store; in which the store’s surveillance camera somehow happened to be malfunctioning that day, and a recent case where an unarmed; innocent man was shot while attempting to walk out of a store; because a Metro cop mistook him for a suspect they were looking for.

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CALL FLOOD: LVMPD Employees Kidnap/Cage Kelly Patterson & Brian Ballentine for Victimless Action

Kelly Patterson & Brian Ballentine were kidnapped last night by employees of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) and are now caged at the Clark County Detention Center (702) 671-3900.

If you’d like to also call their kidnappers at LVMPD do it up: (702) 828-3231.

call flood demand release of ballentine and kelly nevada copblock 300x132 CALL FLOOD: LVMPD Employees Kidnap/Cage Kelly Patterson & Brian Ballentine for Victimless ActionFacebook event: Demand Release of Ballentine and Kelly!

On Aug. 10th 2013 during a Second Saturday action, chalking the police, Sunset members Ballentine and Kelly were arrested and are now being held in CCDC on two counts of graffiti/ defacing property and two counts of conspiracy to commit non felony crime, each.
We are calling for solidarity from our comrades. Their court date is Aug. 13th. Every day until then we are asking that people go to CCDC in solidarity and demand their release. Inform the public of these injustices. Chalk is not graffiti. Chalk is not a crime! Demanding justice for the murders committed by LVMPD is not a crime! Chalk, yell, hold signs, whatever you feel most comfortable with, whenever you get the chance please go show your support. At the very least make an appearance, numbers do count. Write, call fax, demand the release of our comrades! Show our comrades they are not alone. Show LVMPD that these injustices will NOT be tolerated! Please show your support.

Number to call- (702) 671-3900

Address to write-Clark County Detention Center
330 South Casino Center
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

Las Vegas Court House Fax Number-(702) 671-3175

To be clear - Patterson and Ballentine caused no victim. This is a free speech issue. The pair had been outside the headquarters of the LVMPD to participate in the monthly chalking done on the sidewalk to bring attention to the double-standards afforded to some predatory individuals who wear LVMPD badges (for example – in the history of the LVMPD not one employee has been found by internal investigations to have been in the wrong when involved in a shooting).

Yesterday when they were placed in handcuffs they had not even chalked.

Instead, an as of yet unknown LVMPD employee(s) told Patterson and Ballentine that they had arrest warrants – both were accused of two counts of “graffiti/defacing property” causing damage between $250-5000 and two counts of “conspiracy.”

Bail is set at 80,000FRNs. A lawyer is abreast of their situation.

Patterson and Ballentine are scheduled to be arraigned on Tue., Aug 13th, 8am in courtroom #5.

If you’re in the area, join them in legaland. If you’re in or out of the area, calls to their captors would be helpful. (702) 671-3900

call flood kelly patterson brian ballentine nevada copblock CALL FLOOD: LVMPD Employees Kidnap/Cage Kelly Patterson & Brian Ballentine for Victimless Action


*note that in the first video below I communicated an incorrect phone number, the best phone number to call is (702) 671-3900. If you have a moment please call to inquire about their status. Communicate to their captors that even if the accusations are true, there’s no victim and thus no crime and thus Patterson and Ballentine should be uncaged.


Nevada Cop Block


Interview With Nevada Cop Block Editor, Kelly W. Patterson, RE: “Second Saturday” Graffiti (Audio Clip) July 20, 2013

Chalk the Police State – July 18th Support the “Sunset 3″ July 16, 2013

Las Vegas Metro Police: Chalk Washes Off, But Injustice Never Will June 25, 2013

CALL FLOOD *(702) 671-3900* Kelly Patterson & Brian Ballentine Caged Aug. 10, 2013

Calling Clark Co. Detention Center re: Caging of Kelly Patterson & Brian Ballentine Aug. 10, 2013

Adam Arrested by Vegas PD – Call Flood Needed! Sept. 20, 2010


Interview With Nevada Cop Block Editor, Kelly W. Patterson, RE: “Second Saturday” Graffiti (Audio Clip)

SecondSaturdayFlyer 243x300 Interview With Nevada Cop Block Editor, Kelly W. Patterson, RE: Second Saturday Graffiti (Audio Clip)

Every Second Saturday of every month at 5pm. Meet us in front of the LMPD Headquarters Buildings on 400 S. Martin Luther King Blvd.

Below is the audio of an interview by Kelly W. Patterson, editor for and member of the Sunset Activist Collective ( on the “Round Table Group” show, which is hosted by Jim Duensing and Sean Gruber regarding a citation the “Sunset 3″ received supposedly for graffiti while drawing on a sidewalk with (wait for it) sidewalk chalk, which really is nothing more nor less than an attempt by the LVMPD to keep us from exposing their crimes and in all likelihood will do nothing but backfire and create even more publicity.

On June 8th, while participating in Nevada Cop Block‘s monthly “Second Saturday” protest against police brutality at the headquarters of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, three members of the Sunset Activist Collective, Kelly, Ballentine, and J.R. Dazo, were accused of doing graffiti while writing tributes to past victims of Metro, including Stanley Gibson; Eric Scott; and Trevon Cole, and bringing attention to the total lack of accountability within Las Vegas area police departments (not one cop has EVER been charged for shooting an unarmed/innocent person in the history of the LVMPD), and in fact throughout the country.

In this interview, Kelly discusses the general lack of any repercussions for local cops that murder people (and animals), the incentive to kill that the policy of rewarding those cops involved in shootings with multi-year paid vacations (something that Jesus Arevalo mentioned as a motivation for wanting to find an opportunity to shoot someone shortly before he did exactly that to Stanley Gibson) while their friends “investigate” those shootings represents, and the details surrounding the Second Saturday incident itself.

The full video from the incident with Metro during Second Saturday is available here:

The full broadcast can be found within the archives of the Round Table Group show at:, which is part of the Freedomizer Radio Network –