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Houston Cop Claims to be “Three Percenter” While Illegally Detaining Man Open Carrying Rifle

Open Carry Houston Police Illegal Detention

A Houston Police Officer claims to be a “Three Percenter” while in the process of harassing and illegally detaining a man for open carrying a rifle.

The following video was shared with Nevada Cop Block anonymously, via the Submissions Page. The video consists of a video uploaded to youtube by Open Carry Texas, which as the name implies is a group that advocates for citizens rights to open carry firearms based in Texas. The incident depicted within the video took place in February of 2015, according to the description posted with it on Youtube.

In the video, a man walking down the street is approached by a Houston police officer in a vehicle. After asking and being told that he is not being detained, he continues walking without stopping. That officer then pulls his car back in front of him to block his path and steps out brandishing an AR-15 of his own.

Even while claiming to be a “Three Percenter” (a group that believes strongly in resisting Constitutional abuses by the government), the officer threatens to “escalate this another way” while holding the rifle and, when told by the man that he does not consent to questions, refers to his answer as “Constitutional crap.” He then proceeds to demand ID from the man in order to make sure he isn’t a felon and that he is legally allowed to openly carry a weapon on “his streets.”

Once the man states that he doesn’t have ID on him and is still unwilling to wave his right to remain silent, he is illegally detained,has his weapon taken from him, and is forced to sit handcuffed in the back of the cop’s car while he calls a district attorney to get advise on what he should do. During the 15 -20 minutes that transpires in the car, the officer clearly shows that he has no understanding of the Constitution or the laws he is supposed to be upholding.

Obviously, that begins with the idea that someone has to arbitrarily prove that they aren’t a felon in order to legally carry a weapon by providing their ID to police. (The excuse that he had scared citizens calling him is irrelevant. The fact that other citizens don’t understand the law doesn’t give police the right to illegally detain and harass people acting in a lawful manner.) He even readily admits to the dispatcher that the man has committed no crime. At one point, he even states that he had no reasonable suspicion to even detain, let alone arrest the man.

Eventually, the man is released since he hasn’t actually done anything illegal, but not before he has been illegally detained and harassed for at least 25 minutes while handcuffed in the back of a hot police car. In the process, the cop’s claims to be “on your side” and a “Three Percenter” were exposed as either incredibly lazy lies or equally ridiculous delusions.

If you have a video, personal story involving police misconduct and/or abuse, or commentary about a law enforcement related news story, we would be happy to have you submit it and publish it on Nevada Cop Block.

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Alberta Canada Checkpoint (Check Stop) Refusal and Assertion of Rights

The following video post was shared with the CopBlock Network anonymously by a reader, using the (very creative) pseudonym “Sub Mitter.” It was sent in to us via the Submissions Page.

Although there was no description included with the video, it is pretty self explanatory. In the video, a man driving through a checkpoint (they’re called “check stops” in Canada) in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, where he is asked if he has been drinking and also to provide a driver’s license. He informs the officer conducting the stop that he won’t answer any questions. At that point the officer tells him to drive to a secondary inspection area.

The driver responds by asking if he is being detained. The officer says that he is and quotes a law that says he is authorized to determine if drivers have been drinking and also if they have a valid driver’s license. There’s then some back and forth about whether the police need to have a suspicion that a driver is drunk before they are compelled to submit to further investigation regarding that. Next, the driver asks if he is required to show a driver’s license without a requirement for suspicion. The officer replies that he is and the man then shows him his driver’s license.

Shortly after, and still without having answered the question about whether he had been drinking, the driver is released and continues on his way.

Date of Checkpoint: November 26th, 2016
Department Involved: Medicine Hat (Alberta, Canada) Police Service
Professional Standards Supervisor: (403) 502-8917
Department Facebook Page: Medicine Hat Police Service
Department Twitter Profile: @medhatpolice
Department Instagram Account: Medicine Hat Police Service

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Cambridgeshire Police Arrest UK CopBlocker For Filming Them Arrest a Man That Refused To Pay Bill

The following post and accompanying videos were shared with the CopBlock Network by Marcus Potter, who has submitted numerous other videos to the CopBlock Network, as well. It was shared via the Submissions Page.

If you have a video, personal story involving police misconduct and/or abuse, or commentary about a law enforcement related news story, we would be happy to have you submit it. You can find some advice on how to get your submission published on the CopBlock Network within this post.

Date Of Incident: May 13, 2016
Officers Involved: Police Constables 1145 Eitan Joseph and 1158 Jamie Williams, PCs D Newton and 2065 Doug Mccolm, Sgt 387 Sterne
Department Involved: Cambridgeshire Constabulary
Department Telephone No.: +441480456111
Department Twitter Account: @cambscops

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I was in Cambridge doing some copblocking when I came across Police Constables 1158 Jamie Williams and 1145 Eitan Joseph who were dealing with a man who had been arrested after a cafe called the police on him because he did not pay for his food. The officer said that if he paid his debt to the cafe, they would de-arrest him and he would be free to go, but that if he didn’t, he would be taken to the police station and charged with a criminal offense. He replied that he did not want to pay the debt and told Joseph to “fucking get on with it”. He was then further arrested under section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986.

After I stopped filming, Joseph told me to “go home.” I told him that I would not do so. Joseph then pushed me away and told me to “fuck off.” I refused to comply and pushed him back. I then told him to “fuck off back to your own country” and was then arrested on suspicion of a racially aggravated public order offense (section 4A Public Order Act 1986). I was handcuffed by Joseph and another officer, namely PC D. Newton, arrived. PC Newton removed my cuffs and bag before reapplying the cuffs and searching me. I was then placed into the back of a prisoner van by Newton and further arrested by Joseph on suspicion of assaulting a Police Constable acting in the execution of his duties. I was then taken to custody by yet another officer, PC Doug Mccolm whilst Williams placed the other detained person in the back of Newton’s van. Joseph then spoke to Newton and the other detained person was then taken into custody by Newton. At this point, Williams and Joseph drove off in their cars, Newton drove off in his van and Mccolm drove off in his van. All officers headed back to Parkside Police Station, Cambridge.

On arrival at Parkside Police Station my handcuffs were removed by Joseph and I took a seat in the holding area where I was then supervised by Mccolm as Joseph was busy dealing with the other man he had arrested. After being taken to the charge desk by Joseph and Mccolm, I was given a more through search by Mccolm and my bag was searched by the custody officer, namely Sgt 387 Sterne. Joseph gave the circumstances of my arrest to Sterne and I was booked in by Sterne. On the grounds of my Autism, Sterne then decided not to authorize my detention. I was then given a lift to Cambridge Railway Station by Joseph and another police officer also joined me in his vehicle.

– Marcus D Potter

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Cop Blocker Nasty Nathanial Threatened with Arrest for Filming LA Police Station on New Year’s Eve

The following post was shared with the CopBlock Network by Nasty Nathanial Thomas, a frequent contributor to Cop Block, via the Submission Page.

Date of Incident: December 31, 2016(New Year’s Eve)
Department Involved: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office
Department Address: Compton Station, 301 S. Willowbrook Ave. Compton, CA 90220
Department Phone No.: (310) 605-6500

Howdy folks. Hows everyone doing? I hope that all of you had a Happy New Year. I spent final hours of 2016 doing some Cop Blocking and conducting First Amendment Audits with fellow Cop Blockers/Auditors High Desert Community Watch and Teen For Justice. What a better way to say goodbye to 2016 than to film public officials in the commission of duties and to hold them accountable for their actions.

I met up with High Desert Community Watch and Teen For Justice on the morning of December 31st and together we spent the day traveling around the greater Los Angeles area and filming. Things had been going pretty peacefully until later in the evening when we decided to audit the Compton Sheriff’s Station.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has been providing law enforcement services for the city of Compton ever since September of 2000. The Compton Police Department is said to have been disbanded for fiscal issues. But the reality is that when a gun used to murder a Long Beach police officer was found in possession of the Compton Police, it opened the doors to an Internal Affairs investigation that involved missing drugs and a level of corruption that forced the city to disband its own police force. But having LA County sheriff’s deputies patrolling the city is not much of an improvement.

Together the three of us walked over to the gate where official police vehicles come in and out of the station. One thing that I found peculiar about the Compton Sheriff’s station is that there is this very high wall that surrounds the lot. At many police stations that I have filmed there was a fence that you could easily see through, or if there was a wall, it wasn’t very high. But it was obvious that sheriff’s officials in Compton didn’t want the public to be able to see beyond those walls. But my question is “why”? What are they doing back there that they don’t want us tax paying citizens to know about? Torturing prisoners? Dealing drugs? Practicing witchcraft?

So, I decided to have a look for myself. Attaching my camera to an extension pole and raising it high above, not over, the wall I was able to get some nice shots of the parking lot. It didn’t take long before this caught the attention of a passerby whom did a quick u-turn in the middle of the street and then parked their vehicle with the headlights facing us. It became pretty obvious that this individual, whoever they were, had reported on my filming above the wall for within’ no time at all the three of us were swarmed by LA County sheriff’s deputies whom were a bit upset to say the least. I counted ten in total.

One of the deputies, whom looked, talked, and acted like a Cholo, walked up on me and in his best intimidating sounding voice informed me that if I record over the “fence” I’ll go to jail. It’s a WALL not a fence idiot. But his point was clear. He didn’t like the fact that I was filming above the wall.

Now let me point out a few things. First of all, I was not filming “over” the wall. I was filming ABOVE the wall. Second, the whole time I was standing in a public area and filming from public view, which is perfectly legal under the law. The eyes cannot trespass, nor can a camera lens.

So with this being the case, what alleged crimes had been committed that would justify a gang of sheriff’s deputies coming out of the station only to intimidate us and threaten me with arrest? The answer is simple. No crimes had been committed. What we were doing at that very moment in the final hours of 2016 was exercising our constitutionally protected right to film in public. A right that has been upheld by several courts. I can’t help it if some thuggish cops got butt hurt over it.

As we enter 2017, maybe these deputies in Compton should make a New Year’s resolution to start honoring their oath to uphold the Constitution instead of attempting to violate the rights of private citizens. Either way, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

– Nasty Nathanial

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The Battousai is Harassed, Assaulted, and Illegally Detained by Austin Police Officers for Filming

Date of Incident: November 11, 2016
Officers Involved:
Officer Maufrais Badge #7432 and Officer Lane Badge #7705
Department Involved: Austin (TX) Police Department
Department Phone Number: Chief Art Acevedo – (512) 974-5000
Department Facebook Page: Austin PD on FB

Department Twitter Profile: @Austin_Police
Department YouTube Account: Austin Police Department
Internal Affairs Division: Citizens Complaints

The video above shows “the Battousai,” a man from Texas who often films the police, being harassed, threatened, and even assaulted by two officers from the Austin Police Department. At the time he is accosted by Officers Maufrais and Lane, he is doing nothing but quietly and very much legally filming a traffic stop from a very appropriate distance.

In addition to shining a light on his camera(s), Maufrais and Lane physically bump the Battousai numerous times and illegally detain him from leaving by declaring that the area where his car is parked is off limits, claiming that it is part of the area they are using to conduct their investigation despite it being nowhere near the actual traffic stop. All this deliberate and ridiculous harassment is supposedly rationalized by their need to protect the safety of the officer conducting the traffic stop, which is clearly nonsense.

austin-tx-police-public-filming-policyAlthough this video is fairly self-explanatory, there are a few “highlights” from it that are worth mentioning. One is that Officer Maufraus states in the early part of the video that he “is not intimidated by you people, like most officers are.” When asked for clarification he defines “you people” as people that legally film the police. That’s both telling and a little sad that police would be intimidated by someone simply filming them in public.

The second issue is that when Officer Maufraus is told that he is violating Austin Police Department policy by interfering with someone legally recording them in public, he not only acknowledges being aware of that, but states that he “doesn’t care about policy.” The APD, like most police departments at this point, does in fact have a policy that clearly states recording police officers in public is allowed and should not be interfered with. The screenshot to the left shows the first page of Article 302.2 in the official Austin Police Department handbook. (You can see the entire handbook in PDF form here.) The fact that this officer readily admits on camera to not caring about the department’s  policies is pretty bad.

And in keeping with that theme of not knowing or caring about policies or laws, the last lowlight is when Officer Maufraus states his definition of a “lawful order.” While threatening the Battousai with arrest for supposedly violating a lawful order, he is asked, “What’s lawful about it?” to which he answers, “because I told you to do it.” That’s very far from the definition of a lawful order. The fact that it was a cop who told someone to do something is incredibly far from what makes something a lawful order.

Below is the description from the Battousai, via Youtube:

“This was one of the most stressful videos I have ever filmed. I was harassed and intimidated for nearly an hour all for exercising my 1st amendment rights. I was grabbed, shoved, and bumped into a few times when trying to walk in a different direction. Then the cops prevented my from going to my car and leaving. They made me wait until after arrested the tow truck to come and take the arrested individual’s car. When the tow truck left I was allowed to get my property back and go to my car. Estimated amount of detention was 56 to 57 minutes.”

If you’d like to let the Austin Police Department know what you thing of the behavior of their officers and their stated disregard for department policies, you can contact them through several social media and/or email options, via the links above. In addition, you can contact Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo directly via Twitter using this link: @ArtAcevedo

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