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Former Chicago Bears Superbowl QB Jim McMahon Urges NFL Allow Medical Marijuana For Players

Jim McMahon Medical Marijuana NFL

Jim McMahon, the Superbowl XX winning quarterback from the 1985 Chicago Bears, a team which is often considered one of the best all-time teams and arguably the best defense in the history of the NFL, has joined the long list of people advocating for the medical use of marijuana.

Currently, McMahon is battling symptoms attributed to chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), such as early dementia, severe headaches, memory loss and depression, all of which have been attributed to the effects of multiple concussions and for obvious reasons are especially prevalent among people involved in contact sports.

Even in states in which medical marijuana has already been legalized, the National Football League prohibits its use among players. Anyone testing positive for marijuana use, regardless of local laws (even in Washington and Colorado, which both allow recreational use), are subject to punishments that increase with each instance.

McMahon made his statements advocating for marijuana as an alternative to opiates for pain management while appearing as part of a panel discussion by retired NFL players at the Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo. The panel was held at Manhattan’s Javits Convention Center.

Via the Sporting News:

The panel, according to the New York Daily News, was moderated by former Giants defensive lineman Leonard Marshall and included former Bears quarterback Jim McMahon, former Broncos tight end Nate Jackson, former Broncos wide receiver Charlie Adams and former Jaguars offensive tackle Eben Britton.

McMahon, who is dealing with early dementia, severe headaches, memory loss and depression — all symptoms associated with too many concussions — believes he would be healthier now if he was allowed to use marijuana instead of pills during his playing career. Marijuana is an effective pain killer and less harmful than opiods, McMahon said.

“Hundreds of thousands of people are dying from [painkillers] and there’s not one case of people dying from the hemp plant,” McMahon said.

Britton added, “Juxtaposing my experiences with pharmaceutical drugs like Vicodin and Percocet, that made me angry and irritable, frustrated, didn’t get rid of any of the pain, made it difficult to sleep, increased my heart rate and made me feel crazy. On the other side of that there’s cannabis that helped me sleep, put me into a healing state of being where I was relieved from stress and anxiety as well as feeling the pain relief.”

Jackson, who appeared on an edition of HBO’s Real Sports that dealt with the same issue, added, “The owners of these teams are, by and large, wealthy men who are older and do not understand that this is a pretty innocuous substance.”

As is also mentioned in the Sporting News article, this offseason the Baltimore Ravens cut Eugene Monroe, a former first round pick who has campaigned publicly for the acceptance of medical marijuana in the NFL. Many people, including Monroe, have attributed that move to his strong advocacy for cannabis use, although the Ravens have denied that is the case.

Jim McMahon Superbowl XX MoonMcMahon, who was known as much for his flamboyant attitude and defiance of arbitrary or silly rules as he was for his play on the field, is no stranger to alternative medical practices or controversy. In one of the more famous photos from the build up to Superbowl XX, he mooned a helicopter while wearing a headband that said “ACUPUNCTURE” on it.

He later explained that he was just showing the media where he had received treatment for an injury he had received in a game the previous week. (The headband derived from an incident earlier in the season where he was fined $5,000 for having an Adidas label on his head band during a game and subsequently wore a headband with “ROZELLE” written on it in reference to the league commissioner, who had fined him.)

Jim McMahon Rozelle HeadbandIt’s silly and contradictory that the NFL approves the use of opiates and all kinds of other horrible pharmaceutical medications for players if they have a prescription (and sometimes without even having one), but prohibits the same medical rights for cannabis patients, even in locations where it can be legally prescribed by a doctor. In fact, it’s not at all unusual for players with lingering injuries to receive shots that numb the affected area in order to play during a game. Stories have even emerged of players receiving such shots in the locker room during a game in which they were injured.

So, it’s clearly not a case of the NFL being opposed to drug use in general or a concern for the safety or health of players. Their refusal to accept that playing in the NFL and improper care for concussions in the past increased the chances of players developing CTE alone is proof of that not being true.

The least they could do is give those players the option of using a safe and non-addictive option to treat the pain is inherent to the game. Being that there are different laws in the different cities which have NFL teams, there’s a small complication in the fact that some players would have access to legal medical marijuana while others wouldn’t because they state they live in still living in the dark ages.

However, in reality, all they would have to do is remove it from the list of drugs which they test for. Legally, they are not under any obligation to test for drugs, whether they are illegal or otherwise. Players certainly make enough money that they could set up residence during the offseason within the states that do allow its use for the next four or five years or so until it’s made legal not just for medical use, but for recreational use as well, nationwide. (That writings on the wall in big letters.)

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For Third Time in Nine Days An Oakland Police Chief Has Resigned Amid Sex and Corruption Scandals

For the third time in just over a week, a police chief has either resigned or been fired in Oakland. On Friday, Oakland Police Assistant Chief Paul Figueroa, who had been appointed as acting chief just two days earlier, became the latest to step down.

The immediate reason for the firings/resignations is a scandal involving an underage prostitute that numerous members of the Oakland Police Department had sex with and tipped off about details of undercover stings, which was uncovered when one of the officers involved committed suicide and mentioned it in the note he left. (See “related posts” section below for previous coverage of this case on the CopBlock Network.)

Within the past week, it’s been reported that the investigation into that case has spread beyond just the Oakland police. According to the Las Vegas Sun, the Richmond Police Department has also started a review of their own officers’ potential involvement with Celeste Guap, who says she began working as a prostitute at the age of twelve.

“A second police department in the San Francisco Bay Area has launched an internal investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct by its officers.

The Richmond and Oakland departments are investigating after an 18-year-old woman said she had sexual relations with two dozen current and former officers in five cities during her stint as a sex worker. She told the East Bay Times recently that she was underage during encounters with three of the officers.

Richmond Assistant Police Chief Bisa French said Tuesday that the department opened an internal affairs inquiry last week after receiving information from Oakland police.

French said several ranking officers are being investigated for criminal contact with the woman or policy violations but she could not confirm the exact number of officers.”

The Contra Costa Sheriff’s Department also announced they had placed one of their deputies on leave as a result of an investigation into the sex scandal. So far, five Oakland cops have been suspended as a result and the San Francisco police Department has acknowledged that they are investigating at least two of their own officers.

Oakland Police Department ProtestOakland and other bay area police departments have faced serious allegations of misconduct and police brutality for years. The latest uptick in the current scandals also involve reports of racist text messages being sent amongst OPD police while on duty. The contents of those texts haven’t been revealed yet, but reportedly involve African American officers. Previously, San Francisco police officers were revealed to have sent similar messages to each other.

During the press conference (see video embedded below) where Assistant Chief Figueroa’s removal was announced, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf compared the conduct of the Oakland Police Department to a frat house and stated that it would not tolerate the misconduct and lack of accountability that has become commonplace within it.

City Administrator Sabrina Landreth has now been placed in charge in order to send a clear message about “how serious we are of not tolerating misconduct, unethical behavior,” and according to Mayor Schaaf, “root out what is clearly a toxic and macho culture.”

Also on Friday, activists held a demonstration in front of the Oakland Police headquarters. As part of that demonstration, participants scaled the flag poles at the entrance and erected a banner between them stating “OPD is guilty of human trafficking and statutory rape.”

Protesters also stated that the Oakland Police Department is rotten to the core, called for federal oversight of the department, and demanded change throughout the department. (See video embedded below.)

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SC Man Who Didn’t Allow Use of His Property Harassed by Kershaw County Sheriff’s Dept.

The following post was shared with the CopBlock Network by Anthony Thomas, via the Submissions Page. Along with the post Anthony says:

“Check out Kershaw County. You have had them on the CopBlock Network before and it’s only getting worse and worse. We need to shed a light on them again.

Spread all the light you can on this situation.”

Date of Incident: June 16,2016
Officer Involved: Officer McKasskle
Department Involved: Kershaw County (SC) Sheriff’s Department
Twitter Account: @Kershawsheriff
Phone No.: (803) 425-1512
Email: Contact us
Address: 821 RIDGEWAY ROAD, LUGOFF, S.C. 29078

This all started six years ago, when I opened a Crazy Crab Seafood Market in an old store. The Kershaw County Sheriff’s Department used to park in front of the store’s sign and run radar. The first two weeks they were doing this while I was open. I asked them to move elsewhere and got attitudes.

Finally, I went to Sheriff Mathews and spoke directly to him, telling him it was bad for business. The next day when I went out to the business a cop was sitting there running radar. I asked him to leave and said I had spoken to the sheriff. He responded, “I hope there isn’t a time you need us, we might be real slow getting there.”

So, I got his name, went to KCSD, and filed a complaint. Two days later, a new cop was running radar as I came in to open. I went around back and called 911 to report a strange car in front of my propoerty. KCSD sent two cars and they threatened to arrest me for false 911 calls. That day I went to a judge to ask for a restraining order. He said I can’t get that, but they have to move if I ask.

The very next weekend three DNR agents in the midst of hunting season came to my store and spent three hours going through all of my products. I had ten bushels of crabs in a basket. They dumped all that out into a sink. Even though they only found one in the ten bushels that were undersized, they fined me $450.

After that, I had the store closed for a year before a friend opened it back up. In that year cops had went back to using it as a radar spot. The new lessee asked one to move because it was bad for business. As he went home that evening, he got stopped by KCSD for not using a turn signal.

Right now I am working in Richmond, Va and work Monday – Thursday as a house manager for an inpatient treatment center. I currently live four days in VA and three in SC. I have to have a Virginia driver’s license to drive a van.

On Nov 12, 2015, I was pulled over in inclement weather, because the Officer said I ran a red light. Weather was bad, so I made sure I had a car length and half distance in my Yukon XL. I demanded a jury trial and had photos, a weather report, and the officer statement. I was going below the speed limit. He estimated I was going 40 mph in 45 mph zone. NTSB says stopping for Yukon XL in inclement weather is three and one half car lengths. So I won that case in May.

Fast forward to June 16, 2016. I am mowing the grass by the road and a cop went by real slow. I noticed it was the officer I won the case against. He went down to the next turn and then came back real slow. Over the next two hours, I noticed he was going by my house four times.

I soon forgot about it and ran to get something to eat. As I pulled out, I saw a police car speeding up to and passing by my driveway. When I pulled out, I noticed a police car put their brake lights on and adjust the rearview mirror. Then he made the first left turn into the back of a school parking lot.

I had decided to make the same turn as you can hit US 1 that way. Sometimes, there’s less traffic easier to cross then at light. By the time I reached tree lines the cop who was on other side had to speed up to at least 65 mph in a parking lot. He was trying to loop around on me.

Well, I went straight and out to US 1 and he must have made a bee line for light because we pass each other on US 1 going opposite directions at 55 mph. I make it to McD’s and got out of the car.

He came flying into the parking lot, almost hits me, rolls down his window and says, “do you remember me?” I said no, he replies you don’t remember me, again I say no. Then with no blue lights nothing on he asked to see my driver’s license. I asked him, “what is the offense?” The officer then slammed his car into park and said, “let me see your ID.” Once again I asked, “what is the offense?”

At this point, the Officer jumped out his car and came around to me saying, “get your hand out of your pocket!” and then slammed me on the hood of the car, cuffing me. Now, two more patrol cars had showed up, but not one has their lights on. I was patted down and had my wallet taken.

He asked, “Mr. Thomas why do you have a VA. license if you live in S.C.? I explained my job situation to him. He then said, “where do you pay taxes.” I said, “Both VA and S.C. Next he asked. “where is your home.” I said, “both VA and SC.” Then he asked, “where do you pay taxes on homes?” Again I stated, “VA and SC, which is correct.” He states, “I pulled you over six months ago and you had a VA driver’s license then. Now, six months later, you still have it. I am arresting you for not having a valid South Carolina driver’s license.”

They then searched the car, calling dogs out to sniff the car. Meanwhile, I was in handcuffs in the parking lot for 45 minutes with five police vehicles there, including the K9 truck. I was then sent to jail until I got a personal recognizance bond in the morning.

Then on June 17, which was my daughter’s 16th birthday, I had a party with over 75 kids. One kid, who was out front talking between 8 and 8:30, recorded six times that cops drove by. At 10 pm, I had a movie projector outside with kids watching scary movies. There was no excessive noise, just 30 kids watching “Halloween.” A cop drove by and shined a spotlight in the backyard.

While cleaning up at 11 pm, I was in the front yard and the same cop that arrested me the day before shined a spotlight on me. I waved and he did nothing, but turn the light off and speed away.

I have acquired a lawyer now after all the constant harassment. I have not actually spoken to Sheriff Mathews since the store closed. However, I know he has a strong dislike for me because of my Facebook post.

– Anthony Thomas

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